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Melissa Henyan
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$75 for one hour video chat or phone session

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visit my website or call 509.941.8169 with questions


Melissa is a Psychic Medium and Animal Intuitive. Clients have shared that her readings provide guidance, peace and assist them in a time where they may have not felt that life would be okay. Clients walk away from a reading with newly found insights and a sense of clarity.

Before a reading, Melissa connects with her team of guides and angels, meditating to clear her own thoughts, giving her a beautiful clear slate to receive your messages and guidance.

Messages are always delivered with kindness and compassion.

Melissa's personal motto is, "Do No Harm": When we discover our psychic abilities, that comes with great power, and with great power comes great responsibilities. I take that knowledge with me into each and every reading and communication session.

Melissa understands grief on a level that no mother should, having lost her son's physical presence to suicide. She brings compassion with her into her daily life and allows that compassion to filter into all she connects with.

Melissa has had the privilege of being invited to appear on local radio stations, 99.7 and 107.3 in Yakima Washington to connect with callers and offer insight into their lives. She also holds numerous public events called Dinner and a Medium, where she communicates with many loved ones in the after life, sharing intimate details of their lives with many attendees. Melissa feels incredibly blessed to work with local law enforcement on cold cases and missing persons cases. Her intention is to continue to assist law enforcement utilizing psychometry, clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, and clairsentience.

In 2019 Melissa was invited to appear on an episode of a new Travel Channel series which would later be named Trending Fear. This episode aired in December of 2019, showcasing her ability to pick up information using psychometry. Melissa saw this as an amazing opportunity to assist a team of researchers with information that would assist them in helping a young woman having extraordinary experiences.

Currently Melissa has LIVE AT FIVE on her facebook page. Join her for a fun hour of readings and conversation.

Each and every session she goes into, is about you and your loved ones.

Additional Information: 

My facebook business page can be found here:

I have a private facebook group located here: that I share what I experience and learn from Spirit as well as meditations that I have found helpful in my own life. I do my best to help those who may otherwise not be able to afford readings in their time of need.

For a video of what you might expect from a reading, click here or copy the link into your browser:

