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Lisa Bousson
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Southeast Michigan


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$70 - $125

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Experiencing paranormal and spiritual phenomenon for more than five decades, Lisa Bousson, began seeing spirit at the young age of four years and was told about living multiple lifetimes. Thus began her deeper understanding of the spiritual realm, reincarnation, and the possibility of communication with those in-between lives.

Professionally, Lisa is known as a Survival Evidence Medium. As an internationally known Psychic Medium, Author, Speaker, Ordained Minister, and Instructor for 30+ years, Lisa reconnects clients with their deceased loved ones while providing proof of their identity as well as evidence that they live on in spirit form. Being a Spiritual Medium also means Lisa is Psychic and has the ability to provide probabilities and possibilities surrounding life’s important moments.

With thousands of powerfully healing readings under her belt, Lisa holds a rare public rating record featuring hundreds of positive reviews. To earn a reputation of this regard and public trust requires a medium to be extremely consistent with evidence of the after-life, and must hold true to the highest level of ethics at all times. Continue to the bottom of Lisa's page to read her reviews.

Lisa has written countless articles, which have been featured on websites, print magazines, and her own personal blog. Her first book, The Lessons Of Jesus Christ, was published in 2013. The Visible Energy Around Us: A 4 Week Guide To Reading the Aura was published in 2015. She has made appearances on television and radio, hosted on CBS radio and Blog Talk Radio. Lisa's work can be found on iTunes, YouTube, Facebook, and her personal blog. Lisa teaches spiritual development classes and holds public Spirit Galleries internationally.

Lisa is a certified Spiritualist Healer, Reiki Master, Certified Spiritualist Medium, Certified Psychic Medium, Ordained Spiritualist Minister, Ordained Metaphysical Minister, and currently, holds a Bachelor’s degree in Metaphysical Sciences from The University of Sedona.

“As a medium, I am honored to witness the bonds of love, heartfelt compassion, and healing from spirit to their loved ones here on Earth. Spirit wants to talk to us as much as we want to talk with them.”

Lisa Bousson

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Areas of Study

Aura, Color, Chakra
Crystals, Gemstones & Minerals
Dream Interpretation
Physical and Mental Phenomenon
Abundance and Prosperity
Reincarnation and Karma
Spirit Guides and Guidance
Advanced Mediumship
Platform Decorum
Esoteric Bible Study I
Esoteric Bible Study II
Esoteric Bible Study III
Psychic Development
Advanced Psychic Development
Past Life Reading
Past Life Regression
Spiritual Healing
Spirit Exorcism and Spirit Rescue
The Seven Masters of the Seven Rays
Remote Viewing
Advanced Remote Viewing
Mental Telepathy
Reiki I
Reiki II
Reiki A.R.T.
Reiki Master III
Spirit Channeling
Advanced Spirit Channeling
Twin Flames and Soul Mates
Intuitive and Spiritual Tools
The Law of Manifestation
Ghosts on Battlefields
Ghosts of the Civil War
Closer to the Other Side (Angel Studies)
Attuning with the Archangels
Psychic University
Basic Mediumship
Advanced Mediumship
Advanced Intuitive Training
Psychic Mediumship: Raising the Standards (Advanced Mediumship)
Mastering Mediumship (Master-Level Mediumship)
Psychic Investigation (Working with Law Enforcement)
Foundational Keys to Mediumship (Advanced Mediumship)
Higher Levels of Mediumship (Advanced Mediumship)
Mediumship At It’s Best (Advanced Mediumship)
Speed Reading (Advanced Mediumship)
Platform Mediumship (Advanced Mediumship)
Platform Mediumship (Advanced Mediumship Demonstration)
New Methods In Mediumship (Advanced Mediumship)
Using Art as Your Medium (Auragraphs)
Animal Communication
Physical Mediumship (Advanced Mediumship)
Advanced Spirit Linking and Public Mediumship Intensive (Advanced Mediumship)
Spirit Messages and Communication (Advanced Mediumship)
Personal Communication with Spirit (Advanced Mediumship)
Conducting Sacred Ceremonies
The Study of Séance
Animal Communication II
Orb Phenomenon
Teamwork Mediumship
Reading the Akashic Records
Past Life Readings and Future Projections (Advanced Mediumship)
Making the Spiritual Connection (Mediumship)
Essential Aspects of Mediumship (Advanced Mediumship)
Advanced Oracle Studies

