Tara Grossi

Tara Grossi
Tara Grossi


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Scranton, PA


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$75.00- $250.00

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As a Medium, Healer,and Spiritual Counselor for over 20 years, over 680 REVIEWS in connection to spirit and spirit animals, intuitive readings, past life regression sessions, energy healings, and more. I take great pleasure and pride in assisting people with practical guidance and tools for daily life; answering spiritual questions; communicating with loved ones who have passed on; creating comfort from grief and peace of mind. I believe "gifts of the Spirit", such as mediumship and intuition are God given tools for healing and inspiration available to all of us.

Additional Information: 

“As a child I had dreams that would come true and I would often see spirits. In the late 1990′s, I decided to develop my gift further and I’ve been guiding others ever since.

Tara is a gifted Psychic Medium known throughout Northeastern PA, and Upstate NY, & New Jersey, I read internationally as well. I am a certified psychic medium with over 20 years experience with clairvoyant and clairaudient skills. Tara has provided her clients with "messages from the other side" offering peace, closure and healing.
As a medium and intuitive communicator, I connect with energies in different dimensions. I am able to receive images and messages from those who have crossed over and convey them to my clients here in the physical.
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* Medium

* Intuitive Reader

* Certified Life Coach

* Paranormal Communicator

* Ordained Minister

* Past Life Regression

* Energy Healings

Listed since: Dec 31, 2011


The session I had with Tara was a gift from God! Being able to have time again with my passed loved ones has really helped me turn a corner and gave me courage to keep living without them in the physical!!!! Anytime I need to talk to my “Babe” I’ll be calling Tara!!! Thank you so much see you soon xoxo
Tara is the real deal! After my dad passing,I felt heavy/sad & it seemed so final. After the reading,I felt so much better!He came thru &she was able to give details that left me w/no doubt she was communicating w/him!Thanks to Tara,I know with certainty that my dad is w/me daily &I know that the door is open for me to go to Tara to be able to communicate w/him. I recently took my mom &Tara did not disappoint!Both experiences were miraculous to say the least! She shares her gift w/such kindness!
Tara is a very special soul/person!!!! I have been seeing Tara for several years. After my husband passed, she read for me and has been a life coach to me. I am a happier person because of Tara and her true caring. Whatever you are going through an appointment with Tara can make a difference in your life!!! She definitely goes above and beyond for her clients. I am always thankful for her prayers before we start our session. I will be a client as long as I’m alive!!!
My session with Tara was very helpful in my journey of grief. She was very in tune and accurate to my situation. I left there in a definitely better space than when I showed up and it means so much to me to have that confusion lifted and replaced with love and understanding. Thank you so much Tara for all you are.
I had the pleasure of having another great reading with Tara She connected me with my loved ones and had great advice for me Tara is truly amazing .
I enjoyed my session with Tara. She was uplifting and informative. I will xbe setting up another session in the future.
Tara is the only medium /physic I trust 100% She has done more for me than any therapist could ever do. What she says happens, or did happen. Recommended 1000% from me.
My friend Tracy referred me to Tara and our time together was amazing. She really connected with the family I have on the other side. She was able to specifically identify them and comfort me in a way I hadn’t imagined. I will be going back. She is the real deal.
Had a reading with Tara on Friday everything she said it was correct!! She had such a way of putting me at ease she is truly amazing highly recommend her! 5
- I had my own unsure expectations pre the session, but it surpassed my expectations in very positive way, & liked immensely her prowess & precise description of certain matters. - Extremely professional, tremendous empathy, & understanding; let alone her genuine humane & so modest approach, enjoyed it tremendously! - All in all, would love to have repeat in future; as Tara has immaculate & very organized thoughts process, engulfed in notable diverse cultures’ knowledge! So glad we talked✌️
I was blown away how accurately Tara pegged who I am and the things that have been holding me back. She gave me tools I needed to accept what I deserve. I would and have recommended her to anyone.
