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JoAnn Bruhn, Psychic and Spiritual Coach.

What is your Inner Being (your Soul) speaking?

By way of my intuitive skills and abilities within spirit communication I connect with your heart and your Soul. My special gifts are seeing, hearing and sensing energies. I work directly with Spirit to get the answers that serve your highest good.

With loving help from teams of spirit guides and angels, guidance is tailored for you. These messages are delivered with the highest intent of assisting you on your life journey. Almost anything can and will be explored and embraced.

Book your session today and together we'll navigate your best path of ease!

"This amazing work brings me much joy. My dedication is anchored in achieving the very best readings for my clients." JoAnn Bruhn

JoAnn Bruhn's experience and training:

Shortly after her 10 year old son Craig passed away, JoAnn Bruhn began to receive signs and messages from him that he was near her all the time. He was making himself seen and heard to her on an energetic level. It was remarkable! As time passed she found that her intuitive knowings and abilities were expanding.

JoAnn Bruhn clearly understood that she was to immerse fully into these emerging abilities in order to bring clarity and comfort to others. Over these years she have been privileged to have studied with several gifted psychics and mediums.

JoAnn Bruhn has completed:

~ The James Ven Praagh Spiritual Coaching Course
~ The Law of Attraction Life Coach Certification Course by Terez Hartmann
~ The James Van Praagh Mediumship Certification Courses Level 1 and Level 2
~ How to Be Psychic Certification Course by Sal Jade
~ ​Kathryn Harwig's Mediumship Mastery Classes

Additional Information: 

Mission statement of JoAnn Bruhn, Psychic and Spiritual Coach

As your Psychic and Spiritual Coach:

~ I will always firmly set my intent on providing you with a highly nurturing reading.
~ My attention will be focused fully on your needs, wants, and concerns.
~ ​I will be responsive to your feedback as we work together to discern the best information for you.
~ The purpose and intent of your reading will always be about empowerment for your life.
~ You will receive psychic/spiritual guidance and answers by way of my pragmatic experience and keenly developed skills in identifying subtle form energies and their information.
~ Channelling is achieved by creating a harmonic resonance between heart and third eye, thus creating a loving space for spirit guides to enter and communicate.

Her readings are enchanting and empowering!

Listed since: Aug 20, 2017

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