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Robyn M Fritz

Robyn M Fritz
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$40/15 minutes. $80 half hour. $145/hour plus transaction fee/$250 per past life reading (up to 2-1/2 hours)

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Robyn M Fritz MA MBA CHt is a business professional turned intuitive and spiritual consultant and certified past life regression specialist based in Seattle, Washington. Robyn offers personal intuition, business intuition, mediumship, animal communication, space clearing, past life regression, between life regression, soul progression clearing, spiritual awakening, and energy healing. She combines over 25 years of creative business experience with practical, intuitive insight to help people get an edge at home and at work.

We are all naturally intuitives and healers: my work helps people tap and use their abilities to live their best lives.

I write about intuition and culture at my blog, Bridging the Paradigms. I offer my books and services at my website,

I am available in person in the Seattle, Washington area or by phone or Skype. All sessions are prepaid. For coaching packages involving intuitive mentorship or soul transformation please contact me for a complimentary 15-minute consultation to explore how a package would work for you.


Mediumship: I help people connect with deceased people and animals, including the newly deceased. I work with my father, Ray, in the afterlife, who can see energy lines between the living and the dead. I offer loving, direct connections that help heal grief on both sides, resolve lingering doubts and issues, and get closure. Sessions are comforting, healing, compassionate, warm, and hopeful, proving that consciousness survives death and that it’s okay to move on.

Animal communication: I support the human-animal bond by connecting people with their animals. Issues include: family harmony, behavior and health (health issues must always be taken to a veterinarian); lost animals; dying and death, including supporting the entire family through the dying process; and connecting with deceased animals. What’s up with your animals? Let’s find out.

Personal intuition: I can help you look at personal issues, including work, relationships, and family. It’s about claiming your power to be your best self. We can bring in your spiritual team to support you. We can do 15, 30, or 60 minute sessions, or buy an hour and use it up in 15-minute segments.

Business intuition: I can help businesses, from solopreneurs to corporations, explore employee and client relationships, chart progress, review products, examine alternative paths forward, and help create strong teams that use their intuition to grow the business and their skills.

Space clearing: I energetically clear homes and businesses by meshing the needs and wants of people and their spaces. This includes disturbed spaces, real estate buy/sell, remodels/new builds, choosing properties/land, clearing after trauma, celebrating milestones.


I am a spiritual consultant and certified past life regression specialist. I am trained in shamanic modalities that support spiritual growth and am a licensed hypnotherapist. I am also a Level III Reiki practitioner and use alchemical energy and crystals in my practice.

Past life regression and between life regression: I offer intuitive insight and soul regression hypnotherapy to help clients resolve traumas, fears, and phobias, and also to tap skills from previous lives and bring them into the present. This is fascinating work that can rapidly help clients heal and move forward to create their best lives. You can discover your soul purpose, clear soul blockages, and achieve spiritual awakening that helps you soar.

Spiritual awakening, spiritual journeys: Sometimes we need an objective outsider who is trained to support our spiritual enlightenment. I can help you dig deep to help you discover who you are, why you’re here, where you’re going, and why. It’s all to help you claim your power to be your best self. Because the world needs you.

Why I do this work: I know how hard it is to make our way in the world. I have suffered great personal loss from illness and disability, including the loss of family, both human and animal. In searching for healing and purpose I learned how to use my intuitive and healing skills to recover and create healthy, balanced personal and work lives. It's all about choosing to love ourselves, and then taking that out into the world. That means honoring soul choices: yes, we all came here to grow our souls, so let’s get to it!

Additional Information: 

Webinars, Workshops, Talks, Mentorship: Check my website, social media sites, and this directory to find my latest offerings. For personal mentoring, contact me.

Webinars (upcoming and recorded) at the Learn It Live platform:

Events, workshops, talks, recorded webinars: find at my website.

Radio show at OMTimes Media: Airs Mondays, 2 PST / 5 EST and is archived. The Practical Intuitive: Mind Body Spirit for the Real World. Find it at:

Facebook Live. Airs Mondays, 11 am PST: Coffee & Cosmos with Robyn, at the OMTimes Institute page. A weekly topic, live readings, guided meditation with a rare crystal, a crystal of the week.

