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Mollie Morning Star is one of the most recommended, experienced and reviewed mediums in the USA for a very good reason. She consistently delivers evidence from deceased loved ones that proves beyond any doubt, they are still "alive" spiritually and are aware of your life situation. Loving messages can be comforting to hear from a medium, but it is the evidence, facts and irrefutable validations that bring healing, relief, peace of mind and ultimately, a better life for those left behind. That is what Mollie delivers, time and time again.

Psychic Medium Mollie Morning Star provides powerfully transformative sessions for those who are ready to take responsibility for their healing after the death of a loved one. As a prolific writer, you are invited you to browse Mollie's website blog where you can access dozens of free articles covering topics such as:

-Recognizing the Connection with Loved Ones
-How to Avoid Painful Experiences with Unqualified Mediums
-Rebuilding a Life After Loss
-Videos for Young Children Coping with Loss

Mollie is a strongly gifted, evidential medium that honed her abilities at the Arthur Findlay College in England. Readings are focused to prove to you that our souls survive the change called death and provide an opportunity to reconnect with those you love. Having conducted thousands of sessions, she is highly experienced in assisting the newly and deeply bereaved with a long history of successful, healing connections.

Mollie's work is completely dedicated to assist the bereaved in finding hope and healing after loss, therefore, only offers sessions connecting to loved ones in Spirit. A session with Mollie will be a direct, healing connection with deceased loved ones. This specifically does not include any information about past lives, spirit guides, ascended masters, aliens, psychic predictions, ghosts, chakras, negativity, etc...and all of the other strange topics that cause potential clients to worry when booking with a new medium. A session with Mollie is to heal your grief and get back to the important business of living your life with a peaceful heart.

Group events are suitable for those wishing to experience mediumship even if they are not currently dealing with grief. Private sittings are available over the phone, by Skype/FaceTime video call, enabling clients worldwide to receive a healing connection through Mollie.

High Priority Sessions are available for scheduling within a few days to those who have never experienced a mediumship connection before and are newly bereaved. Details on the "Appointments" page of our website.

Please refer to her website for a full list of upcoming events, and travel dates. Mollie travels extensively throughout the US to provide group events that teach the average person how to recognize the connection and provide audience readings.

Information can be found on the "APPOINTMENTS" page of our website regarding personal readings.

Professional, experienced, accurate psychic medium readings located near Chicago, Illinois. Spiritual grief support for bereaved parents, bereaved spouses and suicide survivors.

