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Rosalie Strawcutter
Rosalie Strawcutter


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$150.00 per hour

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I have been gifted all of my life with what my Grandmother called "The Knowin"

During an hour long reading I offer you all that I do!

I first look at your personal energy aura which tells me what you are going through, your personal gifts and how you are or are not using them.

I then look at you energy field seeing any health issues, how you present to others, and your guardian Angels show up there as well.

I also connect with your loved ones and friends in Spirit World. I feel how they passed or the health issues that was occurring for them while in the living and deliver messages from them.

I then go to cards. I use a poker deck of cards picking up your vibrational energies from them and my guides to deliver messages during this as well

Allow me the honor of working with your Spirit Family, Guides and Guardian Angels, and guide your path forward with cards and love energy.

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$70.00 for a 30 minute reading = CARDS ONLY - I read a regular poker deck of cards (well, not so regular because it is silver and very colorful) Looking at what is going on, what is coming up and answering any questions you may have, love, money, health, etc.

$100.00 for a 45 minute reading - I "Take A LOOK" but do not "connect" with Spirit, and a longer time with cards. This is a great time frame for a lot of questions.

$150.00 for a 60 minute reading = everything I listed in the description MOST recommended for a first time reading. Scroll for MORE .....

$200.00 for a family reading, call to book

$300.00 for a thriving "side hustle" business-call to book

$500.00 for a business reading-call to book

Listed since: Mar 18, 2018


Just had my reading with Rosalie and what a gift she has ! She even named exact names of living and dead . If you need direction and honest answers call her you won’t be disappointed ♥️
Rosalie was so great at being in tune with my spirit. She was kind and loving as well. I left feeling hopeful and relieved for the first time in weeks! I will absolutely schedule with her again.
I have been with Rosalee for over three years now and she has never been wrong! She is funny, personable, and very accurate. I will be lost without her!
I have seen Rosalie 3 times now, 2 on the phone and one in person for a healing session. I was struggling with a past relationships and was holding onto a lot of hurt and pain. Rosalie, helped me so much, I no longer have them struggles anymore and I am finally at peace. I can’t express enough on how grateful I am for what she has done for me. She, made the hair oh my arms stand up with everything she knew. She has helped guide me and gave me the reassurance I needed to make some big decisions.
I’m glad I was able to find someone like Rosalie. She has been able to connect with loved ones and has guided me where I’ve been uncertain. She’s dead on with names. She’s been accurate and empathetic. I prefer in person readings because Rosalie’s spirit is so loving but phone reading have continued to be just as amazing. I feel every reading has gotten better and I’m confident in Rosalie’s abilities, in having an amazing connection with spirit.
What a beautiful soul Rosalie is! By chance, but then nothing happens by chance, I found her post and was drawn to having a reading by her. I now have had 3 readings and each one was amazing - so right on! She has connected me with my spouse who I dearly miss, and correctly identified titles he had etc my Mom & our children’s names etc. What a blessing she is - she certainly is right on plus a very loving & compassionate person. God bless her & grant her good health going forward! The best ever!
Rosalie, has helped me through several on going situations. She is truly gifted, honest and picks up on things that just puts you in a state of amazement. If you truly want to know about anything going on in your life, she can help. Thank you Rosalie for all of your help and support! Blessings....
I have seen Rosalie at least once a year for the past five years with no regrets. She is amazing. Every time she told me I’d have a job change, it would come true. She would tell me things there’s zero way she would know. In fact, she would tell me things I’ve never told anyone. She’s also really fun and easy to get along with. I highly recommend her. She’s an incredible person.
Rosalie has helped me through some rough spots in 2020. She has been on point with her information and tells you the truth, not just what you want to hear. The truth is important if you want to make positive changes to improve you life. Rosalie is kind, funny and understands you where you are with a willingness to help. She is truly gifted.
Dear Rosalie, I enjoyed the reading you gave me today so much! It really helped clarify some of the decisions I am trying to make, and gave me more confidence so that I think I can actually follow through in actions! Thank you! Nancy
I have been visiting Rosalie about once a year since 2014. She is amazing! She has been able to help me sort through life in the most stressful times and has given me fair warning of major things to come. I highly recommend her services to anyone. My daughter sees her often and father had had a visit and agreed that her accuracy on things is amazing. She is great!
I've been both on the phone and in front of Rosalie. She has always been very connected to Spirit and has helped me with numerous questions. I've always found her so straight forward and kind. The answers I need seem to come through. She does have "The Knowin"!
I've been to a few psychics over the years but no one but Rosalie is the most accurate by far. If I could have a reading once a month I would. I definitely recommend her to anyone interested in a reading and several friends. Her readings are amazing!! She has given me health warnings and relationship advice. I am definitely a regular!
