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Laurie Macasaet

Laurie Macasaet
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I channel information through angels, guides, ancestors, and higher self for the greatest and highest good, always focusing on the most joyful timeline with ascension and 5D earth. I have been doing readings professionally since 2007, mostly one to one or in groups but also telephone readings. I did energy/crystal healing sessions as well.

The way I describe how channeling accurately from a higher place beyond myself feels like this: Like when you’re taking off in an airplane and you hit that first “bump” as you’re rising higher in the sky. Your ears may pop, and it feels like you’re listening through a tube or seashell. The information is then “channeled”-almost like an automatic download- through the left ear for me and flows out of my mouth. Further, that information has always been correct and extremely specific. That’s how I personally know I’m channeling.

I am an evidence based psychic/medium and and I provide vivid, detailed information, that my clients have confirmed to me many times over as being highly accurate. They have also have regularly told me my predictions have been spot on. The personalities of loved ones that have passed on come through as if they are sitting with us, and they are bigger than life to me. It is very healing for me to tell you the confirmation and evidence of information through my abilities.

I believe that "walking in two worlds"with the sick and the dying being a registered nurse working with hundreds of patients and their families in acute care in a variety of setting including oncology and hospice, both caring for and comforting them helped fine tune both my connection to my guides and also made my intuition more sharp. I worked in healthcare for over twenty years, and I absolutely love and care for my clients. I only want them to be happy, loved, healed, and abundant in all ways mind, body, and spirit which I feel shows in my energy. Further, as an RN I've heard it all and seen it all, so you have no need to feel embarrassed or shy. You can talk to me about most anything. My training and life philosophy is all about listening well and keeping it all completely confidential and private.

On the other hand though, I aim to only have to give you one reading if possible. Why? Because tuning into your higher self, having complete self love, trusting your own intuition and instincts is key to what I feel is one of my life purposes. To give people that confidence, awareness in higher vibration and consciousness activation by directing the energy and information they need to do that from their spiritual team and higher self. Everyone is unique so each session is always different and very special to me.

Another one of my specialties is being able to describe your twin flame. I get names, places, characteristics, personalities, how you’ll meet, and so on. In past readings the information has been down to tiny details like the design of the ring, how they will meet, pages of detailed personality information and so on. (And by the way, you may have a “spiritual avatar” that you would recognize so that you would have them in your mind and heart. A spiritual love from a different realm that there’s no mistaking who they are.)

I prefer to work with only your first name (which I have you say three or more times out loud.) I tune into your energy, and then start giving you the information and confirmation.

One thing I find necessary to inform you of is that to have a good reading, it’s a good idea to open your heart and mind. It’s a great idea to meditate even a few minutes a day, and repeat a mantra like “Love” or “Peace”/whatever is resonating with you the most.

Due to my high level of integrity for a reading, I MUST be actually channeling from the higher planes. If that is not happening I will not be able to give you a reading. We may not be a match energetically, but just be aware there are only a few out of hundreds I couldn’t read for.

Additional Information: 

I can connect you into your star family of light. You are always loved, guided, and protected. I can channel information on your purpose. I have a prayer group that if you would like me to, I pray for and meditate on on a regular basis for you.

I enjoy cooking and baking. I love traveling to spiritual places of great natural beauty like Colorado Springs, Sedona Arizona and Mount Shasta California etc. My fiancé and I can be adventurous, we hopped in the car last year and drove from Wisconsin to Key West Florida in two days, among other various places. My first love is reading, writing, and theater. I have a degree from UW-Madison in English, and am currently writing a novel spiritual fiction, and a book on manifesting with plasma energy! I love animals and have two cats Nacho and Freckles. I hope to make YouTube videos soon doing general readings, channeling, and praying for people/group prayers. It is my hope to serve the most I can in the best way for all.

Listed since: Jan 21, 2019


My reading with Laurie was a very positive experience. I've had readings in the past and find it's natural to feel a little nervous but she was great at putting me at ease. She helped me get the answers and messages I needed to continue on my journey to self love and awareness. There were moments that I got chills and even felt emotional while speaking to her. I felt like I left the call with a fresh perspective, renewed energy and a new friend. I'd highly recommend her. MUCH LOVE

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