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How Do I Locate A Psychic Or Medium In My State/Country?

Near the upper left corner of every page is a dropdown menu under the heading, “SEARCH BY LOCATION.” Click on the dropdown menu to view all the US states and other countries available. Then click on the location you wish to find a psychic/medium. This will bring you to a page for that location where psychics and psychic mediums will be listed.
There are six ways to find a psychic or medium:
  1. LOCATION: Choose a location from the "BROWSE BY LOCATION" dropdown menu (top-left corner). Then select from the psychics or mediums listed in the state/country of your choice.
  2. SPECIALTY: Or choose a category from the "BROWSE BY SPECIALTY" dropdown menu (top-left corner). Then select from the psychics or mediums listed for that specialty.
  3. FEATURED: Or choose a name from the right-side column under "FEATURED LISTINGS" (or view the Featured Listings by clicking here).
  4. INSTANT: Or choose a name from the list of psychics or mediums who offer INSTANT READINGS (see who's available by clicking here).
  5. TESTED: Or choose a psychic or medium who has been TESTED AS LEGITIMATE by Bob Olson (see list by clicking here).
  6. SEARCH: Or do a search by name in the SEARCH box (top right corner). 

Who Is Bob Olson & Why Has He Created This Directory?

Bob Olson, author of Answers About The Afterlife, is a former skeptic and private investigator who began investigating the afterlife (and therefore psychic mediums) after the passing of his father in 1997. Bob Olson’s father died of lung cancer at the age of 64. Bob was just 35. The painful event ignited spiritual questions for Bob that he’d never before considered. Is there life after death? If so, what evidence exists to prove it? And, if one could prove the existence of an afterlife, was it also possible to know if our deceased loved ones exist in this afterlife, if they are okay, and if they are watching over us? So it was his father's death that became the catalyst for Bob's investigation into the afterlife. To read more, click here.

What Does "Tested as Legitimate by Bob Olson" Mean?

On this site, “Tested As Legitimate” means that this psychic or medium has been tested by Bob Olson as being truly gifted (legitimate). Only those who have Bob's official seal of approval have been tested and approved by him. For more info and to view the seal, click here.

Why Are Some Psychic Directory Listings Highlighted In Gold?

Listings with a gold border mean the psychic or psychic medium is a Featured Listing (sponsored listing).

Where Do I Read Public Reviews Of Psychics & Mediums?

After reading the information on each psychic's or medium's individual directory page, read the reviews at the bottom of the page under the heading "REVIEWS."

How Do I Write A Review About My Reading?

After reading the information on each psychic's or medium's individual page, and after reading any reviews written by other people (if there are any), you can write a review about your reading with that psychic or medium under the heading "REVIEWS." You'll find a box at the bottom of the page for this purpose.

Will My Review Post Online Instantly?

No. In order to prevent spam and the abuse of our review option, we approve each review before it is posted. Once you write a review, you might get an email from us to which you'll need to respond (we do this randomly). This helps us know that the person writing the review is who he/she claims to be. We use this system for the protection of you and all our readers. Please note: we only post "positive" reviews (see below).

Why Does This Site Only Post Positive Reviews?

Bob Olson’s father always told him, “If you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything at all.” is founded upon that mindset. This mindset attracts positive people with positive energy. 

Despite allowing only positive reviews we DO monitor negative reviews we receive via email and keep them on file. If we receive multiple legitimate complaints about someone, we will address it with the psychic accordingly and/or remove them from the directory if necessary.

Although Best Psychic Directory offers many articles and videos to educate the public about psychic and mediumistic abilities, many people have a reading before taking the time to fully understand how psychics and mediums work (and what to expect from a reading). As a result, people can have unrealistic expectations about how psychics or mediums work or how they can help them. This can result in an unfair negative review, and therefore does not serve our purpose of maintaining a directory of credible and reputable psychics and mediums.

When choosing your psychic or medium, look for psychics or mediums with lots of positive reviews, as opposed to no reviews at all. We invite you to write your own reviews about your BEST readings in order to help others locate gifted and reputable psychics and mediums.

What Do You Mean By A “Positive” Review?

