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St Petersburg


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Psychic reading $125 - Mediumship reading $175

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I've been doing psychic readings in the Tampa Bay area since 1998. I was a psychic reader at the Temple of Love and Healing church and the Temple of the Living God church (both in St Petersburg) for over 15 years.

My psychic skills enable me to read intuitively, providing you with detailed information and insight, enabling you to make informed decisions concerning current situations or future events.

My mediumship abilities allow me to connect with your spirit guides, angels, and loved ones that have passed. I can deliver messages that validate your loved ones are still close by, loving you and protecting you.

I have certifications in Past Life Healing, Archangel Life Coaching, and Master Angel certification (ACP - Angel Certification Program, AACP - Advanced Angel Certification Program, and Angelic Mediumship). And I've taken courses at the Arthur Findlay College in the UK to advance my mediumship abilities.

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Locations and events where I've provided psychic readings:

Tampa Body Mind Spirit Expo * Wings Bookstore Intuitive Fair & Expo - St Petersburg * Safety Harbor Healing in the Harbor Holistic Event * Sarasota Mystic Faire * Naples Mystic Faire * Melbourne Mystic Fair * Sarasota Body Mind Spirit Cosmic Faire * Sun City Center Metaphysical Society Expos * Clearwater Holiday Mystic Fair * Salvador Dali Museum Festivals * Gulfport Casino Psychic Fairs * Atman Center Intuitive Fairs - Pinellas Park * Heaven and Earth Spiritual Center Psychic Fairs - Palm Harbor * Temple of Love and Healing Church Message Circles and Psychic Fairs - St Petersburg * Temple of the Living God Church ESP Fiestas - St Petersburg * Universal Harmony Church Psychic Fairs - Seminole * GeckoFest Festival - Gulfport * Treasure Island Community Center Psychic Fair * Enchanted Forest Metaphysical Shoppe - St Petersburg * Arts Association Psychic Fair Fund Raisers - St Petersburg * Labrador Dog Rescue Fund Raisers - Gulfport * Native Circle New Age Metaphysical Store - St Petersburg

