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Sara Beaupre is a powerful and dynamic Psychic Medium with deep roots in Northeast Wisconsin. Sara knows first hand what it's like to experience the depths of grief. In 2011, her only child at just four years old passed away in a tragic accident. Through the loss of her four-year-old son, she began her journey and embraced her remarkable ability to communicate with loved ones that have departed from this world to the next.

She has declared it her life mission to bring comfort, peace, and joy to grieving families and friends of the departed. Sara holds a passion for empowering her clients to find closure, experience a good laugh with their loved ones and in turn, embrace their future and continue to enjoy the gift of life.

Sara approaches each family and client with compassion, an open mind and remains judgment free. The evidence she shares with her clients leaves them knowing without a doubt that it is truly their loved one communicating with them. Clients describe her sessions as healing, loving and often humorous. Sara generously shares compassion, support, and peace through the grieving process for those that cross her path.

Over the years she has eagerly embraced her ability and has studied with some of the most well-renowned mediums in the world such as John Holland, Janet Nohavec, Tony Stockwell and Mavis Patilla. Though her specialty is mediumship, she has furthered her studies to become a Reiki Master and Shamanic Practioner.

If you are reaching out to a medium, Sara Beaupre provides grace to the souls of the departed and living, as well as delivering accuracy and authenticity to her clients. Her many clients believe that through Sara they have found the encouragement and acknowledgment of their loved ones that have guided them onto the path of healing. If you appreciate a warm, loving and comforting approach to reaching your loved one, consider the ability that Sara has demonstrated to thousands of clients with the goal of healing remaining her priority.

Sara is fully endorsed by her clients and can’t wait to meet you.

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Sara provides private individual sessions, sessions for two people, and accommodates groups from three to ten people. Individual sessions and sessions for two people are available via in-person and over the phone. Group readings are available upon request.

Please visit Sara's website at www.sarabeaupre for further information about booking a private session or group reading under the CONNECT page.

To reach more people, Sara hosts LIVE GALLERY EVENTS in Wisconsin and around the US. Tickets for live events can be found at on the LIVE EVENTS page.