We want you to write about your “best” readings. So if you see a psychic or medium listed who gave you a great reading, we want you to write something brief like this:
My reading with Joe Medium was excellent. He gave me my father’s name, Adam. He knew how he died (stroke) and that it happened at his workplace. Joe also knew that I was at my father’s gravesite yesterday AND that I left a pink lily on his stone (Wow!). The details were too many to list. Joe didn’t get my mother this time, but I highly recommend him & will be going back to see him.
That’s a positive review. We can understand why this person wrote this review and why it is considered a great reading. Even though the review states that Joe did not get this person’s mother, that statement is not negative; it’s honest, real. Yet, overall, the review helps us to see why this person is recommending Joe.

What's The Difference Between A Psychic & A Medium?

In brief, psychics read energy and mediums communicate with spirits. For more clarity, "psychics" obtain information by intuitively reading energy (for instance, your aura or Universal energy). They might also use divination tools, such as tarot cards, crystals, tea leaves, etc. Alternatively, "mediums" are also able to read energy but generally focus their readings on communicating with spirits (deceased loved ones in spirit or spirit guides). NOTE: Although we often shorten the phrase "psychic mediums" to just "mediums," all mediums are both psychic and mediumistic (it's just easier to shorten it).

How To Choose Between A Psychic & A Medium

In Bob Olson's experience, if you are seeking information about your career, relationships, finances or anything regarding past, present or future insights, a reading with a psychic is best. However, if you are seeking to communicate with a deceased loved one or one of your spirit guides, a reading with a medium is best. For information about how predictions work and their limitations, please watch the video on this subject by clicking here.

Phone Readings Versus "In Person" Readings

Although Bob Olson understands people's desire for face-to-face "in person" readings, he believes that readings by telephone are in many ways better than readings in person because the psychic or medium cannot deduct clues from your appearance, facial expressions or body language. Since you might not live in the local area of a gifted psychic or medium who interests you, be sure to consider phone readings as an alternative. Don't limit your options merely because you have the limiting belief that an "in person" reading is better. It isn't.

How Do I Get An Instant Reading?

If you don't want to wait days, weeks or even months for a reading with a psychic or medium, many psychics and mediums on this directory offer Instant Readings. To learn how to use the Instant Reading feature on this site, click here. To see who is available for readings now, click here.

Warning About Scam Artists!

People need to be careful of greedy scam artists who are pretending to be legitimate psychics or psychic mediums. These frauds are good at deceiving people, especially people who are grieving or going through a desperate time in life. NEVER give money to any psychic or psychic medium who promises to remove a curse or spell. Moreover, never give money to any psychic or psychic medium who asks you to "wire" a large sum of money to them (often to purchase a candle, crystal or any product that they say is going to remove a curse, a spell or bad luck). You are not cursed. There is no spell. They are merely using fear to manipulate you.


What If I Get An Unsatisfactory Reading By A Psychic Or Medium?

Be sure to read our legal disclaimer below. If you get a reading that is unsatisfactory, you should first contact and inform the psychic or medium who gave you the reading. Let that psychic or medium know why you are not satisfied and what you believe is a fair compromise. Sometimes just letting them know is enough. If some of the responsibility is yours, be sure to accept your part in it. For instance, if the reading wasn't going well from the beginning, you should not have allowed it to continue for more than ten minutes before letting the psychic or medium know.
Ask yourself, too, did you feel that the reading was great when you hung up the phone or left the psychic's or medium's office? If so, why are you now not satisfied? Is it because you allowed other people to listen to the recording of your reading and they tore it down due to their skepticism? This is more common that you might realize. Getting a reading is a sacred experience; it's person. Sometimes it's the messages that might seem insignificant to others that are the most profound to us. If the medium gives you the nickname that your loved one in spirit had for you, for instance, that can be powerful. But if you share that with someone who wasn't there, who is fairly skeptical and who did not have their own loved one communicate their nickname, your experience is going to seem much less profound to that person that it would to you.
Always be gentle and kind when you call the psychic or medium about your dissatisfaction. This will get you more satisfaction when complaining to any professional. Plus, psychics and mediums are often quite sensitive people, which is exactly why they have their ability. Don't simply assume that because you feel that your reading wasn't good that it wasn't. Bob Olson had two years of readings when he first began investigating psychics and he thought they were all phonies, frauds or scam artists. Today he admits, "Now I realize that I probably had good readings in those first two years, but my skepticism and lack of understanding about the ability prevented me from recognizing a good reading when I had one."
It's unlikely that you were ripped off and more likely that there's a logical reason why your reading was unsatisfactory. For more on this subject, read this article titled, My Reading Sucked! Was I Scammed? by Bob Olson.

