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Mary Bear
Mary Bear


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Mary Bear MA,CEIC., is a Certified Akashic Records Practitioner, Psychic,Spirit Guide Medium channel, Certified Holy Fire Intuitive Energy Healer; and highly skilled at communicating with those that have crossed over. She has 25 years experience in her chosen field ofexpertise.

Mary is down to earth, and uses a practical grounded approach to her client's problem solving and assistance with life difficulties. She is direct, funny and very easy to talk to.

*Skilled in Psychic accuracy and Clairvoyant Insight.
*Medical Intuitive: Certified Holy Fire Intuitive Energy Healer
*Expert advise in Love and Relationships
*Founder of Energetic Family Pattern Healing
*Energetic Home Readings and Interpretations of Home Disturbances.
*General life Questions, Quick and Accurate Answers.

See her website for more details regarding her offerings and specialties.

Listed since: Jan 27, 2017


Mary is able to share a multitude of layers within her readings - from a high-level soul perspective, helping to answer the big questions of who you are, what you're here to do, all the way down to navigating specific challenges in the here and now. She articulates my own blocks, helping reverse what's no longer needed. Her seership is astounding, so I can align to what is coming with wisdom and resource. After each reading, I feel firmly planted in direction, and deeper awareness. A real gift!
I have been getting readings from Mary for over 10 years and I can honestly say that she is always right, every time! Her accuracy is amazing and I always walk away with a sense of purpose and an action plan to help me achieve my goals and dreams. Mary has always helped me find my right path and feel empowered to create the life of the visions she sees. Don't wait! Book with Mary today and be ready to be WOWed again and again at her down to Earth readings and approachable style.
HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! Accurate, Awesome and will always have her as my reader!! Mary is always so Accurate and has such a warm way of delivering information that makes sense. She not only has given me many readings, but the additional guidance helps me know exactly what to do next in my life!!!
Mary has been my go to psychic for many years, whenever I need guidance and direction I consult with Mary. Mary is one of the most accurate and insightful readers that I have had the pleasure of getting a reading from. Mary has also been able to contact family members that have crossed over, giving some much needed healing and closure to those losses. Mary is compassionate and kind and very easy to talk with. I highly recommend all of her services.
I own a psychic business in Ohio and Mary Bear is always our top rated guest psychic. She sells out far in advance and consistently remains in very high demand among our client base. Mary’s psychic talent and intuitive skills are unmatched, and her readings are a treat. My personal readings with Mary Bear have been exceptionally interesting, accurate & insightful. I have LOTS of experience w psychics across the country and find Mary to be among the very best.
Mary is incredibly skilled at what she does! She was direct and accurate in regards to my questions and even uncovered several aspects of my situation that I had not yet considered or had not seen. I would definitely work with her again.
Mary is and excellent reader. She is funny and very accurate.
Mary is amazing! She was very kind and to the point...had lots to say...asked me my questions and concerns. She made my reading very personalized. Thank you Mary!

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