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Martina Schmidt
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$200/hr. for Mediumship- All other services $120/hr.

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15 years experience as a Psychic Medium & Certified Energy Healer- Martina gets clear and accurate information about your loved ones in spirit and also your Soul's purpose and healing needs.

Martina also specializes in teaching Mediumship skills to those who are wanting to develop and use their gifts as a career.

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Martina is a published author & teacher as well. Her book "Connecting with Heaven: How to be a Psychic Medium" came out in 2008. And her book: "The Soul Mate Solution" came out in 2010.

Listed since: Jun 18, 2012


My hour with Martina was wonderful and rewarding and everything I was hoping for! She did a fabulous job interpreting my loved ones' messages to me. And as others have indicated, Martina brought up ideas that only my loved ones and I would know. She truly has an incredible gift.
I was praying that my beloved husband would come thru & he did as others did o It so emotional and draining, but so wonderful also. Thank you Martina.
I was and am skeptical. Martina welcomes skepticism. When a relative had a reading with Martina and some information "came through" that the relative wasn't sure of - but I could verify - I became a believer. Martina is the lady next door. Her joy is infectious. My readings with her have affirmed my belief in the afterlife, my belief in God, and most important, my belief that love is the currency of communication for all beings in this life and the next.
Martina has an amazing gift! I highly recommend her!
I feel honored and blessed to have had a reading by Martina. Not only is she spot on but she has the most warm and welcoming energy. She is truly gifted and comes from a place of pure love. I highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking guidance, validation, healing or just wants to connect with a loved one who has crossed over.
My reading was the ultimate medicine for my grieving over the loss of my daughter. So many details that could not be researched or generic that truly made me feel that this is the real deal. I also heard from other family members that have been gone for a long time as well as spirits I would have never expected to come through. The benefits as a result of my mediumship cannot be minimized. I will and have recommended this to anyone seeking comfort.
My time with Martina exceeded all expectations and was truly a blessing. Her special gift combined with her peaceful, kind personality warmed my heart and soul. I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to connect with Martina and my dear loved ones.
My experience with Martina has been positive and uplifting. She is accurate with her information. I have no doubt that both my son and mother came through. She gave me information that I didn't even know and later verified. She is spot on with her information. Martina is truly gifted and blessed. Words cannot express how much she has helped me. She is genuine, caring and compassionate. I strongly recommend her and have been singing her praises to many friends who have lost a loved one.
This was a truly amazing experience. Wanted to hear from my Dad who just passed a little over a year ago and WOW I most certainly did!! So amazing that he truly was there and others. So many things were said that only he would know if he was truly present. Things that only 4 people knew and happened after my Dad passed. So blessed that I was able to connect and feel at such a wonderful peace. Miss my Dad so much. Was good to know he is okay. Love you Pops! Thanks so very much Martina!! Love you!
My reading with Martina far surpassed my expectations. I have been singing her praises since my reading. She is extremely talented. The environment upon entering her home is warm and welcoming. What a blessing she is for anyone in the Waukesha area!! I have been searching for 6 years since the passing of my brother for a medium who is talented and legitimate. She is both!!!! Colleen Hausser
Martina is such a blessing. Upon entering her home, I immediately felt love, peace and support all around me. Martina is authentic, and I am absolutely in awe of her gifts and capabilities. I came to the session hoping to reconnect to an extremely dear loved one, and I left the session full of joy, faith and peace after having an hour long conversation with that loved one just as if we were sitting in the room together and talking to each other like old times.
Martina is very humble in her abilities to communicate with spirit. She is accurate, insightful, and loving in her delivery of messages. It was an honor for my loved ones to speak through Martina. God Bless.
Martina has a divine gift. Her first words spoken to us blew our minds and from that moment we knew we had made the right choice with Martina. (before the reading started!) Her delivery of the messages from our loved ones were clear and Martina was able to present some our loved ones personalities! Martina herself has a big heart and is caring. We left feeling healed and lighter. This reading was a birthday gift for my mom and she said it was the best gift she has ever received.
Martina truly has a remarkable gift! I sought her out after a close friend recommended her and can honestly say, she's the real deal. I had a 1/2 hour mediumship reading with her and everything I needed to know was brought through. She has such a calm and caring personality that lets a reader know they can trust her. My loved one was clearly brought through and no questions were left unanswered. I left her office with a sense of healing and peace. I'll recommend her to over and over!
I heard about Martina through several business associates, all of whom had positive experiences. I had always wanted to see a medium but was unsure of the who to trust or how to handle the session. Martina was very professional yet quite compassionate during my family session. The session itself was amazing and beyond my expectations. Our family feels like they have received closure on an expected death while gaining even more joyful and unexpected wisdom. I thank Martina with my whole heart!
It was a very good experience. Martina brought through 2 people I was hoping to hear from and 1 that surprised me. That person had passed over 40 years ago, but I was very glad to hear from all of them.
I first saw Martina at a group channeling i went to with my A.R.E study group. i was very impressed and made a apt with he , which was even more impressive! She inspired me to go all in on my Spirit voyage . i've been to several of Her classes and events. I am very exited to go to my next session with her next week ,and I will leave supercharged , with very enlightening new info for me. I've been to, and worked with many other great Healers and Mediums & Martina is @ the top of the list.
Wonderful experience. Lovely, peaceful environment . Rev Martina made me feel very welcomed and comfortable. I will return to experience more of her wonderful gifts.
I certainly felt much relief after my session with Martina. I heard from my sister who was the main person I wanted to get in touch with, others came thgough but they were not quite as clear as my sister. She brought up something I never even told her, only my mom knew and I was sold after that!!
Words can't even express the way I felt after leaving my appointment with Martina. I came in with a heavy heart, as I had lost my father a year before, and left with a heart filled with happiness knowing that he will never be as far away as I had thought. She knew things no one but my family knows. Martina is such an incredible soul, and I can't thank her enough for everything she has done for me. My life is forever changed, and I will always be greatful.
I went in with a very heavy heart and much skepitism, but walked out much joy in my heart. There were things said to me that could not have been known unless you were part of the relationship. I feel that the blessings have been mine since our paths crossed.

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