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Sara Beaupre
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Sara Beaupre is a powerful and dynamic Psychic Medium with deep roots in Northeast Wisconsin. Sara knows first hand what it's like to experience the depths of grief. In 2011, her only child at just four years old passed away in a tragic accident. Through the loss of her four-year-old son, she began her journey and embraced her remarkable ability to communicate with loved ones that have departed from this world to the next.

She has declared it her life mission to bring comfort, peace, and joy to grieving families and friends of the departed. Sara holds a passion for empowering her clients to find closure, experience a good laugh with their loved ones and in turn, embrace their future and continue to enjoy the gift of life.

Sara approaches each family and client with compassion, an open mind and remains judgment free. The evidence she shares with her clients leaves them knowing without a doubt that it is truly their loved one communicating with them. Clients describe her sessions as healing, loving and often humorous. Sara generously shares compassion, support, and peace through the grieving process for those that cross her path.

Over the years she has eagerly embraced her ability and has studied with some of the most well-renowned mediums in the world such as John Holland, Janet Nohavec, Tony Stockwell and Mavis Patilla. Though her specialty is mediumship, she has furthered her studies to become a Reiki Master and Shamanic Practioner.

If you are reaching out to a medium, Sara Beaupre provides grace to the souls of the departed and living, as well as delivering accuracy and authenticity to her clients. Her many clients believe that through Sara they have found the encouragement and acknowledgment of their loved ones that have guided them onto the path of healing. If you appreciate a warm, loving and comforting approach to reaching your loved one, consider the ability that Sara has demonstrated to thousands of clients with the goal of healing remaining her priority.

Sara is fully endorsed by her clients and can’t wait to meet you.

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Sara provides private individual sessions, sessions for two people, and accommodates groups from three to ten people. Individual sessions and sessions for two people are available via in-person and over the phone. Group readings are available upon request.

Please visit Sara's website at www.sarabeaupre for further information about booking a private session or group reading under the CONNECT page.

To reach more people, Sara hosts LIVE GALLERY EVENTS in Wisconsin and around the US. Tickets for live events can be found at on the LIVE EVENTS page.

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Sarah is amazing! Her ability to put you in contact with your loved one who has passed is bonafide truth and the amount of information she has to verify their presence is phenomenal. Through Sarah I have personally been able to forgive a family member that had physically and emotionally hurt me in my childhood. This encounter has freed me from many years of anger and suffering that years of psychological help had failed to achieve. God bless Sarah for all her kindness and knowledge.
I will admit I was a bit sceptical going to see Sara. I had lost my 29 year old daughter and was really struggling with the loss. A friend gave me a one on one reading with Sara. I am a true believer now. My life was transformed that day I met with Sara. Not only did I have contact with my daughter, but my dad came through strong and had a lot to say. I felt like a weight had been lifted knowing my loved ones were at peace and that they are near me all the time. I would recommend seeing Sara.
Sara was wonderful! She was energetic and incredible to watch. Her communication was beyond words. The few moments I had with her, changed me in such a positive way. I am more peaceful and at ease with my life and choices I have had to make. I can't thank her enough. God bless her and thank you God for giving her such amazing talent. I hope our paths cross again! Susan from Elkhart Lake.


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