Tara Grossi

Tara Grossi
Tara Grossi


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Scranton, PA


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$75.00- $250.00

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As a Medium, Healer,and Spiritual Counselor for over 20 years, over 680 REVIEWS in connection to spirit and spirit animals, intuitive readings, past life regression sessions, energy healings, and more. I take great pleasure and pride in assisting people with practical guidance and tools for daily life; answering spiritual questions; communicating with loved ones who have passed on; creating comfort from grief and peace of mind. I believe "gifts of the Spirit", such as mediumship and intuition are God given tools for healing and inspiration available to all of us.

Additional Information: 

“As a child I had dreams that would come true and I would often see spirits. In the late 1990′s, I decided to develop my gift further and I’ve been guiding others ever since.

Tara is a gifted Psychic Medium known throughout Northeastern PA, and Upstate NY, & New Jersey, I read internationally as well. I am a certified psychic medium with over 20 years experience with clairvoyant and clairaudient skills. Tara has provided her clients with "messages from the other side" offering peace, closure and healing.
As a medium and intuitive communicator, I connect with energies in different dimensions. I am able to receive images and messages from those who have crossed over and convey them to my clients here in the physical.
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* Medium

* Intuitive Reader

* Certified Life Coach

* Paranormal Communicator

* Ordained Minister

* Past Life Regression

* Energy Healings

Listed since: Dec 31, 2011


Tara helped me connect with my grandmother. I have been seeing white feathers around my house and I found out through Tara that it is my grandmother telling me I am on the right path. Tara truly is gifted and the real deal. She also intercepted one of my coworkers sons, who passed over last year. I was able to give a message to his mother. It was an experience. I have never experienced in my life.
My reading with Tara was my first experience with a Medium. The reading was better than I expected. So many of my questions regarding my husbands passing were answered. I was given peace of mind and a calm I haven't had since his passing last summer. I believe Tara has a special gift. Thank you Tara.
I have had a lot of loss in the last three years and the grief is taking its toll on my health. My sister told me that I had to do something to help me. She made a appointment with Tara Grossi. I have to be honest I was not a believer in mediums but my experience has changed my mind completely. She was absolutely wonderful and right on the mark. She gave me answers that I needed to know. She made me feel better and my grief is better. She knew things that only I knew. Please go see her!
This is my third reading with Tara. She is the most compassionate person. Always so spot on. So caring and loving. I will continue to return to her . She is the best in my eyes she connects with my son personally and perfectly. Thank you Tara for always making me feel special.
I went to Tara for the first time in 2021 after the passing of someone close to me. Her reading provided me with a sense of healing. I have been back for multiple readings after that, and I definitely recommend her to anyone. Her gift is amazing.She never disappoints
I recently had a reading with Tara, along with my Mother and two sisters. It was such a great experience and we all felt that we were really connected with my Father who has gone to Heaven. It was very comforting! It was great meeting Tara, as she was so welcoming! We all look forward to scheduling future sessions with her!
I went to see her in person I really enjoyed my reading My questions where answered .I would highly recommend her to anyone She helped me cope more with the loss of my husband. Thank u so much Tara Grossi I will definitely schedule another appointment with u . Thank u Jacquelyn Piasecki
every experience has been a blessing for me. I find myself going to see her when I feel I need to be put back on track, when I doubt my instincts. She has given me the such joy and comfort when my trifecta comes in! It been such amazing way to still have you loved ones be in the present with you when needed most. I am so grateful for your talents Tara Grossi!
I have never done any kind of spiritual reading before and was a little nervous and didn't know what to expect but upon meeting Tara I instantly felt relaxed and comfortable. She has a very warm and kind soul that was felt throughout my reading and my reading was AMAZING!! She delivered the information in a very genuine and compassionate way and I thoroughly enjoyed my experience!! Thank you Tara!! Highly recommend!!!
after the death of my dad, and then, my mom, I accessed Tara‘s God given gift to connect with them… Recently, I access ed Tara for a different reason… certain events in my life were such that I needed spiritual guidance…her serene nature and intuitive warmth and sage direction were a beautiful addition to my faith and prayer life…tara will empower you to confront evil, embrace good… and be a voice for those who have not yet mustered the courage to use theirs… thank you tara!!! erin kane
I have to say Tara is absolutely unbelievable. I have going to her now for years and she never disappoints. She has made me feel so at ease with certain situations in my life and it’s always unbelievable when one of my loved ones stops to visit. I know a lot of people may be on the fence, but trust me booking with her is an amazing experience!!
