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Mollie Morning Star is one of the most recommended, experienced and reviewed mediums in the USA for a very good reason. She consistently delivers evidence from deceased loved ones that proves beyond any doubt, they are still "alive" spiritually and are aware of your life situation. Loving messages can be comforting to hear from a medium, but it is the evidence, facts and irrefutable validations that bring healing, relief, peace of mind and ultimately, a better life for those left behind. That is what Mollie delivers, time and time again.

Psychic Medium Mollie Morning Star provides powerfully transformative sessions for those who are ready to take responsibility for their healing after the death of a loved one. As a prolific writer, you are invited you to browse Mollie's website blog where you can access dozens of free articles covering topics such as:

-Recognizing the Connection with Loved Ones
-How to Avoid Painful Experiences with Unqualified Mediums
-Rebuilding a Life After Loss
-Videos for Young Children Coping with Loss

Mollie is a strongly gifted, evidential medium that honed her abilities at the Arthur Findlay College in England. Readings are focused to prove to you that our souls survive the change called death and provide an opportunity to reconnect with those you love. Having conducted thousands of sessions, she is highly experienced in assisting the newly and deeply bereaved with a long history of successful, healing connections.

Mollie's work is completely dedicated to assist the bereaved in finding hope and healing after loss, therefore, only offers sessions connecting to loved ones in Spirit. A session with Mollie will be a direct, healing connection with deceased loved ones. This specifically does not include any information about past lives, spirit guides, ascended masters, aliens, psychic predictions, ghosts, chakras, negativity, etc...and all of the other strange topics that cause potential clients to worry when booking with a new medium. A session with Mollie is to heal your grief and get back to the important business of living your life with a peaceful heart.

Group events are suitable for those wishing to experience mediumship even if they are not currently dealing with grief. Private sittings are available over the phone, by Skype/FaceTime video call, enabling clients worldwide to receive a healing connection through Mollie.

High Priority Sessions are available for scheduling within a few days to those who have never experienced a mediumship connection before and are newly bereaved. Details on the "Appointments" page of our website.

Please refer to her website for a full list of upcoming events, and travel dates. Mollie travels extensively throughout the US to provide group events that teach the average person how to recognize the connection and provide audience readings.

Information can be found on the "APPOINTMENTS" page of our website regarding personal readings.

Professional, experienced, accurate psychic medium readings located near Chicago, Illinois. Spiritual grief support for bereaved parents, bereaved spouses and suicide survivors.

Upcoming 2017 Events:

Milwaukee, WI
Green Bay, WI
Chicago, IL
Tampa, FL
Scottsdale, AZ
Seattle, WA
New York, NY
East SF Bay Area, CA
Sacramento, CA
Petaluma, CA
Portland, OR
Eugene, OR
Dallas, TX
San Antonio, TX
Boston, MA
Manchester, NH
Providence, RI

New cities are always being added.


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Listed since: Apr 25, 2009


Mollie is SO wonderful....she connected with my Dad instantly and he said everything that I needed to hear. It was truly amazing! My grandmother also came through and they both said things that only they would know. It has made a world of difference already in my grief recovery and I wish that everyone who is going through grief could talk to Mollie...truly amazing and a wonderful and kind heart.....
I have had several readings done by Mollie and attended her group sessions. Mollie also hosted a group session in my home. Friends and family were amazed at Mollie's gifted Psychic Medium abilities. The evidential details which she brings forth from loved ones who have passed is astonishing. Mollie is so caring and comfortable to be around. She has a genuine gift and I am so happy to have found her! Thank you Mollie for sharing your gift with the world!
I have had two readings with Mollie. She is a wonderful person and is very gifted. I was able to connect with my mother two weeks after she passed. I know my mom is okay and just as funny as she always was. Mollie gave me a sense of peace and hope for my life after death. She is a very sincere and funny person. I look foward to speaking with her again. Thanks Mollie I am so glad that I found you.
My wife and I had a private reading with Mollie just before Christmas. It was our first time with an actual medium. We were both nervously excited. Mollie was not only professional but warm, caring and very disarming. Our reading was everything and more! Mollie was patient as we worked through our first reading and was more than supportive after our reading as new revelations came to us. For the first timer or the experience individual, you will enjoy and be very impressed with Mollie.
I must admit that even I felt some skepticism going into a group reading with Mollie, but that soon disappeared as she “worked” the room. Her wit and wisdom and genuine concern made everyone feel right at home. I left with NO DOUBT in my mind of her ability to communicate with those that have passed. I also have had a private reading (Spirit and Tarot) which has simply “MADE SENSE” of things I’ve been pondering. Her presence in this life is priceless and truly a present!
Mollie is "SPOT-ON" with plenty of evidence. She keeps the reading fun and entergetic...that's just the way she is!! She has a true gift. One of The Best !!!!!!!
I had no idea what to expect. Mollie immediately put me at ease - she is warm and genuine, sweet and silly while maintaining the utmost in professionalism. She explained how the reading worked and what to expect. There is no doubt in my mind that she connected with my lost loved ones; she conveyed so many personal things that no one else in the world would know. It gave me great comfort and I am so glad I went. I could not recommend her more highly.
Mollie was very precise with whom she was communicating with, she was very helpful in her advice & gave me great hope for the future, definitely recommend her X
I have had both group and private readings with Mollie. She is a true evidential medium. I felt that her connection was very real and highly recommend her.
I had a private reading with Mollie, didn't really know what to expect and was left speechless by what she gave me. While it wasn't all good, it was given with care and obvious compassion for me and my loved ones. I can't speak highly enough of her abilities and believe me, I will see her again.
Molly was amazing! Very accurate. We did a family group reading and everybody had a reading. Can't wait to do again!!!
Energetic, accurate, fun, and helpful. Private readings were uplifting and comforting, goes the extra time to make sure everyone in a group gets some reading. Would definitely recommend to anyone in Wisconsin or Chicago area.


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