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Listed since: Mar 6, 2016


Sara is AMAZING! My husband died suddenly of a massive heart attack Nov. 5, 2017. I never got to say good-bye. I have always felt him with me & I talk out loud to him quite often. On 8/5/20 I had a session with Sara. I didn't tell Sara anything about myself or who I was hoping would connect with her. My husband came & said many things that only he would know. I laughed & shed many tears. She is like talking to a friend. She is warm & a lovely person.
I had a session with Sara mainly hoping to hear from my adult daughter who passed away two years ago. Sara communicated with my daughter as well as my parents. The messages Sara interpreted were unique to each of my loved ones, and lots of information was shared that only I could possibly know. Sara is definitely authentic! The love messages that came through, especially from my daughter, were so comforting and healing. Sara is a warm and caring person who can help you in your time of grief.
I highly recommend Sara to anyone who is looking for healing, comfort and peace.Over the past 20 years I have went to many different Mediums and never, never did I experience what I experienced with Sara. The moment Sara began my reading I could tell she was absolutely gifted and this was going to be a much different experience for me.You will find Sara to be effervescent, inspiring, talented, caring, as well as being a very down to earth person Best thing I have ever done for myself!
When I went to see Sara I was worried I wouldn't hear from the one I lost. But Sara came threw. Was so glad I went, she brought threw my husband and others. It was like he was right in the room, I would ask her a question and he would answer right away. I feel more relieved knowing he isn't in any more pain. Him telling me he is always with me, guarding are grandchildren, him being there when my day comes. I will go back. Thanks again Sara for relieving my pain
Sara is an incredible gift to anyone that comes into contact with her. She has an amazing ability to help people heal and get through the grieving process. The pain I have gone through for almost ten years was never able to be go away and no one was able to help. Sara not only brought me comfort and closure from the death of my parents almost ten years ago, but most recently I lost my husband very unexpectedly. I needed someone to help me as my husband was my soulmate. Sara did just that.
Never had a reading before and I was amazed with what Sara said. Within the first 5 minutes she told me that August meant something and that someone with the name Tom was coming through. My dad passed in August and his name was Tom. She knew what I said to him while holding his hand while he was passing. She also communicated with my grandma who passed in 1997. She knew my daughter was named after her AND came up with her name GENEVIEVE. I honestly have never felt so close to my family
I cannot thank Sara enough, what an amazing person so kind energetic, and comforting. I had a reading with my mom and brother, on the way there we discussed what our expectations were, having never done something like this we kept them low as we didnt know what to expect. Well Sara completely blew us out of the water, the messages she gave to us from my Dad who has been gone 2 years now were simply amazing. We laughed and cried together and it was a very special evening. Sara is the real deal!
What an amazing day with Sara ! I have seen Sara at a group session in FDL but to do a private session for my sisters and mother was truly an incredible day. Sara you have a beautiful gift and you are just a sweetheart !! Thank you for such a peaceful day for my family to heal and know that there is another side of love and peace. God bless you and your family !
Sara. This woman is sweet, tender, understanding, amazing and brought me the peace of mind I have been searching for the last 32 years. I had the opportunity to spend some time with Sara last Thursday, September 19th. This time was priceless and one of the best things I have every experienced in my 52 years on earth. My sister and husband passed away 32 years ago; Sara communicated between my sister and me. So many things were explained; I am now at peace with this tragedy and can move on.
My Dad & sister cannot thank you enough for the time you spent with us earlier this month. The recent loss of my Mom has been very difficult for all of us. Especially my Dad who had been with my Mom for over 60 years. Your connection with my Mom was so accurate & strong that there is no doubt in any of our minds that she is with us every moment of the day. Your kindness & tenderness in dealing with us goes beyond anything we expected. We could never express the healing you have given us
I've wanted to meet with Sara for awhile. I am going thru the hardest time in my life currently and Sara was able to not only reach out to my loved ones but help me see the strength I have. Best decision I made was seeing her!
Sara is a beautiful person with an innate gift. She was able to connect to my loved ones in spirit and clarified previous messages I had received from other mediums with greater detail. The information she gave me was accurate and I am beyond grateful! While I recognize those that I love and have lost are not here with me in the physical sense, they are definitely still with me. Sara confirms that without a doubt!
I have had many readings over the last 10 years and Sara is the “Real Deal”! She was “Spot On” with everything she said! She was able immediately to have my mom and husband come in. Sara was fun to talk to and I would like to have another reading with her sometime! When I found out I had to wait so long I thought she must be good! She was fantastic! It was well worth the wait!
Sara was able to connect with my father, my brother, my sister, and even my voice teacher. Sara described each one of them perfectly, even giving their names and relationships to me. She referenced exact conversations I had with them, items in my home (and their location) to which my loved ones were connected, and via my father preemptively answered a question I didn't receive until the following morning! She was warm and fun-loving. To me, her abilities set the gold standard for her industry.
Sara had an amazing connection with my daughter, bringing forward so many validation pieces from her life, death, and presence in our life. We continue finding more connections/validation that she 100% came through in our session and is with us always. She explained that my little girl needs to learn how to communicate with us, and I am learning with her. Never discrediting the slightest thought/feeling of Harpers presence. Because now I know without doubt it is her. Over & over, thank you.
Amazing reading with Sara for the first time Oct 24th! Very accurate, very healing , and very encouraging. Truly something more exists than we are usually aware. Feeling reassured and less pained. May even be able to rest tonight! Thank you, Sara Beaupre!
Sara is warm, friendly & put me at ease. Immediately she identified my (non evident) medical condition & its origin. She quickly connected w/ several loved ones on the other side, including my dad, both grandmothers, & several animals. Everything Sara conveyed about these loved ones was accurate. Most of the session was connecting w/ my dad & her description of his nature, work & hobbies, were all accurate. I believe Sara is very gifted & genuine; the reading was a great experience!
Sara is a genuine, sweet, caring person. Her connection to spirit is not only amazingly accurate, she brings humor to her readings. She not only connects to the spirit world, she connects to the person she's reading. Once you meet Sara you will never forget her and she will be a part of you forever. Her funny, upbeat personality in combination with the messages she brings forward will comfort anyone. Her readings will help with the healing process. I can't say enough about her. She's amazing.
I was looking to confirm that my dear mother-in-law was watching over my still born son. I received confirmation of this and much much more. This was a great experience for me. I laughed, I cried, and most of all, my questions were answered. So thankful that I had this experience. Thank you Sara.
Sara was absolutely phenomenal. I felt such peace after being able to communicate with my dad, nephew, father-in-law, and my recently passed husband, Steve. She is such a sweetheart and so caring about what we go through after losing loved ones. I cannot say enough good things about Sara.
Sara really put me at peace by being loving and understanding. During the session, woodpeckers came by the window. That was a joke between my mom and our family! She brought about info that was not online that proved she was really talking to my mom. It gives me happiness to know that my mom is with her grandma and can still see us. Thank you, Sara!
best reading we have ever had she was spot on and a great lady we had so much fun thank you so much sara i am sure this will not be the last reading my family gets from sara
Thank you again for a beautiful awakening, Sara. I received a one on one session from friends and am grateful. I came in cautious and left a believer. So many confirmations and meaningful messages. My heart remains full.
On March 1st I had my first reading. Sara was amazing in communicating with spirit! I can't explain the love and peace I feel. Over the last few weeks my life has been a little easier to cope with. Peace and love to you all.
I was honored to have a reading with Sara. She is entirely relatable and overall inviting. Her presence is addictive. She was spot on with so many details and just has a way of lifting a hurting soul. I believe she does this entirely for the healing aspect of her gift. I truly believe she is a soul doctor. Thanks to her gift, my father could relay to me, the things I needed to hear to begin to heal.
I’m so thankful that I was able to meet with Sara. She was beyond accurate and completely blew me away, an experience I will carry with me always. I brought my mom to see her, she has experienced devestating losses of those she’s loved the most, and the healing she was able to give her, and myself was truly beautiful. Thank you so much Sara!
Sara is amazing, authentic, sincere, energetic, and brings extremely accurate and unbelievably amazing messages from the spirit world. She gives wonderful positive energy and brings healing and joy to those who see her. She has a wonderful gift and I highly recommend her! Are you ready for amazing life changing words? Then I recommend seeing Sara!
My first visit with Sara was wonderful! She is so warm/friendly and she truly has an amazing gift for reconnecting you to loved ones. The affirmations she receives are unbelievable. She knew details that could only come from my family. Sara’s gift to me was providing assurance that my parents are always near me. I lost my mom many years ago and struggled to find her spirit. Through Sara, I found her voice again, along with other family who remain close to my heart. Highly recommend Sara!
Had I not heard about Sara, I would have continued to miss those amazing signs from my dad and never had complete closure. My session was life changing, and gave me the peace I needed, to know not only were my loved ones okay, but they are with me always. What she shared in our session are things she would have never known, allowing me to trust her with all my heart. I now have peace and acceptance for painful losses I have experienced and I can never thank her for that amazing gift.
She was completely and without a doubt accurate and even gave several names. It was as if she had been standing in my bathroom that morning listening to all the things I needed to know from my dead child. I will not refer to him as "lost" or "gone" ever again, because I do know that he is anything but that after meeting Sara. Besides being a very talented medium, she is a delightful person and is truly coming from a place of love and great understanding. I would recommend her above all others,


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