Why Do Some Some Psychics & Mediums Charge So Much?

This is a very common question. For the most accurate and straightforward answer, click here.

Five Tips For Choosing The Best Psychic Or Medium

For sound advice on choosing the best psychic or medium for you, click here.

Ten Steps To Improve Your Readings With A Psychic Or Medium

To learn how to improve your readings, click here.

Are There Videos That Teach About Psychics & Mediums?

Yes, there are videos that teach about predictions, getting a good reading, choosing a psychic or medium, and more. Watch those videos by clicking here.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Your Responsibility Getting A Reading,,, and all other Olson Media Group, LLC resources, makes absolutely no guarantees or endorsements of any advisor (including psychics, mediums, tarot readers, astrologers, medical intuitives, energy workers, intuitives, empaths, sensitives, or any other type of psychic or divination readers) listed on or within this directory including the Instant Readings. The liability and responsibility for their products, services and/or the claims of their marketing, including their listing information on this website directory and their websites, rests solely with each individual practitioner (advisor, psychic or medium), and we do not accept liability and responsibility for them or their readings (Instant Readings or Scheduled Readings) in any way.
The above-mentioned website resources are merely a directory, much like your telephone book, except that we focus on psychics and mediums. A listing on Olson Media Group, LLC websites does NOT suggest or indicate a certification or authorization by Bob Olson in any way, even if it indicates that he was personally satisfied with his own reading with any one advisor.
When getting a reading from any advisor listed on,,, or any other Olson Media Group, LLC resource (advisors include psychics, mediums, tarot readers, astrologers, medical intuitives, energy workers, intuitives, empaths, sensitives, or any other type of psychic or divination readers), you agree to take full responsibility and to bear all liability for your interactions with the advisor and the results thereof, including but not limited to any disputes with any advisors and any mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, psychological, technical, technological, relationship, health-related, career, investment, financial, business, equitable, or legal harm you may suffer in connection with an advisor or any advice.
You understand that any advisor listed on the above-mentioned resources does not guarantee you will be satisfied with your reading and does not remove your personal responsibility in choosing and hiring an advisor. Consequently you, on behalf of yourself and your family, friends, employees, principals, offers, shareholders, directors, attorneys, agents, predecessors, subsidiaries, successors, and assigns, covenant not to sue Bob Olson and/or Olson Media Group, LLC, (which includes,, and, its principals, officers, employees, directors, shareholders, partners, subsidiaries, agents, attorneys, predecessors, successors, and assigns (Olson Media Group, LLC entities) for, and hereby irrevocably release, discharge, acquit, remise, and waive all claims against the Olson Media Group, LLC entities from any and all liabilities, suits, claims, demands, actions, debts, bonds, accounts, damages (including but not limited to any incidental, direct, consequential, special, and punitive damages) expenses, losses, fees, costs (including but not limited to litigation costs and attorneys’ fees) of every kind and nature, known and unknown, suspected and unsuspected, accrued and unaccrued, disclosed and undisclosed, present, past, or future, legal, equitable or other, arising out of or in any way connected with any advisor or advice with regard to any such disputes.
You are aware that certain state laws provide essentially that: A general release does not extend to claims which the creditor does not know or suspect to exist in his favor at the time of executing the release, which if known by him must have materially affected his settlement with the debtor. You expressly waive and relinquish any right or benefit that you have or may have under such state laws, or any other statute or legal principle with similar effect.
We are merely a directory, much like your telephone book, except that we focus on psychics and psychic mediums. A listing on this website does NOT suggest or indicate an endorsement or recommendation by Bob Olson in any way.

Are You Recommending The Psychics Or Mediums Who Are Listed As “Tested As Legitimate” By Bob Olson?

The psychics and psychic mediums (or any practitioners) listed on this website as “Tested As Legitimate” are guaranteed only to have given Bob Olson a reading that has passed his standards for having a legitimate gift. He cannot guarantee that you will get a satisfactory reading since there are many factors that determine if and when a reading will be satisfactory to any individual (and these factors for quality and satisfaction are subjective).