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Blair Stewart Psychic-Medium-Healer was born Psychic in Scotland (he has lived in Australia 40yrs) & could see peoples Auras & Spiritual Beings as a child.

Blair specialises in Positive Guidance for your current issues & future, Love, Work, Finance, Location, Family, Communication with Passed Over Loved Ones, Energy Healing, Protection & Shielding, House Clearing, Past Lives & Aura Clearing/Balancing. The Session works the same at a Distance as if you are having an in person appointment. The information & your Communicators come into the room to speak with Blair. When having Distant Healing the Energy flows to you during the session as there is no distance in time & space.

Blair is very experienced offering Phone & Skype Readings & Reiki Healing in Australia and around the world. Blair Stewart is a Medium & Psychic, Tarot Reader, Reiki Master, Spiritual Healer, Aura Reader, Past Life Therapist and Spiritual Life Coach.

Please Phone or Text Blair to make an appointment.. Day/Evening session.... Australian Eastern Standard Time. Blair's Mobile 61 47868888

Blair on the vibration of Divine Love tunes into your Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels and Loved Ones. Your guides and Loved Ones who come through often guide you on your journey, passing on messages & validating who they are. He is shown some of the information on a Movie Screen. Blair is not in charge of who comes through to communicate with you but the information will be for your highest good.

Distant- Reiki Healing
Your Aura (Energy field around the body) is like a map. I am shown areas to work on for your Highest good and Healing. My Healing Guides intuitively guide me to Channel Energy into those areas of the body, balancing you in Mind, Body & Spirit. There is no limitation with Healing from a Distance it works the same as though you are in the room with me.

