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Cate Coffelt is an Award Winning & Rigorously Blind Tested Evidential Animal Communicator and Spirit Medium.

Cate uses her intuition to be the bridge between souls. She is known for bringing through uncanny validations and specific details during her sessions that can help heal the heart!

Cate believes by connecting with your living pets or loved ones who are in Spirit, you can to start to heal your heart and experience the magic of living an intuitive life.

Cate is an Empath and is also Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Claircognizant, Clairsentient. One of her strongest skills is Remote Viewing.

These skills help her to connect with your loved ones in Spirit and also help guide you with your concerns and questions regarding your living pets or yourself.

Bridging Souls and Helping Healing Hearts - Human or Animal!

(Animal Communication and Spirit Medium Services)

Animal Communication Readings:
If your pet is experiencing behavioral issues or if you just need some guidance for your still living furry family member, Cate can help.

It is her passion to connect with your pet by bringing through validations and sharing information from your pet's perspective. The information that comes through will vary depending on what your pet's needs are at the time.

Medium Readings:
Cate is most passionate about the work she does as a Spirit Medium because of the healing and comfort she sees that can happen when her clients feel that special connection with their loved ones who have crossed over.

While she never guarantees she can connect with a specific loved one in Spirit whether human or animal, it is her passion is to deliver meaningful validations and messages of love, hope, healing along with some clarity and truth. Connecting Spirit can be a helpful way to assist you through your grief journey.

Please know that with any medium reading, any of your loved ones can come through, even those you would not expect!

Life Guidance Readings (Psychic):

Are you looking for guidance in key areas of your life?

This is NOT about predictions! Cate will connect with your energy so you can receive the steps that you need to help you create the life you wish for.

Cate will start by validating your past or present, so you can feel confident that she has connected with your energy and that the guidance you receive is specific for you.

Whatever reading you choose, Cate recommends you having a paper and pen ready to write notes because she does receive a lot of information that may not make sense during your reading, but eventually comes true. :-)

Additional Information: 

To learn more about the services I offer, please visit my website at or contact me at

Cate is a Member of Shay Parker’s Best American Psychics and named their 2021 and 2018 Social Activist award winner. She is also a featured member with the Certified Psychic Society. She is a certified medium through Mark Ireland’s program and is a listed provider for the Helping Parents Heal organization.

Cate offers individual and group readings via Zoom or by phone for clients from all over the world. Cate is also available for private events and individual mentoring.

She has also been a featured guest on various podcasts and the radio including, "Spiritually Speaking with Laurie Albert", "Charmed Life with Tricia Carr", "77WABC's Above and Beyond with Laura Smith and Thomas John" and "The Channel, a Paranormal Talk Show with Brough Perkins".