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Listed since: Apr 25, 2009


After a session with Mollie, you will know that your loved ones live on. I was blessed to attend a session in Denver with Mollie, and happily, she was able to connect with my mother-in-law. Mollie proved to be authentic and full of integrity, sharing things that she could not have known, proving that our loved ones continue to be with us, but in another form. Thanks Mollie for sharing your gift!
I met Mollie last night at a group session in Green Bay, Wisconsin. I had no expectation of getting a reading from her, as I was enjoying listening to her read others in the room. There were tears, laughter, and lots of healing going on. I was so impressed as I have been to many psychic mediums, but had never witnessed anyone more precise with detailed messages from the spirit world. Mollie connected with my deceased father George who passed away 34 years ago. Thank you Mollie for being genuine!
I had the most comforting reading. I heard from a number of people that I really needed to connect to and it meant so much to me. Mollie does a wonderful job of presenting these persons and their messages. Gave me information that only the departed and I knew. Her readings are true and heart healing.
What a true blessing here on earth! I had attended a group reading with Mollie and my grandmother and mother came through. She had such specific details about them and my life that I was speechless. Hearing that my mother was grateful and proud of me was something I have wanted to hear for 29 years. Mollie is the real deal and a gift from God. Thank you Mollie and God bless!
Mollie's reading was phenomenal... she definitely gave me peace in my heart in terms of my loved ones on the other side... she was dead on and they were able to communicate with me in a way I could never have imagined...there were also parts of the reading that when's listened to it again so many things made more sense! AMAZING
Mollie has such an amazing gift! She can turn your life around; as she has done to ours. She turned a skeptic into a believer 100%. Having Mollie do a reading with my husband and I was the best experience anyone can imagine and it gives you an entire new outlook on life. I can not stress enough how awesome this experience has been! Thank you, Mollie!
Mollie was 100% on details that she stated to my self and family members. We were in a small group session and it was very nice and intimate but fun. She stated things that no one would ever know about my family from my past. Even my sister who was with me was not aware of some of the stuff she talked about. My sisters hubby came thru and he knew she dye her hair and talked how nice and young she looked. My moms passing was not planned and she told me things about my mom she couldnt know..
Mollie's detail is amazing! She doesn't stop part of a message if you don't understand-she keeps plugging away at it until you understand what spirit is trying to tell you. She delivered a message from someone I was waiting to hear from for a very long time. When she gave me details surrounding the reason he died I knew it was him. Thanks, Mollie, YOU are awesome!!!
Mollie has provided me and my husband with so many validations that our sweet child (Sarah) is ok...better than ok and with us. Losing a child is the hardest thing we have had to endure in this life. The comfort that comes from Mollie's readings has made a difference in our grieving process! We are so blessed to have had the opportunities we have had to meet with her. Thank you Mollie!!
Just had my first reading with Mollie last week. She is amazing. My Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt, my mom's boyfriend, & most importantly, my daughter all came through. The details & accuracy were incredible. She brought up things that nobody but my mom & I would have known. My heart was uplifted & so filled with joy knowing my little girl is healthy, happy, talking, running, & being taken care of by all of my angels who I miss so very much. Look forward to another reading. I'd recommend Mollie to all.
After contacting Mollie, I was fortunate to be apart of a group reading with people that I had never met that knew nothing about me. Mollie hit the nail on the head with describing the loved ones that came through. Words can't begin to describe the feeling, appreciation and admiration that I have for the experience that I had with my reading. It is such an amazing gift and I can't wait to connect again with my loved ones through Mollie!!! Thank you so incredibly much!
My reading with Mollie was truly amazing. My husband and grandmother came through. Mollie was so accurate with her details that she was even able to give both of their names. Everything that she told me was accurate and the information that she described could only come from my loved ones. It was such a relief to talk with her because I now have confirmation that my husband is home, safe and happy. Thank you Mollie.
Mollie is so very gifted and a loving person. My 3 year old daughter came thru, riding a bike, the bike we had just given less than a month before she passed. My Daddy came thru telling me what I needed to hear. My Grandma too. The evidence undeniable, Gift cards, shirts, shoes, watermelons, things nobody else outside our home would know.....all described to a T by them thru her confirming they are with us. The reading was a gift from my BF...the gift that keeps giving. :)
After having a life-changing private reading that rocked my world, I hosted a private group for my friends. Each person got something special that was specific, heartwarming, and amazing. Thanks, Mollie. I'm proud to enthusiastically recommend you.
Molly has been so wonderful. My husband left this world and didn't have a chance to say good bye, until Molly came into our world. She has given us comfort in the fact that he is waiting for us.
After the death of my husband, Molly gave me information no one else would have ever known. It gave me peace with the knowledge he is here with me. TOGETHER FOREVER.