Tara was wonderful yesterday, great reading
Tara’s reading was so authentic. I left feeling reassured and refreshed.
Tara was amazing! She was so welcoming and very relaxing while I was nervous. She gave insight to my family who I never met but have been dying to know. She spoke to things that only my mother would know and they were spot on. She gave me peace of mind about not knowing them. Tara was amazing and I 100% recommend her to anyone that’s thinking of going to her !
I am so grateful to have been referred to Tara by a friend. She provided that guidance and clarity that I needed at the time. Some very special people to me came through, as well as actual physical signs. I would absolutely recommend Tara to anyone looking for some guidance and peace.
Tara was amazing. She was able to reach my father and even my dog that just passed away. Very good session. Can’t wait to try another type of session.
I was referred to Tara by a co-worker and couldn't wait to be read. Tara was spot on with everything she told me. I felt comfortable speaking with her and she never rushed through the reading. I would recommend her to anyone who wants a truthful, honest, down to earth personal reading. Thank you Tara for validating what I already knew but was second guessing in my mind. It was a pleasure to be read by you and looking forward to another reading in the future. Best....PattiLynn
Tara was wonderful. She brought through the spirit of my cousin so strongly that I felt like I got to spend an hour with him. She was able to bring some peace and clarity to his passing and really helped in my healing process. I definitely recommend her to anyone looking to connect with loved ones who have passed. Cant wait to go again!
I recently had a healing session with Tara. This was new to me. I will say it was a unique and wonderful experience!!! She is amazing! I am going through many mental and physical challenges in my life, and she put me at ease. It was incredible to “feel it”! The warmth in my body and ability to relax! Thank you, Tara.
My time with Tara was truly amazing. She is a wonderful woman who is very passionate and caring. She brought me so much clarity. Words can't even express my gratitude. This was my first time with Tara and definitely will plan on more sessions. I would gladly recommend Tara to my family and friends. God Bless you Tara
Amazing. I had two things on my mind when I walked in there and without saying a word about either she discussed both in length. And with such accuracy and detail - it was really shocking. I was nervous and even a tiny bit skeptical that the questions on my mind would be known let alone answered. My session absolutely exceeded my expectations and more.
Tara gave me a wonderful reading! I went to get healing from my brothers passing and I definitely felt that she gave me just that. I would definitely recommend her to anyone.
Tara is amazing and a kind loving person. She makes me feel at peace and helps me through my difficult times. She was spot on both times I saw her regarding the passing of my parents. I felt so relaxed. I'm looking forward to my next visit. I recommend anyone to see her!
Tara was great ! With the time we had she gave me much closure I wish we had enough time for a little further detail but I was over all satisfied with my reading
I been going to Tara for so many years and she help me with the loss of love ones.Also my pass lives my spirit guides.Many times i was lost in the direction of my path in life .and talking to her made me see things more clearer.i was connect with many souls that i lost in this lifetime and she knew thing that nobody knew. Tara is a outstanding' caring and wonderful and right on with my future .thanku Tara
My daughter and I went to Tara for an in person medium reading. It was an absolutely amazing experience. I cannot say enough about the positive energy, environment and the ability of Tara to provide us with peace, comfort and intuitive insight. We are so very thankful and will return!
My mother and I both had readings and received more than we expected. It was a wonderful and enlightening experience. We will definitely go back again.
My reading with Tara was amazing! She was so spot on with everything & it helped my family and myself have a little extra closure on our passed loved ones! Tara is amazing at what she does and I hope to see her again soon!
As someone who had just gone through a divorce and was at there very lowest point I logged on to schedule a reading with Tara low and behold I hit an appointment the next day. I’m assuming my spirit knew I needed this healing Thank You again Tara for a very calming spiritual healing I love you !! ❤️
When I have a reading with Tara I always leave with a sense of comfort and peace. She connects in a way that helps me cope with my loss and continue with a feeling that my loved ones are always with me.


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