Listed since: Aug 21, 2008


I saw Lisa this week, and I can't wait to see her again! Watching her in action was amazing. I really feel like she gave some of the people in attendance the closure they were looking for. I can't wait to do a one on one reading and see what she has to tell me from my loved ones. She is great!
I have been searching for a reputable psychic medium for some time now so I recently attended one of Lisa’s gallery events to see if she could be the right match for me. Not only was the gallery reading very interesting and entertaining, it was incredibly rewarding. During the gallery, Lisa proved to me over and over again that my loved ones were still present in my life and were watching over me, just as I always hoped they were. Seeing is believing, and now I truly believe.
I met Lisa a month ago and I was amazed at my reading. She not only knew about my family members that had passed but also about myself. I am scheduling another reading in the next few months and would recommend her to everyone! Thank you so much Lisa.
Lisa came to my home to do a group reading and was great! She made a point of speaking to each and every person in our group of 10 in a very special way. Welcoming Lisa in to your home or heart is going to bring you nothing but peace and joy. She is kind, funny and very precise on her messages being delivered, always making sure to close with much love from your loved ones on the other side. We will certainly make her welcome in our home again and look forward to seeing her at her readings.
I had a group reading with Lisa this past weekend. I cannot tell you how amazing she is! She was able to identify things that she could not have known. She gave me such comfort after hearing from many of the loved ones who have crossed over. I cannot wait to have another reading with her, I would be happy to tell anyone about Lisa!
Going to my first ever reading; I was a bit nervous and apprehensive. Within minutes I was swept up in the readings and the two hours flew by like a few minutes. She picked up on my family members that had passed away years ago and just days previous to the reading. What a wonderful way to connect with those I had loved (and still do). To know that they are watching over me and that they still care for me from where they are now is such a wonderful gift. Thanks for this gift Lisa!!
I was extremely impressed with my session and the overall experience I had with Lisa Bousson. She expressed herself in a calm, soothing manner which made me feel even more comfortable and at ease. Her information was accurate validating my faith knowing that my loved ones were still here looking over me. I highly recommend Lisa Bousson to anyone seeking hope, spiritual guidance and/or peace of mind.
I recently attended a gallery reading at a friends home. I immediately felt Lisa's genuine personality and was very comfortable. The information she provided throughout the night was impactful to all those in attendance. I felt totally connected to my mom who passed away 23 years ago. I truly believe my mom is watching over my family and me. Lisa is the real deal.
A friend of mine who has had a few readings by Lisa and I was impressed by what she told me. So I signed up for an hour phone reading. Over 45+ years I have had readings by various mediums I can honestly say that there have been only 3 people that stood out in my mind as being accurate and helpful. Lisa is one of them. During my reading she brought up 14 items without asking me any questions. The information she provided was accurate, helpful, and some things only I know about.
I just held a gallery reading at my home. Lisa was very warm and friendly and i immediately felt at ease with her. Throughout the reading i was amazed at the information and the connections she was making. I thought i was a "believer" before, i am 110% now! The most meaningful thing for me is that she was able to connect with my father that passed before i was born. I was able to finally hear the words "i love you" from "him" its been a blessing in my life. Thank you Lisa <3
I recently had a Home Gallery reading with Lisa and 9 girlfriends. I believe we all had a great experience connecting with our loved ones who had passed. After having lost my husband unexpectedly, it was nice to know that he is still watching over me and our children.
Lisa was wonderful! I felt at ease right away and was amazed at how accurate she was with the details of our loved ones (not just mine, but others who were at the group reading). I was moved to tears several times during the evening. Getting messages from our loved ones brought some much needed closure and a sense of calm and peacefulness. Lisa truly has a gift and I'm so very thankful that she is willing to share it with us.
Lisa is an excellent teacher and psychic/medium, i took lisa'a medium workshop to gain more direction on my own gift and left with so much more!Her class was clear and detailed she is a very talented woman i look forward to attending more of her classes in the future.
I have had two gallery sessions with Lisa Bousson and each time I had my loved ones come in and other spirits relay a message for someone I care about.. Lisa has a wonderfu way of making the experience calm, validated and spiritual. I consider her my personal medium and will go to no one else. She is wonderful!
I found Lisa on the Best Psychic Directory. I have had other psychic readings in the past but they have not been as detailed as the reading Lisa did for me. She connected with my parents at once and the information that she told me gave me comfort in knowing my parents are happy and at peace. I definitely plan on having other readings in the future. I highly recommend Lisa.
