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Lori Manns
Lori Manns


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Phone: 30 minutes – $60; 60 minutes – $110; 90 minutes – $17

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My passion is found in helping and coaching others through mediumship and psychic work.

For more than 15 years I have been helping my clients by providing readings in person, via telephone and email. Helping people by using this wonderful gift is the delight of my life. I am pleased to be able to connect on a global basis, meeting more people through all sorts of new digital media and especially this Website. My “home” on the Internet permits me to interact with people across all borders.

I first noticed my gift of mediumship, clairvoyance, clairaudience, astral travel and more at the age of five. Knowing I was different from other children – as some might say, “gifted,” was exciting, yet also a little bit challenging. I plan to write more about this including a story on the first experience I recall of foretelling as a schoolchild.

Readings are available in person, by phone (virtual) or by email. You can also become a psychic social butterfly by hosting Psychic Lori, reading at your own private House Party. I provide the following services:

Spiritual Counseling:
I enjoy working with families and children to help parents understand their gifted child’s needs. One of my gifts is working with children to help them understand what is happening in their lives, and to help them feel safe.

I connect to loved ones on the other side by reading energy, working with spirit guides and spiritual helpers. This allows me to help give closure to questions the family may have. Sometimes the greatest gift can just be for me to connect the family on this side wit the family on the Other Side and allow them to say “Hi, I love you.”

Life Coaching:
By combining all my gifts I help people find and follow with their life path…by healing, helping and coaching. This allows people to move forward in life comfortably without fear. Whether the focus is on love, money, job, relationships, gambling, or any other stresses in life, I can help guide you.

Mediumship Demonstrations (Live Audience readings):
I enjoy working with the public to demonstrate to people that there is a possibility of an afterlife and that we can communicate with our loved ones, and with spirit. Generally, select (if not all) audience members will receive 3-8 minute messages.

My Website offers you an opportunity for you to get to know my work and services.

Additional Information: 

On Saturday and Sunday, October 22-23, I will be attending and reading at the 30th Annual Women and Spirituality Conference taking place at the Minnesota State University, Mankato. Appointments for readings are taken at the conference on a first-come-first-served basis and I usually get booked up pretty quickly so, contact me in advance if you would like to secure a reservation.

After that, I am off to do readings at a private home in Menominee, Michigan on Saturday, October 29. There are only two spots open for appointments, so don’t wait… email Lori@psychiclori.net or phone: 920.615.4646 to secure your spot.

I follow up all of this travel with a very special guest appearance at Milwaukee’s Brumder Mansion Halloween Hunt. I hope you will tune in on October 31 at 6 pm to the live broadcast from the mansion on Para X Radio with Jeffery Seelman. You can also tune in on Star Clear Radio at www.starclear.com. Contact me by email at Lori@psychiclori.net or phone: 920.615.4646 to schedule an appointment.

Listed since: Oct 19, 2011


One of a kind experience. I truly have never been so amazed. Lori has such a gift at what she does. Connecting me to my loved ones and allowing me the closure I needed to keep going. She knew details that I never shared with anyone. Lori is a one of a kind human and I would go back to her a million times over.
My first encounter with Lori was uncanny. She mentioned a presence that was immediately apparent to her and went on to describe personal traits and details that were exact and unique to my mother who had passed away more than two decades previously. I had never mentioned my mom and Lori didn't know very much if anything at all about me or my past before we engaged in a reading. If I was at all skeptical about the psychic realm before meeting Lori, that simply vanished before my eyes. Amazing!
I have had readings done by Lori a couple of times now and had a party with her at my house. I can only say that she is wonderful and a bundle of energy, I am meaning that when you get a reading from her you feel energized and excited with how much she knows. I am excited to have her in my life and wonder what I would do without her. Thank you Lori.

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