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I connect to my clients on a soul-level and serve as a bridge to bring them back insight from a deeper level of being. My approach is based on bringing awareness into the hidden, unseen parts of your life. This will help you have more clarity and understanding about the changes that you need to implement in order to go beyond your blockages and be aligned with your deepest self.

My work doesn't focus on the future at all. I can see the highest potential outcome but I believe that with the right attitude and mindset, all individuals can create their future instead of them waiting for it to happen. I focus on helping you find the key within you to unleash your power.

If you need help and guidance with your current situation, use the instant reading buttons to get immediate answers. If I happen to be unavailable at this moment, send me a call back request and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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Listed since: Apr 12, 2015


My first session with Camelia was extraordinary! The clarity and insight I gained helped me to release during the session. I discovered old relationship dynamics that have been holding me back. I could feel stuck energy lifting. I feel a renewed, deeper love & appreciation for myself.
My first session with Camelia was almost a surreal experience, she was completely spot on with everything she said. Camelia truly cares about helping others and connecting with them. I look forward to future sessions with her!
A wonderful and professional experience. Highly recommend!
This was my first experience with this type of service so I didn’t really know what to expect but Camelia was really great guiding me through the session. My intention was to connect and that was beautifully done by Camelia. She has a very pleasant and compassionate personality. I think Camelia is a very gifted beautiful person.
Amazing Experience! Each session gets better and better. Camelia’s ability to connect and to process things for your higher self is incredible. She has been my intuitive human for about 6 years now. You will not be disappointment with her readings and energy work!
I highly recommend Camelia Kessaci! Her intuitive abilities are amazingly spot on. She is easy to connect with and genuinely cares about you and your success. I am so grateful my friend referred me to her.
Camelia is so gifted and divinely guided! During my session with her she was extremely accurate at presenting information about me, as well as my life. She gave me advice that I could implement into my life that has propelled me forward towards healing. Her positive energy and bright spirit is infectious. Simply put, she's a joy to work with. I highly recommend booking a session with her!
This was my first time speaking with Camelia and she was such a pleasure to speak with. I found her to be EXTREMELY detailed and accurate, she even informed me of somethings I was not aware of - but made perfect sense and I don't doubt I will find out to be true. She's also very pretty :) I truly enjoyed my session with her and cannot recommend her enough.
I first met Camelia through a meditation workshop she was leading and immediately connected with her intuitive style, ability to articulate important concepts and the ease in which we all showed up to share. Our private session was very grounded and provided important validation and clarification for the areas I am currently working on. It also gave me insight to look at my relationships in a new way and create space for more healing.
Camelia's intution reading was really on the nose. She channeled deep and forgotten energies inside me from past and present. Very wonderful and enlightening experience I would I highly recommend.
I recently had an intuitive session with Camelia. Her energy is addictive, she has a beautiful soul and is extremely insightful. I couldn’t believe how on point she was during our session. Even upon first meeting her outside of our session, she was able to feel my energy. She helped guide me to a better place about the situations I presented to her, she told me certain specifics about the people in my situation that I never spoke to her about beforehand. She’s a gem and a beautiful friend
Simply put, Camelia is unconditional love and true compassion presenting in a beautiful human being. Understanding that is it always for my greater good to seek help from within, there are times I felt I needed guidance from outside my knowing. Camelia, has helped me to help myself and expand my greater awareness. She also attuned my house and provided intuitive guidance that has tremendously supported me to understand the energy and Feng Shui where I live. Thank you, I am grateful for your help
Camélia, you truly provided one of the best, if not the best session I’ve ever had. I’ve done sessions ranging from aura readings, sound healing, palm reading, body talk, mediumship work, tapping, and a few others. The number of times I felt at peace and truly ok with where I’m at and my journey has been far and few. The session yesterday was an amazing & necessary ride of emotions, I feel truly OK. I’m so excited to continue with a fresh breath and better understanding of myself & surroundings.
She is simply amazing ! I have been to intuitive healers before but the way she has wrote a lot of stuff about me even before we talked and just looking at pic , she truly is a gifted healer .. a very beautiful person inside out
