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Blair Stewart
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0407 86 8888 or Skype blair.stewart8


Blair Stewart Psychic-Medium-Healer was born Psychic in Scotland (he has lived in Australia 40yrs) & could see peoples Auras & Spiritual Beings as a child.

Blair specialises in Positive Guidance for your current issues & future, Love, Work, Finance, Location, Family, Communication with Passed Over Loved Ones, Energy Healing, Protection & Shielding, House Clearing, Past Lives & Aura Clearing/Balancing. The Session works the same at a Distance as if you are having an in person appointment. The information & your Communicators come into the room to speak with Blair. When having Distant Healing the Energy flows to you during the session as there is no distance in time & space.

Blair is very experienced offering Phone & Skype Readings & Reiki Healing in Australia and around the world. Blair Stewart is a Medium & Psychic, Tarot Reader, Reiki Master, Spiritual Healer, Aura Reader, Past Life Therapist and Spiritual Life Coach.

Please Phone or Text Blair to make an appointment.. Day/Evening session.... Australian Eastern Standard Time. Blair's Mobile 61 47868888

Blair on the vibration of Divine Love tunes into your Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels and Loved Ones. Your guides and Loved Ones who come through often guide you on your journey, passing on messages & validating who they are. He is shown some of the information on a Movie Screen. Blair is not in charge of who comes through to communicate with you but the information will be for your highest good.

Distant- Reiki Healing
Your Aura (Energy field around the body) is like a map. I am shown areas to work on for your Highest good and Healing. My Healing Guides intuitively guide me to Channel Energy into those areas of the body, balancing you in Mind, Body & Spirit. There is no limitation with Healing from a Distance it works the same as though you are in the room with me.

Listed since: Oct 11, 2012


I have had the best reading I have had in yrs. Trust me since loosing my daughter I have had lots. Blair is up equal with my other no 1. In some ways Blair is even better. He was so very accurate with things going on it was wonderful. I hope he is right with the future for me as well. After my reading I felt so uplifted it was and is wonderful. I 100% thoroughly recommend Blair.
Took my stepson to Blair for Career guidance. The information received not only resonated with him but was also very practical. He is now very focused and feeling empowered about his future! A big thank you!
Blair is an incredibly gifted psychic - he was able to connect effortlessly with several of my family members and also my partner's family members came through. How he was able to juggle them all, I will never know. He is the real deal and I have no hesitation in recommending him.
After my husband’s death I contacted Blair to see how my husband was doing. He came through loud and clear. Blair told me how happy he is – free from what had been a difficult time here on Earth. He provided specific details (about our life together) that I am certain the reading was authentic. I feel so much relief knowing my husband is doing well and looking out for me in all that comes. I am grateful to Blair for this wonderful gift which has helped me so much.
I have been receiving readings off Blair for over a year now and am so greatful I found him. Blair has been a blessing and his predicitions have been 100% accurate. He told me I would move and a place would become availble that an older person will move out of and explained the house. Well I went ahead and rented another place but then 2 weeks later my boyfriends nana moved into a nursing home and needed a tenant, the house was just the way he explained it and this is just one example. Amazing!
Dear Blair, thank you so much for sharing your extraordinary gift with us and for the caring and sensitive way in which you welcomed us. Your amazingly accurate foresight has given our family positive direction during some difficult times, and provided us with the clarity of mind that we needed to stay on the right path. You are so positive and your message delivered with genuine warmth. You truly do have a remarkable gift that has helped us strive for a better future. Thank you so very much!
I have had readings from Blair over the period of some years. Blairs empathy towards people is second to none. I have had many predictions also given to me by him and have been amazed at the accuracy of them. He has helped me through many spiritual trauma s for which I cannot praise him highly enough. Is depth of caring and compassion is very special indeed. Also to have it validated that was loved ones who have passed over are forever present in my life. Thank you, Elaine
Blair has been a guiding light in my life through major changes and the loss of my father and sister. Absolutely confirming to me his ability in bringing through my fathers true essence and guidance was extremely comforting. Blair was also instrumental in healing my son and I through a traumatic experience and I am forever grateful that our paths crossed. I highly recommend Blair as a gifted warm compassionate and geniuine psychic healer. Connie x


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