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Melissa Divine

Melissa Divine
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Spirit mediumship is my passion. I am a professionally trained psychic medium known for accuracy, compassion, and a congenial manner. One of my strengths is perceiving the personality and demeanor of your loved ones in spirit as evidence that life is eternal and our loved ones are near and support us. I love that moment when a new client becomes confident I am connecting with their loved one because I have described them so accurately or offered compelling evidence that others may not know. Clients praise my ability to perceive accurate and insightful information, to communicate it in a friendly manner, and to offer attainable solutions for their personal growth.

Readings with Melissa
During a typical reading, I use spirit communication and psychic connection to offer you evidence of the afterlife, guidance, insight, and clarity. My clients come to me because they are grieving a loved one and wish to connect with them or because they are feeling lost, stuck, or confused. A session with me is confidential, insightful, compassionate, and healing. ​You are likely to be comforted by your continued connection with your loved ones in spirit, gain a greater understanding of your life lessons and purpose, learn more about how the Universe works and your place in it, and move forward on your path with optimism and motivation.

Mentorship for Developing + Hopeful Psychics
I am an experienced teacher and mentor for developing psychics and mediums. In addition to mentorships and workshops, I also offer readings called "Your Psychic Path" in which I use psychic connection and spirit communication to help you gain an understanding of your psychic skills (clairs), spiritual strengths, psychic attunement, challenges, tips for development, and more. ​​​You do not need to be actively working as a psychic to schedule this session, but you should be seriously interested in development.

Events and Workshops
I am passionate about sharing my unique brand of mediumship and spiritual perspectives. My most popular workshops are for those interested in psychic development or beginning their path to unfoldment. I also offer fun and informative workshops as well as public gallery readings.

My Commitment + Standards
​I strive every day to be a true and ethical channel for Spirit. I do not google or research my clients. I am committed to giving you an authentic and honest reading, so I do not inflate or exaggerate the information I receive to impress you or bend it to make it fit. I am a professional, and I take seriously my role as a messenger for Spirit. I honor and respect my spirit communicators, and I am mindful to earn and maintain their trust in me. I approach each and every opportunity for spirit communication and psychic connection with profound love, gratitude, and ethical responsibility. I am honored Spirit trusts me to be their voice; it is a great responsibility and a privilege I do not take lightly.​

More Information?
I understand it can be overwhelming to find and select a psychic or medium you can trust. I invite you to visit my website to learn more about me, read descriptions of the readings I offer, and peruse client reviews. And if the information you find resonates with you, you can schedule your reading there and see my upcoming events and workshops.

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​"... Everything was spot on. There were definitely things that she picked up on that nobody could have known."​ (L.Y., 2017)

​"If you get the opportunity to have a reading with her, definitely do it. You will be so happy you did!"​ (Lydia O'Neil, 2014)

"Spot on! Heartfelt, comforting, and inspiring messages complete with goosebumps of confirmation!" (Patti Bartsch, 2018)

You can read more reviews on my website:

Listed since: Aug 1, 2018

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