I recently had a session with Camelia. My first issue surrounded the death of my brother, Ken. She helped me immensely with information that I need about him and from him. It put me in such a peaceful place and I have been able to handle his passing much easier. I am the only one left from my immediate family, and I do miss him a lot; but I’m glad he is doing well on the other side and I have had some wonderful signs from him since talking with
Camelia is as close to source as you will get. She is a beautiful spirit who is very high vibration and radiates love. During our session, I felt such an incredible blissful sensation. I cannot translate it into words. It was very powerful and fantastic. She was able to help me with cutting an energy cord and also, found a significant wound that had been a catalyst for negative cycles or patterns my whole life. She is going to help me heal this. I would highly recommend connecting with her.
I received a referral to Camellia from a current light-worker to continue on with my spiritual growth and development. I was very happy with my session with Camellia. She identified some key things to work on at soul level to keep moving forward in my spiritual development. I am very pleased to have found her, and appreciate her services.
Camelia is a good soul. She has a gift. For the biggest skeptic, there will be something that rings true so you know she is legit. She has the "light" and will be beneficial in some way for anyone if you are open at all. Go. Have fun. Share. You won't be disappointed.
I had a wonderful experience. When I left I thought about other people in my life who could benefit from Camellia's work and wisdom. It's generous of her to share this gift with others. Anyone who has a chance to sit with her would likely feel satisfied and grateful after. She is easily approachable and warm. I also think her energy can awaken the energy in others to help guide them to their own answers. That's what she did for me, it was beautiful. I highly recommend her.
Camelia is a very magical person, highly recommended for readings and healing! She very quickly got to the source of what was holding me back, and gave me many techniques, ways through to sense of healing!
Camélia was both Professional and Wonderful! I enjoyed her warm, welcoming personality, her highly intuitive approach, and her lovely energy. I would not hesitate to recommend Camélia or her services.
I just had a session with Camelia last night. It was my first intuitive psychic experience. I was blown away by her ability to connect to my light guide and her ease in explaining what my guide is saying to her. She was spot on with many things going on in my life and what I should consider down the road. She read my aura and did an energy cleanse as well which was also empowering! I will be back to see her again soon and recommend her to anyone looking for guidance in their life!
I have no words for this truly amazing woman! Camelia has been my strength and shown my genuine guidance on how to heal myself! She did a session on mr and it literally transformed my life I literally was able to let go of the past love myself and let the one a love know how much I love him! Camelia is so accurate and very very caring! One of the best psychics I have ever read with! True and real! Love her!!!
I've spoken to many psychics and I must say Camelia is at the top of my list, she is straight forward, easy to talk to and accurate so far with the information she has given. I'm so glad I found Camelia
Wow! -Camélia has such a warm and loving personality. Right from the beginning of my session I had no problem to open my heart to her and tears came down my cheeks during the first part of her cleaning my heart, throat and third eye chakras. Since I came back from Germany (had to put my 94 year old father into an Assitant Living Place and on top of it my older brother died) I was in a real Funk so to speak. After Camélia removed all that dark energy; I found my happiness and light spirit again!
You are truly amazing every time I talk to you . I know sometimes the truth hurts but I truly believe in you & every word you say . You are a blessing every time I call.
My session with Camelia was very productive and insightful. We explored a number of topics - Camelia was very easy to talk to and I appreciated her sensitivity on all levels. Her talent in this area is obvious and I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in receiving spiritual counseling!
Pure & simple, Camelia is the genuine article. A blind man could see it. This woman has real talent and isn't hesitant to give you a straight answer. She doesn't pander to drama nor emotional nonsense. She is trustworthy & honest. These qualities are extremely rare within the world of intuitives. When you take the time to place your heart, trust & cash in her hands you're going to receive far more than you ever expected. Straight up, she will genuinely help you. You'll be glad you met her.
Camelia is very insightful and able to pinpoint issues and situations with great precision. She was able to seek blockage, offer insight into the best choices to make, and explain potentials for the future that will likely emerge. Camelia is empathetic and compassion with wisdom beyond her years: an an old soul with much light to bring into this world.
I was looking for someone I could trust, that really was able to "see" more than I could see. She offered "1" question for $15.00. I thought this would give me an inexpensive introduction to her ability. I was not disappointed. I'm sorry that she no longer offers this possibility, because it helped me to know that I can believe what she says. I feel that she really did pick up from each person involved, what was going on and why. She brought clarity to confusion.


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