Listed since: Oct 11, 2012


I recently had an amazing reading with Blair. What an incredible experience! The timing was divinely synchronistic. His authentic and insightful guidance proved a genuine connection with my departed loved one/s and guides, delivered in a beautifully held space of compassion, empathy and caring. The session gave me everything I needed to move forward with faith and trust in my journey ahead. I laughed, cried, gasped and smiled throughout. 100% heartfelt healing. Highly recommended!
Blair is incredibly gifted! I feel so blessed to have crossed paths with him 7 or so years ago and have had a number of readings with him over this time. Every single one has been unbelievably accurate or I can say as time has gone by, his predictions have been spot on. He has said things that only a handful of people know or that the people closest to me know. Every single reading has been jar dropping, emotional and powerful. A true gift! I am forever grateful to Blair, the best psychic!
Wow! Blair was so accurate on everything. I have never had a reading before and decided to reach out as I needed guidance on a major life decision, not just for me but for my family. I felt reassured and confident about the path we should take. Without Blair I would never have had the confidence to follow my heart. The healing and positive energy continues with us. Blair has an amazing gift. I would always recommend. Thank you
Blair is an amazing psychic with such astounding talents. He is lovely to talk to and provided me peace of mind and closure, as well as some prayers that I use every day after seeing him. I would recommend him to anyone, in fact even my Mum and sister have seen him. Blair is consistent and enlightening, an amazing psychic.
This was my first reading with Blair. Blair brought messages from my Father, my neighbour who raised me as a daughter and i consider her my second mother. He also got messages from my father in law for for my husband which were very relevant and true. He pointed me in a positive direction and his reading has given me peace and calm. Thank you Blair!
I have had few phone conversarions with Blair and I thank God I found him and can't thank him enough for all the guidance and channeling which helped me make some huge decisions and improved my life tremendously. He is beautiful soul and I am blessed to have him guide me Thank you Blair.
A good friend of mine suggested I get a reading from Blair after she received one several years ago and I was amazed of the accuracy. Going through some tough times myself, I arranged a reading via telephone with Blair. Few things he told me I already knew he was not bluffing and he has helped me go through the hardest part of my life. I also received healing and the feeling afterwards is AMAZING! I absolutely recommend you to clear any doubts you may have. Its worth the money spent
I have had two phone readings with Blair, both of which held incredible incite! I had no doubt my late husband was right along side me communicating through Blair. The advise I received was both relevant and encouraging as was the healing! Blair is and will be my go to psychic. An hour well spent!!
My reading with Blair was not of this world, in the best possible way! its hard to find the human words to describe not only how incredibly gifted at channeling spirit he is, but how masterful he is at the delivery of its magic ;) Blair has a unique gift unlike any other I have witnessed, where he is able to see the 'movie' of your life, and gives you a taste of the future that if you feel into your heart and soul deep enough, you knew you felt the warmth of coming all along. Thank you!!
Blair is truly incredible. I've had two consultations with Blair, a face-to-face reading in late 2016 which was life changing for me. Then I reached to Blair for a follow up session recently over Skype which again was so unbelievably helpful and accurate. I will continue to turn to Blair as my Medium and Spiritual Healer.
Blair is the most sighted and genuine psychic one could ever ask for. He knows what I am going to ask about before the conversation starts. He has read for me 3 times and not only predicted accurately, but delivered personal messages from departed loved ones, leaving me feeling supported and loved with hope restored.. Don't delay, don't hesitate - just ring him.
Brilliant! Blair gave me a accurate reading! So unexpected! It was a fantastic experience! And I would definitely go again!
Blair is a genuine medium with the patience and compassion necessary to help those who are in need of healing or who are seeking guidance from spirit.
I've had a few phone readings with Blair over time - they have been helpful, wise & accurate, along with a sense of peace afterwards. I've been struggling in the last months & the best move made was contacting Blair again. He has been so generous with his time & support. His communication with my passed father has been completely affirming & assuring. He's absolutely helping me help myself as well. I could not recommend Blair more highly - he is a 'gentle' man who uses his gift with integrity.
I contacted Blair last week looking for guidance on what’s in store for me in the future as I’ve been grieving quite heavily after splitting up with my fiancé. He proceeded with my reading and picked up on family members that have passed then told me about a gent I’ll meet in the future. He was the third psychic I’ve seen over the years that picked up on my daughter and said she’ll be on stage entertaining and singing. Not fully healed yet but I’m grateful for his insight and help to move forwar
I have been working with Blair for over 4 years now and I can't thank him enough for his amazing insights plus a deep connection to my deceased Father. Blair's vision of my future business life has been so accurate I almost don't make a major move these days without checking in with him first. He has played a huge role in helping me work through some heavy family issues and helping 'me become me', after a marriage split and a sister business partner split. I look forward to many more chats.
All I can say is WOW! This is the first time I have had a phone reading with Blair and I am so very fortunate that I came across him. I have had previous readings with different psychics/mediums but none compare to the way Blairs' reading touched me on the soul level. Blair is such a wonderful, gifted, genuine and caring person and I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending I am very excited for the unfolding of events to occur. Bless you Blair, warm wishes Maria x
Thank you Blair. This was my first reading with a medium and I am so grateful for Blair’s sane advice. My path is set and in such an emotional time I feel so determined to follow what is now before me. Blair was warm, welcoming and wonderful to listen to. I will definitely be using my prayer and speaking to my guides regularly. Thank you so much!
I was hesitant to call on a medium but by the same time intrigued and this was my first ever reading. I'm glad I chose Blair as it was a wonderful experience. He is a very genuine, kind and funny man. He communicates in an easy and easily to relate to style and very caring manner. I enjoyed his humour which again connected with me. I will certainly call on his help again. When the reading concluded I found myself smiling. Thank you Blair
Amazing, Blair has read for me and his genorosity, compassion and empathy and brilliant empowering words are truly enlightening. What a powerhouse of information bring through Mabs and Popye, I will forever be grateful to Blair. Amazing Amazing Amazing
Exceptional reading experience, thankyou Blair. Honesty, Integrity and Grace is what I was met with when having a reading over the phone with Blair. Mixed with a cheeky sense of humour which I enjoyed. As for the content of the reading lets just say it was most valuable on so many levels.
Blair Stewart has given a reading for me that was phenomenally accurate. I have never experienced this before. The guidance given was uplifting and one of the most enlightening readings I have had. I genuinely recommend anyone having a reading with Blair Stewart.
It is with complete honesty that I recommend Blair to anyone for spiritual guidance. His kindness and warmth of heart come through so easily. If you are struggling with anything in your life he can show you a way forward. I feel uplifted after our readings and feel very positive about my life, thanks to Blair.
Blair has a beautiful soul and he is really good with readings. I really feel good to have him done my psychic readings and he's just shown me a way to enjoy life and bring something good out of it regardless of the pleasure and pain that go through on the daily basis. I'd recommend interested people to make an appointment with him and have a new positive perception about their respective lives.
I have just had a phone consultation with Blair & he was excellent. I needed some very specific guidance on a challenging situation & I feel that Blair was not only spot on & calm, but his manner is compassionate, warm, understanding, & incredibly wise. Also the information he imparts goes above & beyond, especially when it comes to health. I now feel I can move forward & through this challenging time with more clarity, faith & positivity with key messages of strength. Thank you Blair!
From the moment I stepped into the room I felt instantly calm around Blair. He is so easy to talk to and I was in tears in the first minute of the reading when my Pop came through. Blair was absolutely spot on and offered some guidance that gave me absolute clarity and peace of mind when I had been stuck with my own thoughts and just completely exhausted. He helped me to get focus back in my life and I can't thank him enough for helping me. I would recommend him to anyone.
Thanks Blair for your gentle guidance through a tough time. Your insight is not only accurate but also positive and enlightening. Thanks for showing me clarity and direction.
Blair has this wonderful gift which he has been sharing with our family for nearly 5 years. His accuracy never ceases to amaze and we always feel uplifted when we have had a reading. At a time when my family was stuck in a rut and looking for a way out, Blair showed us the possibilities for a happy future. Everything we have been told has resonated so strongly with all of us and felt absolutely right. We have seen so many things come to be and just how he described. Eternally grateful!
Blair did a reading for me in September 2015. Blair mentioned that he could see me packing boxes and loading them onto trucks. As I had a candle business at the time I assumed that was what it was. In October last year the large company i work for as an admin assistant took on online ordering from our store and asked that I run this as well as keep my admin duties. It wasn't until a month or so ago that someone at work mentioned that Blair had predicted this. I was dumbfounded. I recommend Blair
Hi, I've had 2 readings with Blair and he was spot on! I was in tears from the things he knew about me and my life. Goosebump material...I have been to many mediums and I would rate him as the best I've seen so far.


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