Facebook Live: Airs Mondays, 12 noon PST: Intuitive Moments, at my business page, The Practical Intuitive – Robyn M Fritz.

My books on the human-animal bond:

Bridging Species: Thoughts and Tales About Our Lives with Dogs examines new ways of thinking about living with animals in wry, thought-provoking essays and comic stories. It won the prestigious Merial Human-Animal Bond Award from the Dog Writers Association of America.

My Dog Is Dying: The Real Life Crappy Choice Diary details my last journey with my beloved dog Murphy as she was dying of cancer in 2012.

Finding Oliver: How and Why Our Animals Reincarnate with Us is an e-book that explores my animal family’s lives and deaths, those of clients, and their occasional reincarnation.

Some Personal Things

I earned an MA and BA from Seattle University and an MBA from The Ross School of Business at The University of Michigan. I have trained extensively in intuitive and healing work. That includes intuitive development, mediumship, animal communication, space clearing, soul regression hypnotherapy, spiritual awakening, shamanic modalities, and energy healing. I keep learning from top professionals who are open-minded, progressive, successful, and dedicated to making the world a better place by making ourselves the best people we can be, living in harmony as equals with all life.

I live in Seattle on salty Puget Sound with my reincarnated animal family: Oliver, a Cavalier King Charles spaniel, and Kerys, a Russian Blue cat.

Listed since: Oct 20, 2017


I have had a number of intuitive readings with Robyn. I find her skills and predictions to be on target, and helpful in gaining clarity in both personal and professional areas of my life. She has a lovely sense of humor, is empathetic, and is quite knowledgeable in a wide variety of spiritual and psychic modalities. I always eagerly look forward to my sessions with Robyn!
Robyn’s insights have been exceedingly helpful for my life, as well as for my family. I have been a client for four years, and have worked with Robyn on animal communication, energy disturbances, and setting boundaries. Robyn’s intuition work helped me so much that my mother also became a client. Now we are working as a team to understand the complexities of the energy surrounding us, as we also begin to dig deeper into our ancestral roots and past lives.
Not know what to expect from a past life regression, I was pleased that it turned out to be effortless. After a relaxing exercise it turned into a question and answer session. If you get stuck on something, Robyn moves you on to another time that could give you more insight. At the end there is a recap. I would not hesitate to do it again
I had a very powerful experience in my past life regression appointment with Robyn. I was having a personal issue that I was pretty sure was related to previous life experiences, but I had no idea just how complex it was. Robyn asked safe, appropriate questions that helped direct me on my journey to the answers. There was much revealed in my session and I’m still finding healing moments occurring even several months later. I am very grateful for this experience and healing in my life.
Robyn is my go to tor all things intuitive. She has helped me with my pets, my business, my living situation, my creativity and my own intuition. I have had the most insightful past life regression that helped clear blockages and change habits. I have had conversations with my beloved ones who have moved on and actually felt them when I have had sessions with Robyn. I leave our sessions uplifted, clear and energized.
I asked Robyn to help me better understand a relationship between myself & a colleague. Robyn shared an amazingly accurate assessment of our relationship dynamics, offered insights that helped me to better understand my colleague, made recommendations on how to improve my communications, & provided a prediction for a significant turning point 6 months down the road. Robyn’s insights helped enormously. And, sure enough, 6 months later there was a major event that shifted the relationship!
I have worked with Robyn several times over the past couple of years. Every time I felt satisfied that I had found just what I needed even though I started out not knowing exactly what that was!. After the death of a family member I felt that I could not shake the grief and feeling that something was not right. Robyn listened with humor and compassion and connected me with my family. I had been correct my loved one did need assistance. What a gift it was to receive both healing and closure.
Robyn’s guidance in past life regression is direct, highly intuitive and thorough. In working with her I was able to connect with a past life persona that has been keeping me from stepping into my power fully in this lifetime and re-integrate that part of myself. The session was transformational for me. I strongly recommend her work.

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