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Karen Anderson

Karen Anderson
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As far back as she can remember Karen has always understood the animals.

Now, an award-winning Animal Communicator and Psychic Medium, Karen Anderson, has been professionally communicating with pets and departed human spirits for over 20 years.

Her amazingly accurate psychic abilities earned the prestigious 1st Place Award for the 2013 Reader's Choice Awards for 'Best Animal Communicator', and the 2nd Place Award the prior year.

Before she became an Animal Communicator, Karen served as a deputy sheriff in Colorado. During this time she realized that animals could provide accurate and detailed information on crime scenes. Now Karen combines her law enforcement background with her psychic abilities to help solve cold cases bringing closure to victims and their families.

Karen has appeared on many shows including Coast to Coast AM with host George Noory, Darkness Radio, with host Dave Schrader, and Beyond Reality Radio with host Jason Hawes, Founder of TAPS and Lead Investigator of Ghost Hunters.

Karen is a keynote speaker at numerous paranormal and psychic events including The Port Gamble Ghost Conference and The Oregon Ghost Conference.

She offers Animal Communication courses through Animal Communication Planet, conducts personal coaching sessions and private consultations.

Her books include the newly released, "The Amazing Afterlife of Animals" and the popular, "Hear All Creatures!". Karen has also collaborated with Dr. Patricia Carrington, PhD. for her book, "The Secret Inner Life of Pets" and is a co-author for "Amazing Paranormal Encounters, Vol. 2".

Karen is also featured in an upcoming documentary, "All Around Us", and is joined by Seth Michael, Sharon Lewis, Teresa Kleve and other psychics for a behind-the-scenes look into their lives.

Karen makes her home in the Inland Pacific Northwest where she lives on her farm with the animals she loves.

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Sessions with Karen are interactive and will bring you a higher level of understanding with your human loved ones or your animal companions.

For animals, discover insights to behavior problems, health issues, death and dying, euthanasia concerns, or just check in and see how they are doing.

Open the channel of understanding, develop a closer bond to your animals. Know them on a higher, more spiritual level.

If there are any messages that await you, the spirits see this as their opportunity to have Karen deliver their messages.

For deceased human loved ones, hear from the Other Side in great detail and learn more about those who love you and care about you the most.

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Listed since: Nov 19, 2007


Words cannot express how grateful my husband & I are for the session we recently had with Karen. We contacted our sweet kitties, Koni & Fubar, after their devastating loss within a year of each other. Karen was spot on with them and mentioned so many details she could not possibly have known any other way. Her compassion and gentle communication gave us so much peace and comfort, it was the best medicine for our broken hearts. We have no doubts that Karen is the real deal.We absolutely love her!
I requested readings of my 3 living pets and 1 at the bridge from Karen. With each, their personalities showed through and I was able to learn how to engage the current pets more fully. The one that was surprising was the pet at the bridge. While I can feel her presence, I was not aware how much she is still engages with us until she made it known about a fall that was not known to many orher than the household. Karen showed me how my pets stay with me, and help and are waiting for me. Thank you
I want to add that Karen is very dedicated, professional and amazing in communicating with animals.I have been a client of Karen Anderson for over 8 years and when I have a session scheduled,I'm so looking forward to it that it motivates me for I am still in pain over the loss of my two boyz, Doobie & Captain. Karen is #1 in my book!
My first session with Karen was in 08 a month after my beloved Captain passed, feeling guilty that I could have done more for him, the session revealed that there was nothing the vet or the best surgeon could have done. Through four more sessions, he gave clues on how to find him and upon his return, in which he did in Aug. of 08. Karen is truly a Godsend and considered my good friend
What an awesome experience with Karen. She is so nice and compassionate. She helped us immensely after the recent death of our young pup, Mick, one week before my session. Mick had some genetic issues initially, starting early as a 3-month-old pup guarding objects, which later progressed to some bad biting episodes. In the end, Mick was ill and not right. We needed to know that he was okay. He said he wanted to come back to us in a new body...I said yes... Karen is AMAZING!
Karen is so amazing. My dog Randy was very sick and I did not know what to do. I had a reading with Karen and what she shared with me was so accurate. Randy told her about the special bedding I made just for him and he told her about my daughter and her friend singing to him along with so much more. He told her how much he loved us and that he did not want to go but he knew it was time and ask for our help. He told her he would come back to me and I would know him by his charm. He is back!
I had my first session with Karen after my beloved cat died. It was amazing the things that came through. Since then I have had 3 other sessions (I really love keeping in touch with my Sadie.) I felt so much better! Karen is incredible and I highly recommend her. Thank you, Karen!
My dog recently grew very despondent and ill after her sister suddenly died. Karen confirmed the seriousness of the situation and did a clearing. She said it would be even more powerful if I did this everyday. I suspended doubts, trusted what I did not understand, and followed Karen’s advice. Through my love and participation, combined with Karen’s gifts, Kelsea’s health and spirits transformed in days! Thank you Karen for showing us that through love, trust and devotion, miracles do happen.
Karen was able to help me with details of my brother's death by communicating with his beloved Catman. It was amazing the information i received in my session. My vet recommended that I contact Karen, which turned out to be an amazing experience. I highly recommend a session with Karen. Sherold Barr
Karen is an amazingly gifted person. The connection she made with my deceased dog was so meaningful and accurate and it gave me instant comfort. Her sincere love for animals is totally evident in her tone and demeanor and I feel that this is why my Luke didn't hesitate to connect with her beautiful spirit. If you have animals give yourself this gift of a lifetime. Thank you Karen!
I asked how I could work better with my dog. He responded through Karen that he needed clearer instructions. I now picture in a positive way what I want, even when we’re only going for a hike. I sense he likes being included and knowing where we’re headed. It hasn’t resolved all our issues and I still have much to learn about understanding and working with him - but we’ve made progress. Last week we passed our pet therapy skills and aptitude test with a better score than I dreamed was possible!
Karen is amazing. One time being when I called Karen in a panic after I woke up and found Kobi laboring her breathing. Karen was doing a clearing on Kobi saying that her lungs had a 'blockage'. I watched Kobi as Karen did the clearing. Karen then said that she was going to give Kobi a 'big breath' and when I heard Karen exhale very forcefully and loud, I saw with my own eyes that my dog took a huge breath in and immediately started breathing much easier.
Karen has been a treasured friend for years, and what I have seen in her work with animals has been such a gift. Karen has developed a wonderful and beautiful gift in working with the animals. I have had several readings done on my numerous animals and they all have been excactly right on and a tremendous help in saying goodbye and learning more about my animal friends. She truly has a wonderful gift and I highly recommend her work. Thanks Karen for being there for our animals
Karen is truly amazing. She connected with my dog, who had cancer. Karen told me Kramer was in pain, his time was short and his life force had already started to leave him. Two months later, my baby was gone. Karen's details were very accurate. There was no way she could have known this without hearing it from Kramer. She has a very special gift and we are forever grateful.
After I read Karen's book, I knew I had to see if she could connect with my cat who had passed away. I was amazed at the details that came through, some only me and my kitty would know! Karen is a loving, compassionate, spiritual human being with a great love and true connection with all animals. I received a gift from my reading that I will never forget. Our animals love us as much as we love them. Karen has a very special gift, and I thank her so very much!
Karen is the best of the best...her love of all animals and passion for communicating with them is amazing. During a session, you can feel the strong energies of your animals and loved ones that she is able to channel. Karen taught me how to communicate myself. I've been successful with one of my dogs and one of my horses. I feel so lucky to have Karen in my animals lives. They love chatting with her!!! Thank you Karen. I look forward to our next session.

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