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Reese SanAgustin
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Seattle, WA


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(206) 432-9229


There are old school psychics and new age intuitives; those that will uncover your past and seers of the future.

All have a place in offering supportive services.


I’m the one you will find where the rubber hits the road. If you need clarity and a swift shift in your life, I’m your gal.My clients tend to be those who are in the midst of transition or are in need of a break-through (such as a release of old energy, identifying the root of a belief, or self-love) for the betterment of their health and well-being.

I am a life-long intuitive who receives information in a variety of ways (clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognizance, empathy) and I have studied and incorporated into my work a number of modalities. Primarily, I channel direct spirit communication, assess and shift energetic influences, and support others on development journeys. My service offerings include email and live (phone, Skype, in-person) readings, intuitive consulting, and space clearing/alignment.

I strongly believe that intuitive guidance is significantly enhanced by actionable follow-up, so many of my services blend the psychic with the development coach. As a former executive and manager whose forte was Leadership Development, I bring clients an array of development tools to complement intuited guidance and better support well-being and growth.

Listed since: Jun 19, 2013


I have never been to a psychic before. When I went to see Reese, I took my son's along for lack of a babysitter. She recognized my two year old as an Empath. This has changed our lives. After huge struggles with tantrums and things I didn't understand, my Son makes sense to me. Reese gave us that gift. I am so incredibly thankful to her. She gave me the confidence I needed to KNOW he chose me and I can provide him with the richest life possible.
I had never worked with a psychic prior to meeting Reese and I can only tell you that it changed my life. I was in an incredibly, life-altering crisis when I reached out to her… via email no less, and all she did was provide me with irrefutable proof of a universe of light and love that was beyond my imagining. She introduced me to my “guardian Spirits” in details that nobody else in the world could possibly know. I am honored to consider Reese a friend and I recommend her to everyone I know.
Reese has done in-person and email readings for me and both were spot-on! I appreciate her directness and ability to provide the right information at the right time for personal change. I also truly appreciate and value the tools she provides to continue helping personal spiritual growth -- the references on her website and her insightful blog posts are great! I also love her availability in a variety of formats (email, Skype, in-person) and being able to customize a reading based on your needs.
I have been having readings for 25 years and Reese is hands down the best psychic I have ever worked with. In times where being money conscious is extremely important Reese is the best asset a person can have. She doesn’t mince words and does not withhold the truths that help enable a person’s highest good so if dealing with the truth is hard for you, ask her for coping mechanisms. She is kind and provides direction without causing stress or worry. I highly recommend her.

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