Maggie Chula

Maggie Chula
Maggie Chula


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St Paul, MN


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1 hour - $250; 30 mins $130

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Greetings! My name is Maggie Chula. I am happy you are here seeking guidance and clarity. I offer help and support on your journey to create a healthy, well-balanced life in partnership with your soul.

I facilitate communication between you and your higher wisdom.Together we will validate how you are creating situations and events. Help you to heal emotions, beliefs, memories. Provide answers to questions supporting you to make choices with direction and clarity.

I have always had the ability to read energy, dialogue with the world of spirit, understand the vibration of life between lives. I knew how to read and interpret the Akashic Records. This natural ability has helped me heal my body, emotions, mind and Spirit.

I am trained as a psychic medium, spiritual minister, medical intuitive, vibrational energy healer, and the creator and master teacher for the transformational soul healing and psychic develop certification course, the Akashic Vibration Process: Open the Doorway to Your Soul.

I would be honored to assist you as you build a deeper connection to your higher wisdom and the universal source vibration.

Additional Information: 

Maggie is the author of "Open the Doorway to Your Soul", a book of channeled messages from the Akashic Master Teachers. This book is designed to help you expand your conscious connection to your true being; your soul.

To learn more about the book please go to

Her transformational course work, Akashic Vibration Process, is taught in partnership with the master teachers. Many of them will join the course and each class includes a guided vibrational healing channeled by one of the masters to help you heal your soul and create a deeper partnership with the akashic vibration of God.

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Listed since: Jan 15, 2015

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