Listed since: Oct 25, 2014

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Anyone who’s ever had a reading with Cate knows she’s legit. Once you get past any skepticism you’ll quickly realize that connection is real, then you are freed up to receive and let the messages make you smile/cry. If you’re thinking about it, do it. Trust your intuition. Someone is probably nudging you.
I was really impressed with my reading. Care was able to help connect some dots for me. She knew things that only my family would know. I recommend her .
My reading with Cate Coffelt was exactly what I needed to hear to get me kick-started on the changes to come. I took 5 pages of notes as information came through from my parents and my dog Ziggy. On the journey to personal healing it’s important to work with a medium such as Cate who brings through clear meaningful messages from spirit. Cate has a gift for working with spirit & is able to convey the personalities of those in spirit. My mom’s kind loving self & my dad’s loving protective heart!
Cate is Amazing! Without her knowing myself or my loved ones, She was spot on in giving me Crystal clear messages! She knew the clothes they wore to the color of their shoes! She told me intimate details only I would know! She knew brand names of favorite foods and words that my loved ones and I spoke to each other! It was like she had a video camera into my life! I could finally breathe knowing they were safe, happy and protected on the other side! Cate is truly a blessing to us all!
Cate connected with my mother who died 46 years ago, a sister who died five months before and a dog who died two years before. The information I received was certainly evidence - there is no way she could have known the information. No way! Nobody knew it but God and me. I would recommend recording your session. There was so much information in an hour that I couldn't grasp it all. Cate is incredibly kind and respectful. I was very relaxed and it was a pleasant experience.
Cate is nothing short of amazing. I have had multiple readings with her for the past 6 years. Every single time she always delivers a clear message from spirit. She is spot on without me ever having to give her any information. She knows things that there is absolutely no way she would know unless she was communicating with my loved ones who have passed on. I am always impressed with her ability to connect to spirit whether we meet in person or speak on the phone. I am eternally grateful to her.
Just had the honor of connecting with Cate doe a reading. My father who I didn’t know passed away and I was nominated to be in charge of his estate. This has been super difficult trying to carry out someone’s wishes that I didn’t know. Cate was able to connect with my elusive father and let me know I’m doing things right. My Great Grandma came through. Which was the highlight of the reading. She was able to pick up on her house and the pink sweater of hers that I have. I highly recommend Cate
Cate is absolutely amazing. She is extremely kind and so caring. My 2 readings with her were incredibly healing. The validations she brought through from Spirit were so beautiful. She knew things about my childhood that were so on point. Her life guidance sessions are also amazing. I highly recommend Cate and look forward to connecting with her again in the future when I need guidance. Thank you Cate!
Cate's gift is undeniable - she truly has a gift. During my reading she was able to connect with many of my loved ones, validating feelings and sharing only things I would know. She was so spot on it felt like I was talking to a lifelong friend. I look forward to doing another reading in the near future. Thank you, Cate!
I had the great pleasure of having Cate on my live Seattle radio show the week of Halloween. Not only did she share her story, and tips for listeners to connect with their loved ones on the other side, but she also did free mini-mediumship readings. Her readings were spot on! She left many in awe. I also had the opportunity to do a mentorship with Cate to see if I am a medium myself. She had me read for her while she offered tips. The session left me feeling confident as the medium I am!
I have been working with Cate for the last few years, she is always spot on, she blows me away with her psychic gift and her gentle way of describing what she sees. She is a healer and bright star in her field. You will walk away feeling blessed that you were in her aura field. She sees what others don't and she walks you through what is to come. She is a gift to us all!
I met Cate in 2016 at a Gallery Event. I had just moved to Ca. so I was eager to go to new places. I was so impressed with the way she delivered messages then & 4 years later- I am in awe of her more. I am thankful to Cate for her guidance she communicates from my loved ones- They obviously like Cate as well- because they keep showing up at events-or random Zoom Room things now- She always brings forth calming and beautiful connection from Spirit. Its heartfelt-Hard to put into words.So grateful
Cate's readings have given me a feeling of closeness with my father. She's mentioned several things that have resonated with me or shown up in my life after a call. On one call she said that monarch butterflies are a way that my dad's connecting with me and that I may see one very soon. The very next day, I went into my dry cleaners where a local artist sells her handcrafted items, and I saw a coaster with a photo of two monarch butterflies. I just knew it was my dad saying "hello".
On 7-21-19, I received a reading by Cate Coffelt. During my reading my son who is in the spirit world connected with Cate. Cate said my son keeps saying he wanted me to look inside my dresser drawer on the right side. I opened the drawer and there was two fishing lures. Last time I took my son fishing, he lost two fishing lures while fishing. I knew my son was returning the two fishing lures he lost that day. Cate is an amazing psychic medium and very accurate. I highly recommend Cate Coffelt.
I recently attended a group reading with Cate and took two friends who had never received a reading before and were complete skeptics going in, but open to the idea. I had known Cate's amazing abilities as I had had phone readings with her previously. Both of my friends received readings and Cate knocked it out of the park with their readings. Each of them had close relatives on the Other Side and Cate connected with them and imparted messages to each of them. They weren't skeptics anymore!
So, the other night I was chatting with Cate, and we talked a bit about having to put Codi , my horse down. She said she saw a flash of a grey feather. Well, we put Codi down yesterday morning. That afternoon I gave Cisco the donkey a bath, and this happened... A small grey feather was on the inside of my arm! Thank you Codi, and THANK YOU Cate for letting me know that Codi is alright!
Listening to Cate work on connecting with what is going on in my life is incredible. The focus, attention, and surrendered specificity to what arises makes for all of this stuff sometimes familiar pop up into my life that is totally personal to me and also completely forgotten about of my conscious mind. I adore listening to how she connects because it feels really sincere and I can tell she is living her practice beyond just working on my life. I highly recommend Cate. She is excellent.
I had an awesome reading done by Cate today. Being a fellow light worker, there are times we need help and perspective from someone else. Cate did just that helping me gain insight in some of my own blockages and challenges I've been having recently. She nailed it on so may levels and aspects! Thank you Cate!!!!
Cate is AMAZING! We have spoken a couple of times and she is so accurate in what she has told me. It is always a pleasure to talk with her. I highly recommend Cate and look forward to my next Reading! :)
I was curious about mediumship when I reached out to Cate in April 2016. I hadn’t ever had a mediumship reading before and entered into this with no expectations. But, wow, did Cate deliver! The veracity of Cate’s gift left no doubt in my mind. She tapped into specific, intimate details about my late grandmother and both late grandfathers that can’t be found online or via private detective. That reading and the second one in January 2017 has helped me finally shake my fear of death.
I contacted Cate for a missing dog case, and it was the best decision! In a most compassionate manner, she was able to give specific details about the location of the pup. Her accuracy was astounding! She connected with the animal and assured me of his physical and mental status which gave so much relief. Thankfully the dog got home safe and uninjured, and was found in the exact area Cate said he'd be. I am thrilled to have had Cate on the case and would use her again in a heartbeat!
I hired Cate this week for a lost pet consult and I was in awe of experiencing her talents. She was able to tell me how the dog was feeling and where he'd been down to the exact neighborhood. She shared her experience with lost dog behaviors from the many cases she's worked and was spot on with her suggestion on how to best coax the dog once it was found. And guess what? THE DOG WAS FOUND UNHARMED AND HEALTHY. I'm so glad I hired Cate and would do it again in a heartbeat!
I had a psychic/medium reading with Cate recently and was very pleased with the direction she gave me. Her messages from Spirit were not only validations from them, but also included clear advice and direction. Although she wasn't big on names, that was perfectly okay because she was spot on with details about the loved ones coming through. The messages were so specific that they made sense to me, when they didn't make sense to her. I highly recommend her for connection and direction!
I first contacted Cate after my father's passing in March 2015. My reading was an experience I will never forget. Cate was able to bring up items and certain things about my dad that only I knew. Through her reading I was able to tap into my grandmother and grandfather. I now have closure and understand that my father is at peace. I also suffered a loss of my 16 year old Maltese in Aug 15' and found closure after my reading. She is amazing and will be doing another reading soon.
Cate has an amazing Gift. During our reading, 2 people came through, quite profoundly, that I hadn't expected. Cate relayed messages that there is no way possible she could have known. Her work with animals is equally amazing. Her ability to communicate, even over a distance, with lost or distressed animals is like nothing I have ever seen.

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