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Cathy Hazel Adams

Cathy is a clairvoyant practitioner of multidimensional, quantum transformation and energy healing, a conscious co-creation/self-awareness specialist, and a Matrix Energetics® Certified Practitioner, offering remote private transformational readings, online classes, webinars and guided meditations, energetic life coaching, and more. A lifelong mystic, Cathy has spent decades studying quantum physics, the teachings of ascended masters, and in co
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Sandy Bath

Since 1994, I have: - Professionally cleared homes. - Aided law enforcement in murder investigations and finding missing people. - Helped families understand what was happening to their loved ones during their passing. - Counseled individuals. - Assisted people in communicating with loved who have passed. I never limit myself, always working through God's Protective Light, I ask for guidance and accept what is placed before me.
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Jo Underwood

We all have it in us to listen to our intuition, to hear the thoughts that tell us to turn left or right. Intuitive coaching through a psychic reading, an angel card reading, or connecting you to loved ones can provide such support and information. We truly are all connected, and I can tap into energy, connect with the Divine, and help you on your journey. There is a wealth of knowledge and information just waiting for you.
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