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"As a former skeptic & private investigator who has researched psychics & mediums for 20 years, I vetted every psychic & medium on this directory to help you find the most credible & reputable readers.~ Bob Olson

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These psychics & mediums are available now...

Joy Elle

Psychic Medium Readings, Animal Communication, Channel, Chakra Balancing, Theta Healing, Reiki Master, Intuitive Spiritual Counseling on Love & Relationships, Career, Health, Mind Reading, Spiritual Knowledge “I can feel your energy and therefore pick up on the energy around you, enabling me to bring you peace, love, healing, insight, and comfort.”


  • Intuitive / Psychic Coach, Psychic / Intuitive, Relationship Psychic
Listed Since: June 2011

Vickie Roberts

I am here for you, I am able to provide answers to life's most challenging questions/situations. I am an intuitive who gets answers directly from spirit, but if you prefer I can also use tarot and or numerology. Whatever your concern I would feel honored to be of service.


  • Intuitive Numerologist, Psychic / Intuitive, Tarot Card Psychic Reader
Listed Since: July 2021

Elizabeth Santana

*PSYCHIC*MEDIUM*TAROT READER* Have questions about your love life, career, finances? A Psychic Reading will give you the insight you are looking for to see what changes you can make to achieve the life you desire. Have you lost a loved one & are seeking comfort, peace of mind, or simply want to check in with them? A mediumship reading will connect you with your loved ones in Spirit and bring forth healing messages from your loved ones....


  • Psychic / Intuitive, Medium / Spirit Messenger, Tarot Card Psychic Reader
Listed Since: October 2019

Ann Howard

Psychic, clairvoyant, Intuitive, empath, and emotional healer, helping people for over 15 years to become emotionally and spiritually balanced. I believe your angels and guides led you here. My readings specialize in love and relationship, difficulties in family relation, marriage, and life direction. If you need clarity, guidance, and support towards a situation or a person, I will bring forward your Angels for messages and answers. I truly...


  • Psychic / Intuitive
Listed Since: September 2014

Kim Quinones

Questions about a relationship, career move or family? Let's drop in for the answers!


  • Ascended Masters Channel, Energy Healer, Psychic / Intuitive
Listed Since: November 2019

Martha Woodworth

When you face uncertainty or doubt about any subject, such as relationship, jobs, career path, I am here for you. I’ve read for more than 10,000 people worldwide, have appeared on “Unsolved Mysteries” in my career as a psychic detective, and was the first psychic advisor columnist in a national publication. Instant readings are a great way to clear up confusion, quickly and efficiently. I’m committed to reading with truth, compassion and wisdom.


  • Psychic / Intuitive, Relationship Psychic, Tarot Card Psychic Reader
Listed Since: March 2018

Vaishali Nikhade

I wasn’t always called an expert in future predictions. In fact, I used to be Engineer designing computer chips. Since then I have done over 7000 readings with an uncanny accuracy to help thousands of clients in difficult situations go from struggling to getting clarity on how things will play out based on the decision they make in as little as a week or less. So, ask away.....this is what makes me particularly unique to tell you everything...


  • Intuitive / Psychic Coach, Medical Intuitive, Relationship Psychic
Listed Since: September 2014