Cathy Hazel Adams

Cathy Hazel Adams
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Quantum Multidimensional Transformation & Energy Healing. Change your experience of yourself, your health and your life with these magical, powerful, transformative sessions. I am a Matrix Energetics® Certified Practitioner offering distance sessions via phone, Skype or Zoom. I have been in full time practice for nearly ten years, teach Conscious Co-Creation/Self-Transformation & Healing seminars, webinars and guided meditations, and offer intuitive life coaching, and practitioner mentorship. In sessions, working clairvoyantly within the field of the heart and accessing your Area of Infinite Possibility and Potential, I apply well-known principles of quantum physics to help you release the fears, energy blockages, and limiting patterns of thought and emotion that can manifest in your life as illness, pain, depression, and struggle. As I help you move into coherent resonance with the healthiest, most free, authentic parts of yourself you start experiencing to the fullest your true, best potentials for creativity, vibrant health, fulfillment, and joy. Sessions often include chakra correction; integration of suppressed healthy, authentic aspects of yourself; identification of limiting or destructive beliefs and ideas, and replacement with more helpful, constructive inner "truths"; emotional reconstruction of "past" events; DNA repair; past life information and release (if it is relevant and helpful); and much more. To learn more about the sessions and how I work, or to read client comments, please visit my website ALL OF YOUR BEST POSSIBILITIES ARE REAL AND AVAILABLE TO YOU NOW - I CAN HELP YOU MAKE THE SHIFT. Blessings.

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Cathy is originally from the east coast, and holds Bachelor's and Master's degrees from The Peabody Institute of the Johns Hopkins University. She studied and applied the principles of conscious co-creation throughout her long and successful career in sales and marketing before turning her energies to her full time career as an intuitive transformational practitioner, teacher and coach. Cathy currently resides in the country outside of Casper, WY with her husband and 2 horses.

Listed since: Nov 24, 2015


Amazing clairvoyance and perceptions that transformed my thinking instantly rather than taking years for progress to appear as in Western medicine and psychotherapeutic sessions. Well worth the money to energetically move toward positive outcomes in minutes versus believing it will take a lifetime of suffering. If you are stuck and need to find peace and compassion within now and want to transform quickly, this is the authentic technique that develops your insight and fosters fast results.
Very honest and true. Cathy is extremely helpful and understanding She is not judgmental and tries to work with you. I know she knows what she is talking about and is skilled at what she does. I highly recommend! :)

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