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$150.00 per hour

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I have been gifted all of my life with what my Grandmother called "The Knowin"

During an hour long reading I offer you all that I do!

I first look at your personal energy aura which tells me what you are going through, your personal gifts and how you are or are not using them.

I then look at you energy field seeing any health issues, how you present to others, and your guardian Angels show up there as well.

I also connect with your loved ones and friends in Spirit World. I feel how they passed or the health issues that was occurring for them while in the living and deliver messages from them.

I then go to cards. I use a poker deck of cards picking up your vibrational energies from them and my guides to deliver messages during this as well

Allow me the honor of working with your Spirit Family, Guides and Guardian Angels, and guide your path forward with cards and love energy.

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$70.00 for a 30 minute reading = CARDS ONLY - I read a regular poker deck of cards (well, not so regular because it is silver and very colorful) Looking at what is going on, what is coming up and answering any questions you may have, love, money, health, etc.

$100.00 for a 45 minute reading - I "Take A LOOK" but do not "connect" with Spirit, and a longer time with cards. This is a great time frame for a lot of questions.

$150.00 for a 60 minute reading = everything I listed in the description MOST recommended for a first time reading. Scroll for MORE .....

$200.00 for a family reading, call to book

$300.00 for a thriving "side hustle" business-call to book

$500.00 for a business reading-call to book

Listed since: Mar 18, 2018


Rosalie was amazing! I’ve seen other mediums and Rosalie is the only one I will continue to go to. She made me feel very at peace and helped me with many aspects of my life. She has a gift. She was very accurate and she blew me away.
Today was my firsr visit with Roselie..Wow...she connected with my love ones as well as advised me of things about me and my life...and some predictions...i was able to record my session...She also provided me with a healing session... someone had referred me to her but I have been looking at her website for like the last 3 months to narrow it down. That was confirmation that I needed. if you're looking for someone to tell you the truth.. I highly recommend her
Rosalie was amazing ! I’ve had 2 readings from her , and the first one was spot on . The second reading she immediately connected with my father who passed away a few months ago . She knew things that only I knew so I know that she’s the real thing . Her energy is so inviting and she says it how she sees it . I will be coming back and she is definitely my go to person when In need of some answers !!
I absolutely love her!! She is very warm and inviting and has a great spirit about her!! She was able to tap into things that i very much appreciated! If anyone wants to connect with a past loved one i would definitely reccomended Rosalie! It may not happen exactly how you'd hope but it does happen be open and honest. Blessings to you Rosalie!
I love her! Everything she says is true! She’s the o oh person I trust and would go to. She is the real deal, she stated things that no one ever knew. I highly recommend her!
Rosalie is the most gifted reader I have ever met. Ive been to many and Rosalie was the only one 95% accurate. She is the best! Can't wait for my second reading! Blessings!
Rosalie has an innate sense of the spiritual aura around the people that she meets. After meeting with her few times, I have found her to be accurate and credible, especially related to contacting loved ones who have passed. My confidence in Rosalie has motivated me to refer 6 people ranging from 40 to 90 to her. Also, Rosalie allowed me to record each of my sessions; I can relisten to review her inputs. Rosalie is a very therapeutic source of personal guidance and self-awareness.
What a sweet & amazing woman! She really gave my a great reading & her gifts are genuine. Our time went well over by alot but she continued on and gave me a full reading with no extra charge. Very comfortable & down to earth. I will be back & want to have my son read too ♡ A great lady with a wonderful gift. I was able to record it on my phone & she gave me apersonalized diagram of my aura. Thank you Rosalie I will return!
Absolutely amazing she predicted things that have actually happened connected me with so many loved ones who had passed on. I can’t wait to go back for another reading think she will become a part of my visits to Ohio
Over the past few years, I have received 3 or 4 card readings from her and 4 energy healing sessions. God sends me to her when I'm in need of hope and direction which she provides. The energy healing sessions were absolutely amazing and a huge help for my inner pain, depression, and anxiety. I believe the energy healing actually saved my life. The card readings were also helpful and accurate. I'm extremely grateful for her. She has a true gift. She's definitely worth the time and money!
I went to Rosalie for a reading about 4 years back. She instantly connected with my loved ones on the other side and got me messages. The next time I saw her I requested that she gives me a psychic reading and again she was quite accurate in her predictions. Her aura reading is spot on as well. I have been going back to Rosalie all these years as she has an amazing gift.
Rosalie is extremely gifted at what she does. You will be blown away. Stop hesitating and just go see her! You won’t regret it! She has been so accurate on my career changes and life in general. She knew things about me that only my Grandmother knew who had passed. I am so thankful I found her.
Rosalie has been very amazing her readings are very direct and straight to the point! She doesn’t sugar coat anything if the spirit guides have a message for you she gives the exact message! I have to give her 5 stars
I received my first reading from Rosalie about 4 years ago, it is important to know that I have seen proabably over a hundred clairvoyants/mediums in my life but Rosalie was my last and now the only one I will get a reading from. She is the best I have ever met and her gifts are incredible. She has blown my mind on several occasions! I highly recommend Rosalie as you will not be disappointed!
My friend, whose life was changed by Rosalie, insisted i go see her myself.I was curious and could not deny the peace Rosalie had brought my friend.My first reading was dominated by my father with whom i did not have a relationship.He left when i was 6mo.No child support, no contact.In my reading, i felt love from him for the very first time. My heart was changed. I can't fully describe it because it's crazy but that one reading caused a pivot in my life that cannot be put into words.
Rosalie has a special gift and shares her spiritual connections and insights with her clients. I have been given the gift of peace by connecting with family members who have passed, learned about unanswered questions I had, and also about upcoming things in my life so I stay "aware" when signs come my way. Rosalie is direct with what the spirits tell her and sometimes that's exactly what one needs! I highly recommend Rosalie.
I have been to psychics my entire life and Rosalie is by far the most accurate I have ever been to. My husband passed in 2016, and she connected to him immediately with no knowledge of ‘my story’ and she provided information that no one could have possibly known. Rosalie did an aura reading on me that was both unbelievably accurate and fascinating. Rosalie has provided so much peace to many unanswered life questions and she truly has an amazing God given gift. I feel blessed to have met her.


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