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"As a former skeptic & private investigator, I created this psychic & medium directory to help you find the most credible & reputable psychics & mediums. This page allows you to get readings from the gifted psychics & mediums listed below." ~ Bob Olson


Marc Lainhart

SPIRITUAL CONSULTING - LIFE. LOSS. LOVE. Based in Seattle, Washington, Marc Lainhart is an award-winning, internationally respected and British trained Spiritual Psychic-Medium. He is a dedicated Metaphysical Teacher, Holistic Healer, Inspirational Thought Leader, Certified Healthcare Provider, Writer, and Radio Show Host who is passionate to serve, heal, guide, teach, transform, and inspire others to connect with spirit and self in the wonderful
(Nearest City: Seattle, Washington; Reviews 58; Listed since: Dec 6, 2013) :: READ MORE...

Robyn M Fritz

Accurate, compassionate, revealing. Offering: Personal intuition. Mediumship (people and animals). Business intuition. Animal communication. Past life regression. Soul progression clearing with energy healing. Spiritual awakening. Spiritual journeys. I am an intuitive and spiritual consultant and certified past life regression specialist based in Seattle, Washington. I combine over 25 years of creative business experience with practical, intui
(Nearest City: Seattle; Reviews 12; Listed since: Oct 20, 2017) :: READ MORE...

Chris Fitting

I offer evidential mediumship, spirit portraits, healing art and workshops designed to reinforce the presence and affect of those in the afterlife and their influences on the one's they leave behind. I believe it is our duty to bridge communication with those in the spirit world to deliver messages of inspiration, love, healing and provide evidence of their awareness and presence within our daily lifes through the sharing detailed informatio
(Nearest City: Edmonds; Reviews 2; Listed since: Apr 12, 2018) :: READ MORE...

Karen Anderson

Join me for free Animal Communication webinars! Learn my secrets and send your first message! Register: Want Afterlife Answers? Join me for the next live event- Register: Get your FREE ANIMAL COMMUNICATION GUIDE - Go to the website link above for instant access #1 Bestselling Author on AMAZON Award-winner of 16 prestigious National and International Literary Awards for "The Amazing Afterlife
(Nearest City: Spokane; Reviews 27; Listed since: Nov 19, 2007) :: READ MORE...

Annette Betcher

Annette believes that the association between animal and human has always been special. Like any developing relationship, it's success depends on awareness and communication. Annette is an internationally acclaimed Animal Communicator and Intuitive Consulatant. Animals and horses have benefited from her ability for over thirty years. Annette, welcomes all animals, including missing animals and those in spirit.
(Reviews 2; Listed since: Jan 6, 2009) ::

Michael Kaminski

Rev Dr Michael Kaminski: Are you looking for meaningful insights into your present life path? At Spirit Quest your session will draw on a wide range of information from your present and past lives, including the energies in your Aura and Chakra systems, assisting your growth and aligning your present life path. We can also provide unique Astrological Charts, Maps and Synastry information to help you discover answers and clues to your unique purp
(Reviews 0; Listed since: Feb 9, 2009) ::

Kass Huff

Kass Huff is a sought after Psychic Medium, Healer, Psychic Investigator, Paranormal Investigator, Animal Communicator and Author of Becoming From The Light. Kass reads for people all over the world by phone and also offers House Calls and In Person appointments as well as House Clearings and assistance on Missing Persons cases and unsolved mysteries. Readings available by phone 9:30 to 6:30 pm Monday-Saturday by appointment. Please book on
(Nearest City: Tacoma; Reviews 0; Listed since: Apr 11, 2012) :: READ MORE...

Lisa K. Fox

Lisa heard her first spirits at the age of 4, and always knew detailed information past, present and future that others did not. She is a very gifted 5th generation clairvoyant psychic medium, animal communicator, and medical intuitive. A true soul coach, Lisa offers compassionate and loving guidance to assist you on your highest and best path, helping you discover your talents and abilities to achieve your personal goals and better understand
(Nearest City: Seattle, Washington; Reviews 0; Listed since: Jun 3, 2012) :: READ MORE...

Dani Tworek

My name is Dani Tworek and I am honored to be a part of your healing journey. My practice is a culmination of over 25 years of remembering who I really am. And who am I? Just like you, I am a spirit having a human experience! I have developed a system called the Power of Seven where I connect with your unique energetic frequency through your aura and chakras. Here, we can access the energy of healing and the guidance from spirit that wil
(Nearest City: Richland; Reviews 0; Listed since: Apr 30, 2013) :: READ MORE...

Reese SanAgustin

There are old school psychics and new age intuitives; those that will uncover your past and seers of the future. All have a place in offering supportive services. Me? I’m the one you will find where the rubber hits the road. If you need clarity and a swift shift in your life, I’m your gal.My clients tend to be those who are in the midst of transition or are in need of a break-through (such as a release of old energy, identifying the
(Nearest City: Seattle, WA; Reviews 4; Listed since: Jun 19, 2013) :: READ MORE...

Tamara Beamon

Tamara Beamon, a 3rd generation highly esteemed Psychic Medium in the Pacific Northwest, with expertise flowing through her from both sides of her family, specializes in Intuitive Counseling, Hypnotherapy, Energy Healing with Reiki, and Animal Communication. Tamara provides beneficial services through her workshops, seminars, gallery events and personal sessions for both people and animals. Available days and times for phone readings are on
(Nearest City: Woodland; Reviews 2; Listed since: Dec 20, 2014) :: READ MORE...

Deah Curry

My 4 most popular readings reveal what is hidden, provide wise yet practical guidance, retrieve spirit messages, and help you make important decisions with confidence and courage. These frequently requested readings are (1) PAST LIVES Karmic Lessons Astrology, (2) INTUITIVE PSYCHIC CHANNELING of shamanic spirit guide RedHawk, (3) SpiritWrites SHAMANIC JOURNEYS, and (4) relocation ASTROLOGY reading. Your focus question sets the stage for all of th
(Reviews 0; Listed since: Jan 16, 2016) ::

Melissa Henyan

I am a Psychic Medium and Animal Intuitive I consider myself a student and learn from each and every reading I give and each connection I make. As I go into each psychic reading, along with calling upon my guides I ask for the guides of those I'm connecting with to share any messages they may have and ask that they participate in the session. When connecting with loved ones who've crossed, I invite them to step forward as well. I set my
(Nearest City: Yakima; Reviews 13; Listed since: Jun 16, 2016) :: READ MORE...

Meredith Froemke

Go here to book online: My name is Meredith and I've been an internationally renowned Intuitive Reader, with my own company called Soul Navigation, Inc. for over 17 years. I am a highly capable and accurate reader on all subjects, but I specialize in Love and Relationships, Money, Career, Real-Estate and your Soul's Purpose in the Lifetime. I have given over 125,000 readings in my career for people of all backgrounds, cu
(Nearest City: Seattle; Reviews 0; Listed since: Jun 23, 2016) :: READ MORE...