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How A Featured Listing Can Improve Your Business

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  • SCHEDULING PLATFORM LINK: Featured Listings can link directly to their scheduling platform so visitors can schedule readings on their own.
  • NEW! VIP VIDEO COURSE FOR PSYCHICS & MEDIUMS: Video strategies to grow your clients, income and success in 17 minutes or less. This is an ongoing course created by Bob Olson. This invaluable course is complimentary for Featured Listings to help you maximize your response on Best Psychic Directory.

So you've had a free listing on BestPsychicDirectory.com for a while and you've considered a Featured Listing for added exposure, but you're still not sure whether it's worth the investment. Well here's something you might have never considered.

Did you know that approximately 150 psychics & mediums already have a Featured Listings? And more than 88 percent of the Featured Listings on BestPsychicDirectory.com have kept their Featured Listing for more than a year? Even better, more than half of our Featured Listings have kept their Featured Listing since 2007 and 2008. So what do you think these psychics and psychic mediums know that you don't know?

What these people know that you might not have considered is that the $99 monthly fee is quickly earned back with the very first new client you gain each month (or with the first 2 new clients if you charge less than $99 for a reading). Everything else you earn from that point on is profit. So what if you could get 10 or 20 new clients each month? You'd be silly not to have a Featured Listing, right? Well it gets even better than that.

What you also might not have considered is the FOUR ADDITIONAL WAYS YOU BENEFIT FROM A FEATURED LISTING. You also profit from...

a) REPEAT BUSINESS: All the repeat business from every new client (not just the first reading, but all the future readings they get too),

b) REFERRALS: All the referrals those clients send you (and their repeat business),

c) REFERRALS FROM REFERRALS: All the referrals from those referrals (and their repeat business), and

d) AND SO ON: All the referrals and repeat business that keeps multiplying.

e) ADDED PRODUCT & SERVICE SALES: All the products, workshop tickets or other services that each new client and his/her referrals purchase from you.

One new client, therefore, can actually be worth thousands of dollars to you considering all the added readings they get from you over the years, all the referrals they send you, and all the products they purchase from you or workshops/classes they attend. Have you ever thought about your clients in this way?

In a recent workshop I presented to 120 psychic mediums, we determined that the average new client is worth $5400 to psychics and mediums who charge $150 for a reading by taking into account the repeat readings and referrals alone. That means you would get a full return on your $99 monthly investment if you only got one new client every 54 months with a Featured Listing. But the good news is that you'll get a whole lot more, which is why so many psychics and mediums have kept their Featured Listings for years.

Here’s my point. If you have benefited from your free listing (which is ONLY listed on your state/country page of the directory), it only makes sense that you’ll get a lot more new clients with a Featured Listing (which is one hundreds of pages AND is highlighted in gold AND is placed above all the non-featured listings on the state/country pages).

So I thought I owed it to you to at least bring this to your attention, especially since you might have been thinking about how you can make this year your best year ever. After all, you can test it for a couple months to see for yourself (since you can cancel at any time). Therefore, I hope you'll give it a try. A lot of other psychics and mediums have tried it and told me it was the best move they ever made. You can read a few of their testimonials below.

Warmest regards,
Bob Olson

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"One of the best moves I've ever made as far as marketing my psychic/medium website, AnthonyTeresi.com was becoming a member in May/07 of Bob Olsen's Bestpsychicdiectory.com. In every month since then my traffic has increased and the service has never failed to pay for itself and then some. It has given me visibility in all parts of the country, not mention the entire planet! The credibility of the site is further enhanced by the high degree and varied talents of the other professionals also enrolled in the program. Bob has created a believable and trustworthy source from which clients seeking our types of services can choose from. I highly recommend Bestpsychicdirectory.com to any one in this field. I know that you, like I, will be thrilled with your results both as far as your visibility as well as your financial returns." ~ Anthony Teresi
"As a featured Psychic for over a year I have gone from being a part time psychic to working full time. I am booked solid from week to week from the exposure on BestPsychicDirectory.com. The credibility of Mr Olson's site has provided a clientele base that continues to grow ;as well as, rewarding me with life changing client experiences. I have received immense recognition from being on BestPsychicDirectory.com." ~ Bee Herz, Psychic Medium
"I purchased a featured listing on with the BestPsychicDirectory.com when the site first launched. I am so glad that I took a chance and invested my advertising money in this site. The site increased my business IMMEDIATELY and continues to be a top source of new traffic and long term clients for me. It has paid for itself without question. I would recommend this site to anyone who is planning to take their business to the next level." ~ Jennifer Farmer, Keller, TX
"My days are packed with existing clients and all the new ones it brings me. If I'm completely honest, most days are a little more packed than I'd like. Good problems to have, right?! ~ Jody Howard
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