Rosalie is definitely the real deal! Having been referred to her by my sister I was not disappointed. She has been so right about too many things to be just a coincidence - life changing things too. I will continue to seek out her advice for as long as I need it. Thanks Rosalie
I've had countless readings and let me tell you, Rosalie is the real deal! She gave warnings that have allowed me to better prepare. Countless occurrences have come to fruition. During a ph reading my Grandmother who has transitioned advised that I would receive a lump sum of money within the next two weeks...It arrived exactly 10 days later!!! Rosalie is honest, accurate & gives it to you straight. I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm a client for life! Don't hesitate to book! She's worth it!❤
She is the absolute best!! So incredibly gifted. She’s the real deal. I have had many different reading and nobody has come close to having her accuracy and ability.
Rosalie has a real gift. I love getting the 45 min reading as she really does pick up on my close family that recently passed away. I love hearing their messages. She has correctly predicted 3, yes 3, employment changes with correct times of the year! I highly recommend her to all my family and friends.
If you are thinking about getting a reading, Rosalie is the perfect person to receive guidance from. Going for a reading is like going to a friends house. After my first reading, all of my religious beliefs, questions and doubts melted together into a comfortable understanding. I left with less questions and a feeling that was well worth her fee. I got to communicate with my Mother, which i could never have put a price on. Rosalie has helped me spiritually & emotionally and I am very grateful.
I have met with Rosalie several times. Each time she has shared information extremely helpful to me. She hears from guides and shares the messages to me. She received my brother's name who died over 40 years ago and my parents. My husband's parents also came through with important information for me. I feet so grateful that she has this gift! Very kind and caring. She is my go-to clairvoyant medium!
What an amazing and accurate reading I had with Rosalie. She connected with my husband, brother and Mom and gave details they would only know. It gave me strength to hang on. My husband’s love for me strongly came through. She also identified our youngest son who is presently estranged but she told me I will soon hear from him. I trust she knows. She is not a fake but the real deal. I love her style and how she proceeds. What a blessing in my life- will do another reading in 3 months.
I have been a client for 4 years now and Rosalie has not been wrong yet! Anytime I am looking for answers or confirmation I reach out. She is the absolute best!
Last year I had a reading done by Rosalie. It was one of the best experiences in my life. I was very curious as to what she could pick up on. During my reading she told my about my career, family, and love life without me revealing too much information. I was impressed to know that she could pick up on my grandmother’s cooking. I was blown away. A year later after I spoke with Rosalie a lot of what she told me is really coming to light and I find myself listening to the recording frequently.
Rosalie is impressive and amazing. I am a psychic, but cannot read for myself. I was very drawn to her and connected at an appointment. She is accurate, easy to speak with, kind hearted and the absolute real deal. Rosalie is so very gifted and blessed! How fortunate for everyone who is seeking assistance or direction, that they have an option of choosing Rosalie for a reading. Awesome individual.
Rosalie has an amazing gift. She has helped guide me on some major decisions and life paths. I foresee returning to Rosalie every year or so.
Rosalie gave a great reading! She was very accurate and I am writing this review after what she told me came true! She said I would receive a job offer very soon and that the company would want me to start within 3 days! All of that came true! I was so impressed I gifted a reading to a friend and she said Rosalie was the most accurate reader she has ever heard. I will schedule again!
I met Rosalie through a referral and I’m so glad I did! She was able to connect with not only my family members but my husbands as well! He wasn’t even there. Her readings have been so accurate, detailed and come from Love. I have recommended her to many friends and family. They have come from 3 different states to meet with her and all have been incredibly impressed and left with a feeling of peace. Don’t waste your money or time seeing someone else. She is the real deal!
When I was young I had the pleasure of meeting a real psychic and since I’ve moved to Columbus I’ve been trying to find someone just as good in a medium. I’m lucky to have found Rosalie. She is incredible in every aspect. She is fun, kind and extremely accurate. There was no way she could have known the people who have passed in my life so to experience her is incredible. She is the real deal. You would be wasting your time using anyone else.
Rosalie is truly gifted. She can see energy of not only the present but also my past and how I've become the person I currently am. I'm so impressed with her talent. Her report is detailed and her reading is also to the point. I'm looking forward to more readings with her in the future.
Rosalie is super accurate. It helps that she is also relatable. I felt safe working with her. Her insight helped me deal with generational trauma.
Outstanding! 100% accurate! I will definitely have a reading with her again. I am so blessed to have met her. She knew more about me than my family members. I left with clarity, understanding, and more knowledge in knowing what I need to work on and why things are happening as they are. She connected with loved ones who passed. If there is someone looking for the real deal, look no further. Rosalie is the one. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Rosalie!


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