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"As a former skeptic & private investigator who has researched psychics & mediums for 20 years, I vetted every psychic & medium on this directory to help you find the most credible & reputable readers.~ Bob Olson

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Suzanne Grace

Tested and verified, Suzanne Grace is an authentic, compassionate psychic medium, who gets straight to the point in a no-nonsense manner. She is a firm believer in communicating truthfully but lovingly. She discovered her gifts when at just 4 years old, she began communicating with spirits. She is a world-renowned psychic medium, life coach and healer with years of experience working in the paranormal. Suzanne was voted #1 Life...


  • Medium / Spirit Messenger, Psychic / Intuitive, Relationship Psychic
Listed Since: January 2014

Natalie Michnya

With rare psychic gifts I have never take for granted, I am able to tell you what someone's thinking, or planning. Look in to a persons subconsous as well as their past to tell you why they act,or think in a certain manner. I also profile indiviuals that have commited crimes in order to help law enforment to bring the person to justice. I also have the ability to talk with people & pets who have past over to the other side which I love to call...


  • Psychic / Intuitive, Animal Communicator, Intuitive / Psychic Coach
Listed Since: June 2010

Tracy Lee Nash

Tracy Lee "T.L." Nash has been sought out by radio personalities, authors and film producers. An international psychic and certified research medium as well as the founder of Within The Light, she has been reading professionally for over 30 years and her areas of expertise include: relationships, career, grief sessions, energy and color readings and more. Her sessions are not only filled with personal, accurate and inspirational...


  • Intuitive / Psychic Coach, Medium / Spirit Messenger, Psychic / Intuitive
Listed Since: May 2007

Carole Griffiths

I am a natural-born, 3rd Generation Psychic, QHHT Hypnosis Practitioner & Co-Author of 'Soul Warrior, Accessing Realms Beyond the Veil', launching on Amazon, November 5th 2021. I offer instant daily readings which means I am always connected! Psychic, Tarot and Past Lives, my readings come to you with great love and care with intense compassion for what you are going through. Beloved spirit provides fast answers that can greatly assist you.


  • Past Life Psychic Reader, Psychic / Intuitive, Tarot Card Psychic Reader
Listed Since: September 2017

Aria Norman

Aria was born to a family of psychics, and is the first in her family to make a professional career of metaphysics and healing. Aria was born an interdimensional adept, an Empath, post and pre-cognitive, and a seven-clair psychic. In 1973, Aria was fascinated by her improv training with Martin deMaat at Player's Workshop of Second City in Chicago. She watched as Marty taught improv by giving his students notes for scenes -- notes which would...


  • Psychic / Intuitive, Relationship Psychic, Intuitive / Psychic Coach
Listed Since: January 2018

Joy Elle

Psychic Medium Readings, Animal Communication, Channel, Chakra Balancing, Theta Healing, Reiki Master, Intuitive Spiritual Counseling on Love & Relationships, Career, Health, Mind Reading, Spiritual Knowledge “I can feel your energy and therefore pick up on the energy around you, enabling me to bring you peace, love, healing, insight, and comfort.” I look forward to giving you an enlightening and illuminating reading. I specialize in...
Listed Since: June 2011

Martha Woodworth

I'm here when you face uncertainty or doubt about any subject, such as relationships, jobs, career path, spiritual growth. Instant readings are a great way to clear up confusion quickly, efficiently. They test my psychic ability, challenge me to hit the mark for my clients. I consider my readings to be messages, meant to go right to the heart of the matter, with truth, compassion and wisdom. I'm in your corner, to find the best solutions for you.


  • Psychic / Intuitive, Relationship Psychic, Tarot Card Psychic Reader
Listed Since: March 2018

Dana Smith

Psychic intuitive, medium, spiritual coach, author. The gift in a reading is receiving information from a broader perspective our experiences make more sense and we feel empowered. Dana uses her abilities to share information with love that provides those feeling stuck, or experiencing change and transition find clarity that brings them peace and well being. In her book, “Gifts From Garrett, A Story of Love & Awakening” Dana chronicles her...


  • Psychic / Intuitive, Medium / Spirit Messenger
Listed Since: September 2009

Sue Fellows

Hi! I'm thrilled that you are looking for assistance from the Angels and Spirit! It is comforting to know that you are never truly alone! Your Angels and Guides are always around you! You no longer have to feel like it's all on your shoulders and be confused about what steps you should take next! You have a whole team ready to help you through whatever you are going through! I would love to be able to help you connect with them, receive the...


  • Psychic / Intuitive, Angel Reader, Intuitive / Psychic Coach
Listed Since: April 2016

Jenn Prothero

Why Choose Jenn? Honest, quick connection. You don't have to spend money calling 3 other psychics to get the answer you need. Having done literally 10's of 1000's of readings over the years and listening to clients, you can count on the answer you get from Jenn. Is he/she the one for you? You will always get the answer you need not the answer you want. I will support you and comfort you while delivering the answers you are...


  • Psychic / Intuitive, Angel Reader, Energy Healer
Listed Since: February 2014

Serena Nicole Maio

Serena is a Gifted International Psychic Medium and Aura Reader who is known for her compassionate, intuitive guidance and energy healing for those who have sought her out. Renowned Aura reader, with article recently published in COSMOPOLITAN MAGAZINE. Able to read your energy with ease and assist with major life issues, career or relationship questions. Compassionate & direct but without any judgments, you can feel safe asking any questions!


  • Chakra & Aura Psychic, Medium / Spirit Messenger, Psychic / Intuitive
Listed Since: April 2016

Elizabeth Santana

*PSYCHIC*MEDIUM*TAROT READER* Have questions about your love life, career, finances? A Psychic Reading will give you the insight you are looking for to see what changes you can make to achieve the life you desire. Have you lost a loved one & are seeking comfort, peace of mind, or simply want to check in with them? A mediumship reading will connect you with your loved ones in Spirit and bring forth healing messages from your loved ones....


  • Psychic / Intuitive, Medium / Spirit Messenger, Tarot Card Psychic Reader
Listed Since: October 2019

Christy Bella

Feeling uncertain about your situation? Let Christy use her quick and powerful insight to guide you today. Get ready for straight to the point answers, and a no BS approach to getting you to your highest self and happiest life!


  • Intuitive / Psychic Coach
Listed Since: September 2021