Going to see Lisa was the best thing I have done in years. As soon as I walked into Lisa's home, she made me feel very comfortable. I'm glad that my dad and grandmother were there waiting to communicate with me. The things that were communicated to me were things only those individuals knew. I would recommend anyone to go see Lisa - if you are not a believer, you will be before you leave her home. I will definitely be going back to see Lisa again!!!
Amazing! Lisa's reading brought me peace and joy. I found comfort in knowing my loved ones are still around me a watching over us and even attending our special events!
Lisa was very good. I attended a seance at her home and it was very inviting. This was my first time using a medium, as I always wanted to experience one. I would recommend Lisa to anyone looking for this type of service and will use her in the future.
I recently attended Lisa's Gallery Reading. I was skeptical at first but, she connected with several family members who had passed. The information she gave me, blew me away. She is truly gifted, and I plan on attending another gallery.
I was nervous about meeting with Lisa, but she immediately made me feel comfortable. She gave me information regarding a health issue that I have been dealing with for a few years, and I am already starting to feel better. She also gave me insights to positive changes in my career which i am also starting to see taking place. I will definitely go to Lisa again, and recommend her to friends and family.
As of late, I had been feeling overwhelmed in my life and so decided to look for a psychic medium for some guidiance. I went to Lisa after reading her reviews and visiting her website and I am greatful that I did. Her reading was very detailed and well worth the drive! I left with a great feeling of comfort and and excitment for my life that I haven't felt in a whle. Although there are struggles to come I am equipped with the knowledge that there is a light at the end of my tunnel.
When I wanted to confirm my current direction and aspirations I went on the hunt for a psychic/medium that I heard about locally. After speaking with several other psychics/mediums, Lisa's name kept surfacing as the best in town. Those recommendations came to heart within minutes of my reading. She couldn't have been more precise in her validation, without my assistance, of my direction and the success I'm looking for based on my efforts. Kudos to Lisa...she is RIGHT ON with her readings!!!
I recently attended Lisa Bousson Full Moon Seance. My spirit confirmed what I have known all along but didn't speak of. This is the knowledge of knowing things before they happen. Lisa didn't know me at all, just my name. She, without hesitation or searching told me that is what my spirit said. That amazed me in itself. My son was there too. What she told him for the family spirit visit, was things that I only knew for confirmation. Again, Lisa Bousson, is direct and right on. No skeptic here!
I went to see Lisa today was very skeptical about going and doing it by myself. Everything was right on and she helped so much with my past relationship and family problems. I would recommend her to everyone. I cant wait to go back and get more readings in the future!
I have gone to Lisa for the past 8 years. She has done readings for me and my mom. She has been amazingly accurate in what she is able to see. I have had messages from deceased loved ones that were very personal and impacting. She did a past life regression for me that was amazingly powerful and helped me move forward with some of my problems. She goes above and beyond and has even been to my home to determine the intent of the spirits that were communicating with my children. She is a wonderful
I must tell you about the most awakening and very detailed reading I had with Lisa B. She is so very gifted on a level I have never experienced with anyone. She was there at a time when I had no place or knowone else to turn too. Those desperate times in our life where we no longer have control of a situation and you feel that every where you turn is a brick wall. Lisa was able to give me direction and also open a window when all the doors were closed. Thanks Lisa
Lisa was recommended to me by a friend and I have been impressed with her integrity, warmth, and direct, detailed communication of the information she receives. She is experienced, dedicated and sincere. I appreciate that she doesn't focus on the negative, but instead on what you can do to bring the positive to any situation brought out in the reading. I recommend her highly!
Lisa helped me through the grief process after my mother passed away by allowing me to connect with her "on the other side." She also was very helpful in settling my stress about future events. I love love love her! Best psychic I have ever met! I always feel more at peace with the world and myself after a reading. She was truely a blessing for me to find :)
I found Lisa on the Best Psychic Directory while looking for a gifted Medium. She is on the east coast, while I am on the west coast. I figured that if she was truely talented that a phone conferance call was all I needed. I have had several psychic readings in the last 20 years. Lisa is the best I have ever experienced!!! She has a astounding gift that includes fine details, names, dates, ages etc. Information that I didn't understand at the time, came true later. She's the BEST!!!
I am a true believer. Lisa was so good with her connection to the spirit. She gave me information that I often wondered about when it came to my husband who passed away. I was so at peace with Lisa and after leaving her. I intend to stay in contact with Lisa for future readings. Thanks Lisa, you are the greatest.


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