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I am an evidential medium. I have been drawn to Spirit since I was an 8 year old. My grandmother passed away and I could still see her and feel her. I would see her sitting at the edge of my bed and I could sense her presence. I now know how Spirit works. I can help bridge the gap and be a vessel for Spirit World. I provide validation for my sitter and this helps them know we are communicating with the desired loved one. This evidence may be an image, scent or perhaps a specific memory. I am able to use clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairalience and clairgustance. This helps me with a description and evidence of the loved one's soul when they were earthbound. This builds a rapport between spirit, sitter and medium. When I am in the power, Spirit stimulates these senses. As a clairsentient medium, I will inwardly feel the Spirit communication and this energy may even help me take on their mannerisms and characteristics. This puts things on an objective level. At this point, validation may be profound. This can also make things more tangible. As I am more and more attuned with Spirit, thoughts, memories and knowledge are put into the sitter's mind. This is the essence of a spiritual medium reading.
I am aided by my spiritual guides and we act as a team. During my readings, with their spiritual help we hope to provide a healing message and comfort that when a loved one has passed, they are still always with us.

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I am also able to communicate with animals. Those that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge and those that are still here with us.
I love to post pictures and inspirational thoughts on my Facebook page. These are usually downloaded into my mind from Spirit World.

Other services that I provide our past life psychic readings , spiritual healing and Tarot card psychic readings.

Listed since: Jan 29, 2022


Thank you Lisa for sharing your gift - I had no idea that the psychic reading I had would be more confirmation that I'm healing and on the right path for me! I look forward to your event on April 16th.
I had the most INCREDIBLE session with Lisa. Even though it was only meant for 30 minutes, she gave me extra time. I was blown away by her warmth, her connection to spirit and the messages she channelled from my Grandmother. I arrived at the session burdened by my current family situations and childhood trauma. I left the session hopeful for the future and with a new found purpose in life. This session was LIFE CHANGING and i can not highly recommend her enough.

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