I went into this experience reluctant and somewhat skeptical. But now, thanks to Mollie, I know undeniably that my Dad is still with me. Not only was Mollie able to give me such specific confirmations that my doubts were quelled, but she also picked up on my Dad's personality and sense of humor. I am forever grateful to her for sharing this amazing gift. She has renewed my sense of hope and of continued unity with my Dad, and she has strengthened my bond with those still here.
Miraculous. Life-changing. Better than expected. After the tragic loss of my dad, we struggled for answers about his passing and a chance to say goodbye. The reading helped put the accident behind us and reinforce signs of his continued love. A reading is a visit with loved ones we thought we had lost, but they’ve been with us all along. Her messages will astound the skeptical, and her compassion will comfort the reluctant. Mollie’s gifts exceed communicating with Spirit; she is a joy to know.
I attended a group reading with Mollie. I was amazed at the spot on confirmation hits, the detail. I enjoyed hearing from my family on the other side. If you knew me you too would have been astonished. Two very specific pieces of info came through for me. Only two people in the world know I cary a medalion with the serinity prayer on the back of it. That came through just that way. Only my wife knows I am teaching myself to play the piano. That came through. There was so much more. Amazing!
My husband and I experienced a wonderful comforting reading with Mollie in a small group setting. We were at once connected with many evidential notes, both to our son (in heaven now for 7 years) and my husbands newly passed brother. A couple of things seemed ambiguous at the time but were clearly verified upon returning home. It was very uplifting and we highly recommend Mollie to anyone suffering the loss of a loved one. She is a gifted, compassionate individual who shares her gift with us.
I had a reading with Mollie and she brought people that I never thought would come thru. My x-husband has been passed for a long time and he came thru, my mother-in-law came thru and my own mother came thru. I feel a sign of relief and was so excited. I have had alot of readings with different people but this reading was very special and right on the head. I would recommend Mollie to everyone, you can not put a price on a reading like I got.
I have enjoyed both of the Gallery Readings with Mollie that I have attended. Being a medium myself, I know the process and was very impressed with both Mollie and her work. She gave very accurate information to my husband about his father and several friends. I recommend her to many others as I respect her talent and her compassionate and caring nature. A true gift to those who search for answers. PLEASE listen to every reading, as there may be a message for you in another reading.
I had a reading with Mollie in October, and she is the best! My husband passed last year, and she was spot-on on everything he would have said, done, and how he was. It gave me a great sense of comfort. The details are extraordinary, down to what he liked to eat! I thank you SO much Mollie!
What an amazing lady Mollie is. So kind and so compassionate. I was particularly impressed by the way she took pains to give details so you could be very sure of the spirit's identity. In my session I had some questions answered I had wondered about for a long time. My daughter also received a message and she was so comforted. Thank you so much, Miss Molly!
I attended a group reading and was overwhelmed with emotion as I listened to Mollie provide readings to the people around me. You could almost see the weight lift off some of their shoulders as Mollie revealed information specific to their loved ones. I was fortunate enough to receive a message and was quite surprised by the details she was able to provide. She was kind and compassionate in her delivery and her ability helped bring comfort and closure for many of us. I can't thank her enough.
Mollie is a gift to everyone who meets her. She brings peace and comfort and laughter and hope. I have had several sessions with her and come away calm and happy, deeply knowing my loved ones in spirit are with me still. To sit with Mollie and those she brings to you will amaze and please and change you--it's all good.
I have participated in two group readings with Mollie and in both sessions, my brother came through. The messages were exactly what I needed to hear at the time and I am so grateful for Mollie's talents. She is a real person, someone you would want to hang out with. I highly recommend her to anyone who is needing to make a connection with a loved one in spirit. Mollie is the real deal.
I had a beautiful reading with Mollie on Sept 30, 2011. As soon as it began, it was if all my family members who had passed entered the room with us. Mollie is so sincere, gentle and kind. She described very specific things only my direct family members would know like family activities, hobbies, personality quirks, etc. She also knew how each member of my had family died. She conveyed messages of love from them to my living family members. My Mom and Aunt cried with joy from her revelations.
I had a reading from Mollie in August 2011 just about 3 months after my son Cooper passed. Mollie connected with Cooper and my husbands grandma right away, reassuring me that my baby is well taken care of. We talked and laughed like we have known each other forever. Mollie is caring, compassionate and real. It helped me tremendously to take the next step and move forward with the process of healing. I would recommend Mollie to anyone who has lost a dear loved one to let her help you find hope.
I could not say enough about Mollie's kindness as we started our phone conversation. She is personable, and makes you feel like your talking to an old friend. To say my session with her was amazing, would be an understatement. It was so nice to connect with my Daughter and Family on the Other Side. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to feel their Loved Ones. Thx Mollie, you have given me Hope....


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