Bill Champlin

Bill Champlin
Bill Champlin


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(253) 370-4323


Hello, I'm Bill Champlin. I offer Psychic, Psychic Tarot Card, Energy, Akashic Records, phone readings, in-person readings and video readings. I have over 14 years of experience, with over forty 5 Star Reviews on Google. When you receive a reading from me you are not just getting information about your future. My readings help guide you toward answers that you seek and methods to assist in breaking cycles of unwanted behavior.

Experiences creating the future you deserve. What is coming up for you is largely in your own hands. You are intuitive in your own right and far more able to create your reality than you may be aware of right now.

Do you have questions about love life, career, finances or other areas? I offer answers featuring predictive, self motivating readings with a personal connection, using The Brotherhood Of The Light Egyptian Deck as a tool. I have years of experience reading and studying metaphysical subjects and the tarot cards. Contact Bill Champlin today! I'm located in Tacoma Washington but available for clients everywhere.

Appointments Available:
Monday 1pm to 7pm
Tuesday 1pm to 8pm
Wednesday 11am to 7pm
Thursday 1pm to 8pm
Friday 4pm to 6pm
Saturday 1pm to 5:30pm
Sunday Noon to 5pm

Additional Information: 

Please book online at or call 253-370-4323.

Bill provides answers to your most pressing questions as well as guidance and options to give you peace of mind when making difficult decisions. He has worked with clients from North and South America, Mexico, Europe, Asia and Africa.

Imagine the possibilities! Get personalized guidance from a gifted Psychic. Bill Champlin looks forward to reading for you.

The Akashic Records are an energetic archive of your soul’s eternal journey, experiences, thoughts, words, actions, desires and emotions, past, present and future. Bill utilizes psychometry to connect with your energy in accessing your records, bringing your answers into focus. An Akashic Records Reading will provide insights into your purpose, relationships, career and health. Akashic Records Readings are good for understanding life patterns and karmic connections.

Listed since: Dec 20, 2019

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