Listed since: Jun 16, 2016


I had a mediumship reading with Melissa she was able to connect with my son, it was so comforting to me, how do I know it was real? My son said he was with his sister, I lost a baby 35 years ago, there is no way she could have known about my loss, she is the real deal! I received such comfort from her words, I highly recommend Melissa for her mediumship, I have not used her other services yet, but I definitely will. Thank you Melissa for your professionalism and your kind caring soul.
I was so impressed with Melissa, I have had previous readings with other psychic/mediums and Melissa's readings have been by far the most accurate! I lost my Mother unexpectedly and was struggling with her sudden death and that was when I had my first reading with Melissa. I can not tell you how powerful and impactful that reading was! I got to connect with my Mom and had some beautiful moments. I have now had multiple sessions and love the insight and direction I receive from Melissa.
I had a 30 min medium reading and was so impressed I bought one for my brother. Melissa knew things I had never told anyone. I have done card of the day as well and will do more. Highly recommended Melissa.
I had the pleasure of attending one of her readings and it was fantastic! She is a very warm and enduring soul that really connects with our loved ones. I did not have anyone come thru for me personally, but another's reading resonated with me and gave me peace. I highly recommend Melissa and her services. Papi, Mama, or pet petunia, she talks to them all.
I have been working with Melissa for quite some time now. Melissa is amazing! She has never been wrong in the many sessions I have had with her. She knows things she has no way of knowing about my family. She is funny and caring! Melissa has opened me up to so much in the spiritual world! I have a light bulb moment every single time we speak!
I am writing a review for Melissa Henyan ,I had a great reading from Melissa Over. Year ago .The reading hit on so many things that I never thought she would . There was something I could not figure out but after playing the recording back later I knew what was being said . It was a great reading . I also had my weekly card read which I loved and also had a few questions answered on her live show . If you want a great reading contact Melissa you won’t be disappointed.
She is so very genuine qnd caring. She always has daily quotes that she posts, always something positive and uplifting. I love the way she makes eye contact on facebook. She is spot on always a good take away from any of her posts live shows ect. She is so easy to relate too , she is my go too girl!!! You can tell she takes every message that she recieves very seriously , takes the time to convey it to the person she is reading.SHe is compassionate and caring... THE REAL DEAL
I've had so many readings with Melissa I've lost count! Big issues, small issues, pet issues and just for fun - she's amazing and accurate! Sometimes the things she talks about don't resonate or even make sense, then later down the road, it all connects (take your own notes so you can read them later). It helps me to know what to expect or what direction something is going in and to know my friends and family who have passed are right there with me.
I heard of this incredible woman from my daughter, who had been at reading with some friends. The amazing stories convinced me that I had to meet this woman! I went to a gathering, where she was a speaker. Among 40-ish people, she had messages for me from my father, and from a dear friend. Both were spot on, and gave me such peace. I've met with her, one on one, and she was able to bring messages from loved ones. She has helped me meet my 'team', and I can't wait to introduce her to our animals!
I have consulted Melissa on more than one occasion. My first visit will always be my most memorable & enlightening. She answered some questions I had and helped bring peace to my heart. I would recommend her to anyone, they have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
I recently attended "Guides and Angels" class with Melissa and OMGosh it was amazing. Through meditative instructions allowed us to connect with our personal guides. When the spiritual door opened, my dad (recently passed) was waiting for me with his hand extended to lead me. His hand was no longer bruised and arthritic, but healthy and strong and to his left were his mom and brother. I felt safe and love. Thank you Melissa for opening my spiritual door.
LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS LADY! She does awesome work and is very down to earth. Can't wait to have another reading with her. She is one of the best for sure!
Melissa is absolutely amazing I have had two readings with her so far and I’m never disappointed she is always right on point . I can’t wait for more readings in the future. I highly recommend Melissa you won’t be disappointed.
Melissa is an incredible Medium and Psychic Reader! Most importantly, over and over I have seen her deliver EVIDENTIAL messages. Not things that could be looked up ahead of time or surface level statements. Truly she is the REAL deal. Melissa is gentle but firm, empathetic, and is great in her delivery across all subject matters. I recently took a class with her that helped me open up to my own spirit guides. Melissa is knowledgeable across all denominations. Highly recommend! Five stars!
I have had 2 private sessions with Melissa via video chat. The information she was able to give me about my late husband and our living sons was amazing! She knew more about me than even my closest friends. The follow up with a copy of her notes helped alot as its alot of information to retain. I will be scheduling a 3rd session soon and look forward to learning more about my spirit guides and how to call on them
I have had readings with Melissa both times she was absolutely on spot!! And will totally go to bed again
I have had the pleasure of meeting with Melissa on multiple occasions in multiple ways. She is so soft, so loving, so inspirational. She has brought comfort through her readings that I could not find within myself. She has answered questions I desperately needed answerers to. She brings such a light, airy, conforming aura to her reading. Mixes in just the right amount of humor. But always so gracious and aware.
I have had 3 in person readings with Melissa. Each one was amazing. She’s the most real person you’ll meet! Makes you feel comfortable from the word Hello! Each reading was so personal and so rewarding ❤️ You will NOT regret your experience with Melissa! I Plan on scheduling many more readings In the future ❤️
My experience with Melissa has been AMAZING. She has enlightened me with all sorts of things. A true awakening for my soul. She’s the real deal. ❤️❤️❤️
Having had a few readings with Melissa, I can honestly say she has been one of the best I’ve sat with. I reside in a different country so we always have video readings but this does not affect her abilities. She is kind, compassionate, and humble; she always takes the time to explain herself and if there isn’t a connection to what she’s saying at the time, she always allows the opportunity to reach out later with confirmations. An amazing human being!!
Melissa is amazing. She was right on about my father. She was very caring and though I was hesitant and a little nervous having my first reading, she helped me relax and embrace the process. I definitely will be seeking more readings from her.
I’ve had several different readings with Melissa just trying out the different readings she offers, the accuracy is amazing and the one thing I love most about her is her positivity!!! Very happy ❤️❤️
I've done a two-hour group visit, which was terrific with detail for my family. I've done an hour-long reading with melissa. I've called for a fifteen-minute reading. She offers all kinds of different times for your pleasure. I've received great messages from my brothers to ideas of my future. She helped me out many times and opened my eyes to the light of spirit. I highly recommend Melissa ✨
I have had 2 personal reading with Melissa and one group meeting and recently took a class on spirt guides and angles and it was all amazing. Melissa is a very special soul. She is warm and inviting. The trust I feel with her was one that seemed to have been there forever. She is very helpful in navigating my life. This lady is the real deal. I look forward to more classes.
Melissa is awesome! Both for personal help and help with animals! I got a new hinny that was pretty well untouched, and I had her speak with him...not only did she find out how he would like to be worked with (which amazingly was how I was working with him anyway), but she was able to let me know he had some issue with his mouth. Once I was able to get my hands on him and mess with him more, I discovered he had a horrible monkey mouth!
I have talked to Melissa many times for my pets and for people. It has been a great and comforting experience. Melissa has said things no one would know so I have no doubt in her sincerity. ohh and the times I just KNEW she was wrong and well... it turned out she was completely correct! I will continue to talk with her and look forward to the next time so worth it
Melissa is the real thing. I booked a half hour reading with her last year and will definitely be booking another one! She was spot on and even had a message for my mom from my stepdad who passed away. She’s funny, honest and a lot of fun! I highly recommend you book with her.
I had been struggling with somethings and wanted to reach out to her and see what she had to say. So in 2017 we did a video session. I was not let down. She was naming some of the recent people I had lost from a long term care facility. These people were non verbal and to hear how they appreciated me just singing to them and spending time with me warmed my heart. But, she kept telling me I had a brother in spirit coming through for me. Well both of my brothers
When I first seen Melissa Heynan on one of her lives I instantly thought, "I love her personality!" She brings that to her readings and makes you feel like you're talking to a friend when you book a reading and are a bucket full of nerves when she video chats you for said reading. She is real. What she does to communicate with your loved ones is real and if you're at all doubting the process, that's ok, she'll prove herself everytime to you. Give her a chance and connect!
I first saw Melissa doing her thing at a Dinner with a Medium event a few years ago. I watched as she amazed those around me with her abilities to connect with spirit. I watched families cry over their lost loved ones but the amazing part was seeing them comforted in the knowing their loved ones were okay ..more than okay. I since have had tons of one on one readings with Melissa. I have received many messages and guidance. I thank her for helping me on my spiritual journey.


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