Listed since: Nov 4, 2014


I had a reading with Monica a few weeks ago and she told me some very interesting insights on my future also she connected me with my grandparents that have passed years ago which was very cool and spot on I highly recommend Monica if you are looking for answers either from your past or your future Monica is a five star!
Monica was so patient with me and kind. She went way over the 1 hour time allotment, making sure that she took time with all of my questions. She made accurate predictions for what was to come in my life and she also knew things that no one could possibly know about me otherwise. She knew about my fear of public speaking for instance and drew it to my past life! The insight she had blew me away and I recommend her to everyone I know. I will definitely schedule another reading.
Very enlightening and comforting, Monica gave me some peace about some things that were clearly to the point and shared by few.
I had a mediumship reading with Monica and it was excellent. She was able to connect me to multiple loved ones and provide amazing facts and details. She is such a sweet, caring person with a great sense of humor.
Monica is fantastic! I have been to her for several readings and it has helped through some really challenging times. Specifically in regard to relationships, she was spot on in terms of me meeting my now fiancé!
Monica has true and powerful gifts that she shares with her clients to clear them and help them in any way she can. Monica connects to spirit and the archangels to guide us along our path. Her wisdom and knowing is not of this earth and she is able to give you complete and true information and guidance in many areas of your life. I felt complete calmness and joy when speaking with her. She knew things immediately about my life and issues that no one else would know. She is all love.
I had an over the phone reading. I feel so rejuvenated & new. I’m so thankful for the clarity that Monica brought me. I felt stuck & blocked on so many levels. I feel more accepting of myself, more confident in my ways, & I feel refreshed. I have been validated & soothed. She knows what she is doing & has a beautiful gift! I’m so thankful for this experience. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for spiritual clarity, release, or growth in general. Thank you so much. My life is new.
I wanted to leave a review on my experience with Monica. From the very beginning of the reading, I felt a comforting, nonjudgmental feeling that helped me feel less apprehension about the whole experience. Monica gave me insight into areas of my life that I would have only known about. She seemed to genuinely want to provide assistance to me that would guide me in a positive direction. I read over previous reviews and I agree that you feel a sense of relief after talking with Monica.
Monica is such a sweet person. She gave me a very honest, kind, and accurate insight. She took the time and went over everything I asked her. Thank you, Monica, for your kind and helpful reading.
I have gone to Monica for years she is a expert on this and I truly love her, when your done you feel that you have been healed with her. She knew all my issues I was having and I felt she was the only one who could answer all my perplexing questions.
I had a Medium reading with Monica and I was amazed. I went in to this not knowing who would appear just kept my mind open mind to anyone. Monica was able to connect to my father and both grandmother's. I did not expect them but it was incredible! She was exact with details and descriptions so I know they were with us. Monica thank you for sharing your gift and connecting us. I am still overwhelmed with all of it but it's a good thing for me. I am so glad I did this and will do it again.
Amazing reading. Monica was able to tune into the angels and guides and was able to tell me things about my life that blew me away. She was able to give me guidance on my health and finances with almost laser-like precision. It was a very uplifting reading. Thank you so much.
Monica is the real deal and a amazing medium/pyschic. I've had several phone readings with her and keep going back to her because of her accuracy and honesty. She was very detailed and spot on with the mediumship when describing my father and grandparents that were wanting to connect. She described each of them perfectly and it was very refreshing to hear since that validates they all are still with me. She also was correct with the gender of my unborn grandbaby She truly has a gift!
Monica-Hilbert is definitely the truth from personal obstacles in my life and questioning my career challenges she definitely has shown me the light words can’t express how thankful I am of her god bless you Monica ❤️
All I can say it Thank you! I had been spinning my wheels feeling like everytime I got somewhere good it was only a matter of time before something took me down. Within minutes Monica located the block and began to work with me to remove & heal. Now a few days after I have this profoubd sense off confinfence and true peace from within. Looking forward to meeting her in person this next time. I never knew there was so much weighing us down that we never knew existed. Thank you Monica!
Having great faith in the Will of God, I wasn’t sure if meeting with a medium would be the right thing for me. Miss Monica put my concerns at ease with her beautiful light from within and devotion to St. Michael the Archangel for protection. He is my patron. Her true gifts brought contact with spirit and I received great peace from sitting with her. Memories shared through Miss Monica’s abilities gave my heart rest from thepain of losing my loved ones. Thank you, dear Monica! God bless you.
She was very honest. Stated some very true traits and things that happend. Looking forward to see what comes true..
Went to see Monica yesterday with my Mom. We lost my sister three years ago and desperately wanted to reach her. Monica was amazing. There were things that only my sister knew that she said.. I felt my sister the entire time we were there. We left there feeling like we had just spent the afternoon with my sister. The feeling is unbelievable.
Monica is wonderful Medium. In a recent session Monica was able to connect with my deceased Mother. She described my mom to perfection. She talked about my mom's illness, her hobbies, described her mannerisms, and gave me great comfort when she told me how much my mom appreciated the things I did for her at the end of her life. A few days later I played a recording of the reading to my sister and she was overwhelmed with the accuracy. Monica has a very special talent.
Monica is amazing! She has a compassionate, loving soul and truly cares for people. I didn't know what to expect, but she clearly exceeded my expectation! I am very pleased with my reading, and will definitely see her again in the future. She's the real deal!
I saw Monica about a month ago for a reading. I was amazed by the information she was able to provide and the accuracy of it. She correctly pointed out events from my past and has helped me to start a long due healing process. I highly recommend her. She truly has s gift. I cannot wait to go back for another reading/healing session :)
I had a reiki session with Monica and was a little nervous. I had never had a session before, but from the moment she greeted me I felt so very comfortable and calm. Monica was so warm and kind and compassionate, even greeting me with a hug. She was genuinely interested about my health concerns and gave me clear and easily understood explanations of the process. Throughout my session I felt peaceful and comfortable and I look forward to my next session.
Monica is a very good psychic. Easy to schedule an appointment, prompt replies to questions. It was my first psychic experience and though I was stressed and nervous, Monica was very calming. Emotionally draining for me but very worthwhile. I feel she did connect with my loved one.
Dear Monica, You are amazing,genuine, kind, and truly talented! Your guidance has been a blessing in my life . I look forward to more readings with you . Thank you so much.
My son passed away 3 short months ago and Monica was able to reach out to him. I instantly cried the moment she said he keeps saying he loves his mother and never meant to hurt her. Monica had no idea I was Mom at that moment. So many things we talked about yet his passing is so new, she is definitely the best I have ever met. Nothing we discussed was general only genuinely specific. Lets just say I listen to it over and over again & will be going back. I love Monica for helping me through this.
I visited with Monica following the loss of my husband. I have felt his presence around me since his loss and needed validation. She told me things that only he would know. It was very difficult, intense and healing all at once. She was able to validate a lot of things for me. It is still hard as this his loss is recent but it validated that he is very much still around me.
Monica was absolutely amazing! So personable, made me feel right at home like I’ve known her forever. She is very knowledgeable as well in her field. Monica picked up on the issues I was going through and was very patient in helping me to understand and decipher how to move forward. Definitely recommend having a session with her! She brought me peace and I will surely be going back!
Monica is the best. My family and I have been coming to her. I haven’t had an anxiety attack since I saw her 3 days ago. Also we have had beautiful spiritual experiences since I had my reading. Thank you Monica for the wonderful work you do.
Monica is great! She’s very knowledgeable and open about what her strengths are in readings. She is very empathetic and knows how to focus on what you need the most guidance with. She’s a pleasure and I will be back again!
I greatly enjoyed my reading with Monica. She is very informative and put me at ease with the reading. I would highly recommend her to others to get a reading.


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