How to Submit an Event

Only Featured Listings have the option to add events. If you want to upgrade to a Featured Listing, click here.

If you have a paid Featured Listing, you start by logging in. Once logged in, you can add events by either clicking here or via the Submit Event text link on the footer of each page. Once you have filled out the title, description and website fields and hit SAVE at the bottom of the page, your event must be approved before going live on the Events page. You can then edit your event in the same way.

You can only submit your own events or events in which you're a speaker/teacher/presenter (not other people's events). Private readings are not an event. But you can include any event that has a live audience: group readings that are open to the public (demonstrations), workshops, classes, seminars, lectures, teleseminars, webinars, webcasts, cruises, conferences, radio and television appearances, as well as your own radio show episodes.