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I offer evidential mediumship, spirit portraits, healing art and workshops designed to reinforce the presence and affect of those in the afterlife and their influences on the one's they leave behind.

I believe it is our duty to bridge communication with those in the spirit world to deliver messages of inspiration, love, healing and provide evidence of their awareness and presence within our daily lifes through the sharing detailed information. The evidence is the support for the messages we as mediums share, however the healing of the words and conveyance of the messages and the uplifting impact it can have on our life has the ability to change us forever.

It is not uncommon for me to draw on the prescriptive power of color during reading or share unique memories, names or icons that represent or would have surrounded the ones in spirit. It is my pleasure to serve spirit and bring messages of healing.

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Mediumship Training and Experience:
2013 Mediumship 101 Course - Jeffrey Marks
2014 Sep. - Celebration of Spirit – Intensive Mediumship Workshop AFC Tutor / Psychic Medium Tony Stockwell Bowen Island, BC Canada
2014 Oct. - Spirit Art & Mediumship – Alan Stuttle, Janette Marshall – Arthur Findlay College, Stansted England
2015 May – Trance & Mediumship Workshop – Alice Biddulph, Alyson Gannon - Seabeck, WA
2015 Oct. - Exploring Energy, Energy Management & Mediumship – Janette Marshall, Helen DaVita, Leah Bond and Jenny Gomes – Arthur Findlay College, Stansted England
2015 Oct. – Trance and Physical Healing Week – Steven Upton, Martin Colclough, Thelma Francis, Bill Thomspon, Stella Upton, Simone Key, Pauline
2016 June - Healing Two Worlds – Mediumship Workshop – Medium Mavis Pittilla – Seabeck, WA
2016 Sept. - Mediumship & Platform Demonstrations Workshop – Medium Tony Stockwell – Loon Lake Resort BC, Canada
2016 Oct. – Art and the Altered States – Lynn Cottrell, Maureen Murnan, Lynn Parker – Arthur Findlay College, Stansted England
2016 Oct. - Trance Healing II – Arthur Findlay College - Bill Thompson, Sandie Baker, Simone Key, Pauline
2017 April – Mediumship Intensive – AFC Tutor Andy Byng – Seattle, WA
2017 Oct. - Intensive Mediumship Platform Workshop - AFC Tutor / Spiritual Medium Mavis Pittilla Seattle, WA
2018 March – Platform Development Group Organizer

Listed since: Apr 12, 2018


Chris did an amazing job and I immediately felt his warm creative energy once I joined the call. His candidness and talent is unmatched and I truly enjoyed my time with him. He was able to connect me with my lost loved one and for that I am grateful.
I have had two sessions with Chris. In each session, Chris shared specific information about passed loved ones which made it clear that he was communicating with them. It was a comforting relief to feel validation that my loved ones are still around in some form. Chris has an amazing gift and I look forward to meeting with him again.
My son and I visited Chris on 5/28 for a 90 min session. The reading gave us some closure on my husbands passing. My son was taking a new position in the area, moving from Ohio and part of a union membership. Chris described a union position and a symbol like a compass only to find true after we left. Other information he provided regarding other relatives are being verified and coming up true. We were amazed my late husband came through. First time for my son and second for me after 30+ yrs..
Chris Fitting gave me one of the most authentic, inspiring, and amazing experiences I have ever had through his psychic soul reading. Chris's spiritual knowledge and compassion are indisputable. He shared detailed insights about myself that will serve as continual guidance and enlightenment for years to come. Chris also validated areas of my life that I did not even realize I was needing reassurance or answers in. I would highly recommend Chris to anyone seeking direction and healing in life.
I very much enjoyed my time with Chris, whose skills were very apparent in what he communicated to me, and then his intuitive portrait of my beloved family member was especially wonderful.
Chris Fitting is excellent and gave me guidance and re-assurance. His portrait was also spot on. I highly recommend Chris.
I recently had the pleasure of having a reading with Chris. He has the best energy, a wonderful kindness and authenticity that shines through. He was able to provide me with a connection to my loved one and shared very signature memories that could’ve only come from my beloved. I highly recommend Chris to anyone who is seeking a connection and healing through mediumship.
All I can say is UNBELIEVABLE! Chris was everything and more that I could have hoped for. Warm, genuine, makes you feel so comfortable right away. But the best part? He’s the Real Deal. The very person I was needing to hear from came through, and the evidence was overwhelming! I have been waiting to do this for literally 40 years, and I couldn’t have picked a better conduit. Simply put, Chris was amazing, he was genuine, and I’m very blessed to have met him.
Chris is a brilliant medium, healer and teacher. He is authentic and heart centered. I have had readings, healings and Spirit art from Chris and I can honestly say he is very gifted in all aspects of his work. His evidence and accuracy in readings is amazing; his wisdom outstanding. Chris is highly recommended.
I've had the privledge of knowing Chris for the last few years. His readings are delivered straight from the heart. He brings through evidence of such detail it takes your breath away. I have appreciated his compassion and insite of his readings and teachings. Our time together has helped to heal and move me forward in my own journey through this life. I would not hesitate to say Chris is a rare gem and would recommend him to anyone!
All I can say is that Chris is amazing! He gave me so many wonderful validations that my husband, James “Jim”, is spiritually still with me and our kids. The details he shared from “Jim” were things only I could possibly know. The likeness of his drawing blew me away. Just know that only our physical body dies, but our spirit on. Thank you Chris for this very special gift. It soothes my heart and soul. I am going to frame your drawing. I am so honored to have crossed your path!
I heard Chris being interviewed on a podcast and was intrigued by his story. I do communicate with my guides and deceased family members so I know they are here with me. Yet something in me wanted validation of my ongoing connection when a family member recently passed. At times, I was literally in tears with numerous bits of clear personal evidence Chris provided. For sure he was connecting with my loved ones. I received the validation I desired and it was a profound and awesome experience!

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