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Mollie Morning Star is one of the most recommended, experienced and reviewed mediums in the USA for a very good reason. She consistently delivers evidence from deceased loved ones that proves beyond any doubt, they are still "alive" spiritually and are aware of your life situation. Loving messages can be comforting to hear from a medium, but it is the evidence, facts and irrefutable validations that bring healing, relief, peace of mind and ultimately, a better life for those left behind. That is what Mollie delivers, time and time again.

Psychic Medium Mollie Morning Star provides powerfully transformative sessions for those who are ready to take responsibility for their healing after the death of a loved one. As a prolific writer, you are invited you to browse Mollie's website blog where you can access dozens of free articles covering topics such as:

-Recognizing the Connection with Loved Ones
-How to Avoid Painful Experiences with Unqualified Mediums
-Rebuilding a Life After Loss
-Videos for Young Children Coping with Loss

Mollie is a strongly gifted, evidential medium that honed her abilities at the Arthur Findlay College in England. Readings are focused to prove to you that our souls survive the change called death and provide an opportunity to reconnect with those you love. Having conducted thousands of sessions, she is highly experienced in assisting the newly and deeply bereaved with a long history of successful, healing connections.

Mollie's work is completely dedicated to assist the bereaved in finding hope and healing after loss, therefore, only offers sessions connecting to loved ones in Spirit. A session with Mollie will be a direct, healing connection with deceased loved ones. This specifically does not include any information about past lives, spirit guides, ascended masters, aliens, psychic predictions, ghosts, chakras, negativity, etc...and all of the other strange topics that cause potential clients to worry when booking with a new medium. A session with Mollie is to heal your grief and get back to the important business of living your life with a peaceful heart.

Group events are suitable for those wishing to experience mediumship even if they are not currently dealing with grief. Private sittings are available over the phone, by Skype/FaceTime video call, enabling clients worldwide to receive a healing connection through Mollie.

High Priority Sessions are available for scheduling within a few days to those who have never experienced a mediumship connection before and are newly bereaved. Details on the "Appointments" page of our website.

Please refer to her website for a full list of upcoming events, and travel dates. Mollie travels extensively throughout the US to provide group events that teach the average person how to recognize the connection and provide audience readings.

Information can be found on the "APPOINTMENTS" page of our website regarding personal readings.

Professional, experienced, accurate psychic medium readings located near Chicago, Illinois. Spiritual grief support for bereaved parents, bereaved spouses and suicide survivors.

Upcoming 2017 Events:

Milwaukee, WI
Green Bay, WI
Chicago, IL
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Scottsdale, AZ
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New York, NY
East SF Bay Area, CA
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Providence, RI

New cities are always being added.


