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Robyn M Fritz
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$125/30 minutes. $225/60 minutes. $325/soul progression clearing, past life/between life regression. $450/extended past life regression. $250 - $575 space clearings (contact for specifics)

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What do you need? I can help with space clearing, personal and business intuition, mediumship, animal communication, past life regression, soul progression clearing, and energy healing.

I am an intuitive and spiritual consultant and certified past life regression specialist with over 20 years of experience offering intuitive insight and energy healing.

I am based in Seattle, Washington USA and work by phone or Zoom.

How can I help? Check out my services below and at my website. Thank you!


Mediumship: Connecting you with your beloved dead, people and animals. I work with my father, Ray, in the afterlife. We help both the living and dead heal grief and get closure. $125/30 minutes; $225/60 minutes.

Personal Intuition: Work, relationships, goals, and insight to help you be your best. $125/30 minutes; $225/60 minutes.

Business Intuition: Employee and client relationships, product review, alternatives, team development. $125/30 minutes. $225/60 minutes.

Animal Communication: Deepening the human-animal bond: family harmony; behavior and health; dying and death; mediumship. $125/30 minutes. $225/60 minutes.

Space Clearing, Clearing Space with Space Cooperating: Clearing homes and businesses by meshing the needs and wants of people and their spaces (yes, I talk with your space). Includes disturbed spaces, real estate buy/sell, remodels/new builds, business properties, homes, choosing properties/land, clearing after trauma, celebrating milestones. All done remotely. Contact me: fee range $250-$500.


Past Life Regression and Between Life Regression: Intuitive insight and soul regression hypnotherapy help clients resolve issues and bring previous life skills into the present. $325/1-1/2 hours. $450/2 hours.

Soul Progression Clearing, Spiritual Awakening, Spiritual Journeys: Intuitive insight and energy healing clear blocks, resolve issues, gain spiritual insight. $325/1-1/2 hours.

Sessions: by phone or Zoom. Prepaid.

WHAT DO YOU WANT? Let’s discuss: 15-minute complimentary session.

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"The Afterlife Is a Party: What People and Animals Teach Us About Love, Reincarnation, and the Other Side." What really happens when we die … and sometimes come back. Find it at Amazon.

“Bridging Species: Thoughts and Tales About Our Lives with Dogs,” examines new ways of thinking about living with animals in wry, thought-provoking essays and comic stories. Find it at Amazon.

“My Dog Is Dying: The Real Life Crappy Choice Diary,” details my last journey with my beloved dog Murphy as she was dying of cancer in 2012 and offers tips on helping our animals walk the mystery. Find it at Amazon.


My website and blog offer articles, videos, radio show links to support your journey. Also: details on services, books, events, webinars, talks, testimonials.


Blog: Bridging the Paradigms:


I know how hard life is. I have suffered great personal loss from illness and disability, including the deaths of human and animal family. In searching for healing and purpose I tapped my intuitive and healing skills to recover and create a healthy, balanced life. It’s all about choosing to love ourselves as we live in harmony as equals with all life.
I live in Seattle on salty Puget Sound with my reincarnated animal family: Oliver Alki, a Cavalier King Charles spaniel, and Kerys, a Russian Blue cat.


“Robyn’s connection with the other side, whether it’s an intuitive session or animal communication or mediumship, whatever it is, is open and direct, making her work and teaching relevant and useful. Other psychics make it seem so complex and mysterious, which makes the message and teaching less relevant. For Robyn it’s all part of daily life, and that is powerful.” – Paul

“Robyn is the “real deal” as far as psychics go. The information that came through was accurate and clear! If you are ready to open up to an expanded sense of the Universe, see Robyn. No brainer!” – Deena

