Nedra Khamsao Yang


Hello! My name is Nedra Yang and I am a psychic clairvoyant medium and healer. I am so happy you found me and I am truly blessed to have the opportunity to share my gifts with you.

Read what my clients have to say about me...

“She was so detailed and gave so much inspirational guidance that applied 100%  possible (next) career decisions based on my personal passions and gifts.” - Casey Dureau

“I’ve seen so many psychics and you’re one of the best... Book her! This session was life changing!”- Rocco D.

“Nedra is such an awesome psychic! So right on and accurate. She immediately "tuned" into what was going on in my life and was even spot on with things that will happen in the future, that actually happened. On top of that, she is so kind and warm. I felt immediately at peace when she was reading me. And as a bonus, she is a healer as well and so at the end of the reading, I felt such a shift in a way I felt for days after having a reading from her. I highly recommend her. “ - Jari Pohankova

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Each reading is a miracle, a gift. I love what I do! My job is to get out of the way and be a clear channel, a conduit for your spirit guides, angels and power beings to communicate with you and answer your difficult questions. Empower you to live your "bestest" life! Because life is the test to be your best! <3

With my psychic insight into your relationships, career, business and life goals, it's easy to pinpoint your blocks and provide practical real time actionable advice.

My friend jokes it's like going through years of therapy in one session! I’ve been privileged to help so many find success on their right path.

Thank you for taking the time to come visit. Schedule your reading with me today!

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Nedra Khamsao Yang

Additional Information: 

Nedra Khamsao Yang is a Graduate of the International School of Clairvoyance (ISC) under Debra Lynne Katz with certificates in Level I, Level II, Level III Clairvoyance Mastery, Remote Viewing and Mediumship.

Her paternal grandparents were Hmong shamanic practitioners and healers. In her previous career, she was an artist and painter. She learned about her psychic ability through her art work and it's connection to her ancestral heritage. Nedra continues to paint to express her spiritual visions, inspired by her clients as well as higher guides, angels and the multidimensional fantastic dynamic Universe.

Listed since: Sep 14, 2018


Nedra is a gift. Her reading was clearing for past losses and beautifully painting my current and future way. Brought tears to my eyes and clarity to my mind.
I had a lovely session with Nedra. Within the first few minutes, she said "I see you painting, on a canvas"...and I had just finished up a painting for my niece before the call. She talked in depth about why creativity is important for my soul. I know this, but hearing her describe it the way she was seeing it intuitively helped me understand that it's about the process of creating far more than it is about the end product. This was excellent validation and motivation to keep creating.
I wasn't looking for a reading, however, when this opportunity presented itself to have a reading with Nedra I found myself unable to say no. Nedra immediately cued in on current hiccups in my life and with a gentle nudge got straight to the point to allow for healing. A life coach and an intuitive in one person is a different type of reading. It's a better type of reading and I'm so thankful for my intuition pushing me forward when I wanted to hide.

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