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Listed since: Apr 25, 2009


My reading with Mollie was spot on. Not only did she connect with my parents and my brother but two of my friends who have departed as well as my pets! She told me things that no one would have known except through a true talent and gift. I highly recommend her for anyone wishing to receive some messages from your loved ones past.
Mollie connected me with my son Myles. He was 2 1/2 when he passed tragically of an accident. My grandmother brought him. She wanted me to know she was there INSTANTLY for my baby. She also confirmed NUMEROUS things I have been doing, considering, etc. I have no doubt my son is safe and happy. Being cared for and loved. There was just too much brought up in the reading to consider otherwise. Mollie brought great peace to my soul that day.
I found Mollie On Facebook, and Began reading her Postings and also Her Blog. I also tuned into a Radio station where she was doing Live Phone readings, and was amazed How Great she was, and Her Connection to the Spirit world, I booked a Live Sype reading a few weeks ago, and she was Right On, with everything, she told me, I Still am amazed! My Dad came hru right away and My Best Friend, and Sooo Many other of My Loved ones. I would recommend her to anyone she is a very sweet, caring Lady .
Mollie Morningstar had giving me a smile again. Her personality is so uplifting. She gave me such an amazing reading on the phone. She had said things that no one else would know of my love ones. My family came through im my reading and one of the most important person in my life came through, My Son. I still listen to my recording and feel like dancing. Thank you to Mollie Morningstar
I had a reading with Mollie a few weeks ago and was very much impressed. I have had a reading with another medium in the past and it wasn't half as accurate as Mollie's. It was if my loved ones were in the conversation with us. Mollie is truly gifted and more than that, a very nice person with compasion and love. I would recommend her to everyone who misses loved ones who have passed.
I have been a troubled soul for so many years. But speaking with Mollie took so much angst from my shoulders. She spoke with those that have severed my life into peices and someone that comforted me. OMG! Mollie is so right on, so gifted! If you want a TRUE medium, contact Mollie!! Thank you forever, Mollie!
Mollie was amazing! The details she delivered were so accurate and meaningful. I highly recommend her. She has a real talent.
I had the pleasure of attending a group reading with Mollie, along with my mother, brother, sister-in-law & a few friends. We were all lucky enough to get a reading & were truly amazed at the validations that came through! Mollie was dead-on! (no pun intended.) Everything was so unique & specific that we knew validations had to be coming from our loved ones! I definitely plan to request another reading in the near future, and this time plan on bringing more friends to witness the phenomenon!
I had a reading with Mollie after losing my son, my brother and my 13 year old dog. Each of them came through, and my mom and uncle did, too. Mollie brought forth facts that only they would know. She was fantastic, and helped me heal so much. I highly recommend her. She is talented, warm, approachable and real. I'm so glad I gave this reading with Mollie as a gift to myself.
I have to say, during my reading with Mollie it was a Great experience and she is Good! I had so many of my loved ones trying to come through there was just not enough time. I have always felt that I could feel spirit and she did help me to understand more. My husband was not there at the reading but he had asked some questions of his brother who is passed and his brother came through with the answers for him. That was awasome! :) Thanks Mollie you are a kind and special spirit! :)
I had a recent reading with Mollie in AZ & my sister drove out from CA to be there too. Our mother passed just months ago and we needed some validation that she was ok after a battle with cancer. Mollie did that for us! She was so comfortable to be around, like an old friend. She was so right on many things that I wanted the reading to continue long past our time. Mollie not only is a medium she is a therapist and doesn’t even know it.
Just had a reading with Mollie and it was amazing. The validations given were very accurate and I got to connect with three loved ones, one in particular that I didn't expect. It was shocking, amazing and absolutely wonderful! Mollie is a great human being as well..Thanks Mollie!
I had a wonder reading with Mollie. She is amazing. She will make you a believer. She's truly a gifted medium.I recommend her to anyone who is healing from the loss of a loved one. She said things that no person would have ever known unless she was talking to my loved ones who had passed. An amazing experience and i think all of us should experience A reading from Someone as gifted as Mollie at least once in their life. Thank you Mollie.:}
Mollie Morning Star is a woman with sundry talents-- among those being an evidential psychic medium. I've had the pleasure of having 3 readings with her so far, and have learned so much from the knowledge she brings forth. I've come to understand that those who have passed are continually with us and know exactly what is going on in our lives. This brought so much comfort to me! Thank you Mollie for sharing your is truly marvelous!
AWESOME!! Right out the door with the best validation there could have ever been. Mollie was kind and gentle. This was my first reading with a Medium and changed from a beliver to a BELIEVER. I talk to my loved ones who have passed even more now. Thank You Mollie.
This was my first reading and I feel so blessed that it was with Mollie. She helped me to connect to my father, mother and my son who brought me so much peace and healing - words just can’t express. The information and messages were true to the last detail. She helped me to realize they were there all along. I have recommended her to several of my friends and I highly recommend her to anyone who would like to partake is the most wonderful experience of their life. Thanks again Mollie!
Mollie's training has allowed me to open my eyes and see that I can do this! She is kind, compassionate and very informative. Her techniques gently guided me on a journey that made it possible for me to connect and get information from spirit. I highly recommend Mollie to anyone who is interested inopening their abilities. I have read many books, but this was much more valuable.
I had a reading with Mollie and was amazed with her professionalism, friendliness and accuracy during the reading, Since this was my first reading with a medium, I was apprehensive and nervous but it only took a couple minutes before I was comfortable and relaxed. My connection with my daughter, "JillyBean" was unmistakable! I am so thankful to Mollie for helping me with this. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
I had my first reading with Mollie and it was wonderful. She was very helpful in what to expect and had made contact with 3 of my loved ones. I lost my sister almost a year ago in a fire and was able to connect with her. It was emotional but so thankful. It is a great help in my healing process. Would recommend her to anyone.
I saw Mollie at a Group Demonstration and received messages from and information on my mother and grandparents that was very specific and unique--it was easily recognizable to me that my mom and grandparents were there. She is genuine, funny and approachable and I would receommend her to anyone who is interested in receiving a message from a loved one who has passed on!
My sisters and I had a reading with Mollie and it was great! She was warm and welcoming and made me feel instantly comfortable. She is truly gifted!
I had a group & card reading with Mollie with my two sisters. Mollie encouraged us to be comfortable in her home, & was fun yet sensitive to our emotions. Her readings were spot-on. I heard from two grandparents, an uncle, and a grandfather on my husband's side. Mollie spent over 2 hours with us, and the fee was very reasonable! I would highly recommend her, particularly if you are grieving the passing of a loved one. She is the real deal!
I've been around and seen many people in Mollie's profession and she is definetly one of the best. Very gifted! I would recommend her to everyone.
I've seen Mollie twice. She is gifted, sincere, entertaining and spot on.
Mollie is the BEST! I highly recommend her. We had a family group reading and was amazed with the information and facts she communicated to us. I consider her a great friend, she is very sweet, polite outgoing and energetic!
I thought I met Mollie purely by coincidence, but in retrospect, she just knew she was supposed to be there. Mollie has, quite simply, changed my life. She's brought me to a place of peace and letting go with several difficult relationships. She has also deepened my own faith in myself and in life and in the hereafter. Mollie is lovely and must be experienced.
I knew Molly as a child and was so excited to find her again, she did a group reading at our house with family and friends last year and they could not wait to come back this year, for group and private readings She is a wonderful psychic medium, very helpful, fun and profesional. She is welcome at our home anytime.
Met with Mollie and had a grand conversation with my mom and other family members. Mollie was sincere, honest and funny when presenting the readings. Would definitely recomend her.
I won a reading with Mollie through her blog. Though I long knew she was a great person, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that she was also an equally great psychic medium. It was fabulous to reconnect with one of my dearest friends--who provided me with invaluable advice and some hearty laughs, just as she did in life--as well as with my grandparents. Mollie also provided insights into my future, and I had to laugh today when the first big thing happened--just 30 hours later.
I believe Molly is gifted and with her studies at Findley College in England has perfected her Evidential Psychic Medium abilities. In my experience, she is able to connect family and friends. I believe she is truthful and very sensitive to providing worthy information to her client(s).


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