I have a session with Tara every couple years, she’s helped me heal from some trauma in my life. Very professional, compassionate, & I feel comfortable opening up to her. I’ve really benefited from my sessions with Tara.
As always an amazing reading. I always feel closer to my loved ones that have passed when and after my reading
Just had my first reading with Tara a couple days ago and am still blown away by what my loved one was able to communicate through her. Tara is a true gift. She makes such an emotional experience light-hearted yet is so sincerely genuine and I got such a sense of what a wonderful and trusted person she was. She was spot on with so much of what she shared. I am beyond grateful to have had the experience with her. Our loved ones are not gone, they're just in a different form.
I have been going to Tara for 5 yrs. She was the first psychic I went to. I was apprehensive but it doesn’t take long to realize Tara is gifted. I always feel peace and centered after my reading with Tara. I highly recommend contacting her if this is something you want to do.
Tara did a reading for myself and my two aunts. My aunts traveled all the way from NJ because of Tara’s reputation! All 3 of us were blown away by her true gift. Immediately our loved ones started coming through and without giving any prior information she was dead on about who everyone was and gave such peace to all of us. I definitely will be going back in the future. I can not say enough great things about Tara!
This was the first time my daughter and myself went to Tara. Three spirits came through but the most healing was my father. There was something tragic that happen with him. My daughter found him. She was always afraid to see a medium because she didn’t want him to come through, he did. Tara really made her feel comfortable for what he had to say. She feels better and a weight has been lifted from her after years of pain. Thank you Tara! The Healing has begun. We will be back!
Tara was so easy to talk to. I felt very comfortable with her and she put my mind at ease. I will be returning. 5 stars!
My experience with Tara was great! She was so kind and easy to talk to. She made me feel comfortable the entire reading. Everything that she said was so shocking to me because it was all true!! She was able to connect with my mom who passed away 6 months ago. The reading brought me so much peace and comfort and I’ll definitely be returning!
I have been to see Tara several times and she never disappoints. She is always very informative, sensitive, accurate, and inspiring with her readings. I always leave her sessions feeling peaceful.
Tara never disappoints. She is insightful and her ability to channel loved ones is quite remarkable. My sessions with her leave me peaceful and comforted. Can hardly wait to talk to her again!
My session with Tara was over FaceTime, she was truly incredible! I have spoken with several Mediums, all having their strengths and weaknesses, but I am able to HONESTLY say that there was not one time in my hour that I felt Tara was off on anything! Things come to her so effortlessly, and she is so fun as well!! I would recommend Tara over any other Medium I have used. You will not be disappointed! When I’m really missing my Mom in Heaven, this is so helpful for my mind and heart!!! God Bess!
Tara gives me such a feeling of relief. She is so easy to speak to and relate to. I feel a sense of direction when I leave. She gives guidance with self help. This was my second reading and will definitely book again. Highly recommend Tara!
I left my session with Tara feeling at peace. She was spot on with my late husband. Knowing that he’s okay helped me with my grief. I would recommend her to anyone! She’s awesome!
Tara is so kind and easy to talk to. She was spot on in everything she told me. My parents and nephew came through. It was just what I was hoping for. I felt like I was with them again. I now know they are not gone only transformed. I can talk to them at any time and they will hear me. She also gave me comfort in knowing that the future is bright! I would 100 per cent recommend her!
Tara is so comforting. Her presense immedately calms any nervousness you might be feeling prior to the reading. The connections she makes and the details she provides will leave you awestruck and your heart and soul at peace.
Tara is very gifted at what she does it is amazing how she connects to spirit of loved ones passed on and gives guidance for your path I highly recommend her
Tara was wonderful. My reading was absolutely amazing, she connected to quite a few of my family members. It was amazing how she even was able to talk about my living relatives as if she knew them. She truly has a gift and I would suggest anyone who is looking for a medium to go to Tara.
Tara is absolutely amazing!!! My dad passed away this year and I really wanted to connect with him through Tara. She was able to communicate with his spirit immediately and relay what my dad had to say in order to validate to me that it was really him. I have so much peace knowing that my dad is not suffering anymore. I am comforted with the assurance that he is settled in Heaven and his soul is at peace. Thank you so much for sharing your gift Tara!!
I struggled with the decision to make an appointment with Tara. However, I was so glad I decided to go. She has a wonderful gift and uses it to bring people comfort during the most painful time in their life. She is very compassionate and spiritual. I would recommend her to anyone who is working their way through grief.


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