Listed since: Oct 20, 2017


What a blessing it is to have Robyn Fritz at the end of the phone. Not only was she of immense help to me in dealing with a relationship problem, she was also able to bring through messages from my beloved Dad who passed in 2005, and even my Grandfather who died 84 years ago. Robyn also connected me to my beloved Dog who passed three years ago, so I am truly grateful to her, she is amazing. Mary Healy.
I love working with Robyn. She's taught me so much and helped me with such an array of issues and concerns. I trust her opinion and very much appreciate her straightforward and honest feedback. Nothing phases her, and she's highly skilled and knowledgeable about so many things. I consider her a friend and mentor and am very lucky to have her in my corner!
I have had a number of intuitive reading with Robyn over the years with my pets ( past and present) as well as my deceased husband. Robyn has always been right on with her answers.
Robyn helped me communicate with my pet and for that I am so thankful! My dog is a purebred who is very sensitive to things. She helped me make some necessary dietary changes as well as change some things in his environment that were bothering him. His personality shone through in the session! I am so grateful that I could help my furry companion and Robyn helped me do that.
After working with Robyn I'm delighted at how much more comfortable in my own skin I am now compared to the previous 3 decades, and how natural and swift the transition has been away from the "less than" mindset that had been a constant companion for so long. I enjoy my day to day life so much more now. I don't feel so disconnected. Robyn made the process of extracting and burning up old limiting beliefs very accessible. I recommend working with her at your earliest opportunity.
I had a session last week with Robyn to connect with my recently departed Mom. I was able to get a few questions answered and get a better sense of closure. I also heard from my Dad and Grandma which was amazing. It was a very powerful experience, I recommend Robyn to anyone seeking to connect with a loved one on the other side.
Robyn is both intuitive and caring in her approach. She has been a great guide in working through old situations and, gaining clarity of the new chapters in life. Robyn has a gift of connecting and bringing joy to the situations of life, that can be challenging. I asked Robyn to clear out old or stuck energy from my home, and myself, as I've grown a lot, I'm ready to release a lot of the old ways. She was very helpful and fun when doing this, and I would recommend her highly.
Robyn is such a sweet friendly down-to-earth free spirit. She is so easy to talk to and work with. I had some protective energetic attachment stuck to my solar plexus and she said she removed it. She explained an issue I had that came from a past life. I feel like she cares. I may call on her to help my animals someday.
2015, Robin helped me communicate with my sweet puppy who had suddenly died after 10 years. I cannot express how comforting and wonderful it was to actually communicate with my pet on a spiritual level. 2018, my 2nd fur baby was ill and I was faced with the dreaded decision, I frantically called Robin and told her I needed to know what my fur baby wanted. She immediately communicated with him and gave me his final wish. I am grateful for her gift!
I have had a number of intuitive readings with Robyn. I find her skills and predictions to be on target, and helpful in gaining clarity in both personal and professional areas of my life. She has a lovely sense of humor, is empathetic, and is quite knowledgeable in a wide variety of spiritual and psychic modalities. I always eagerly look forward to my sessions with Robyn!
Robyn’s insights have been exceedingly helpful for my life, as well as for my family. I have been a client for four years, and have worked with Robyn on animal communication, energy disturbances, and setting boundaries. Robyn’s intuition work helped me so much that my mother also became a client. Now we are working as a team to understand the complexities of the energy surrounding us, as we also begin to dig deeper into our ancestral roots and past lives.
Not know what to expect from a past life regression, I was pleased that it turned out to be effortless. After a relaxing exercise it turned into a question and answer session. If you get stuck on something, Robyn moves you on to another time that could give you more insight. At the end there is a recap. I would not hesitate to do it again
I had a very powerful experience in my past life regression appointment with Robyn. I was having a personal issue that I was pretty sure was related to previous life experiences, but I had no idea just how complex it was. Robyn asked safe, appropriate questions that helped direct me on my journey to the answers. There was much revealed in my session and I’m still finding healing moments occurring even several months later. I am very grateful for this experience and healing in my life.
Robyn is my go to tor all things intuitive. She has helped me with my pets, my business, my living situation, my creativity and my own intuition. I have had the most insightful past life regression that helped clear blockages and change habits. I have had conversations with my beloved ones who have moved on and actually felt them when I have had sessions with Robyn. I leave our sessions uplifted, clear and energized.
I asked Robyn to help me better understand a relationship between myself & a colleague. Robyn shared an amazingly accurate assessment of our relationship dynamics, offered insights that helped me to better understand my colleague, made recommendations on how to improve my communications, & provided a prediction for a significant turning point 6 months down the road. Robyn’s insights helped enormously. And, sure enough, 6 months later there was a major event that shifted the relationship!
I have worked with Robyn several times over the past couple of years. Every time I felt satisfied that I had found just what I needed even though I started out not knowing exactly what that was!. After the death of a family member I felt that I could not shake the grief and feeling that something was not right. Robyn listened with humor and compassion and connected me with my family. I had been correct my loved one did need assistance. What a gift it was to receive both healing and closure.
Robyn’s guidance in past life regression is direct, highly intuitive and thorough. In working with her I was able to connect with a past life persona that has been keeping me from stepping into my power fully in this lifetime and re-integrate that part of myself. The session was transformational for me. I strongly recommend her work.

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