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Tracey Lockwood
Tracey Lockwood


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$180/hour+ by phone (Discounts for in-office, military & low income clients. Skype for international clients and her students)

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or Text (540) 998-9789


Tracey Lockwood is a psychic instructor and educator, the radio show host of "From a Medium's Perspective", an ordained minister and professional clairvoyant medium.
*** Your reading or tutoring session will be tailored specifically to your needs. Find out the truth about the past, present and future, people in your life (living or passed), your spiritual gifts, past lives, etc. Get the answers. Make the connection.

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* As a psychic mediumship educator, she teaches others how to access and open their abilities and is considered particularly gifted in this arena. She offers private tutoring, workshops, and a 14-week professional psychic mediumship certification program taught twice annually. Program begins in February and mid-August.

* As an ordained minister, she serves as volunteer Executive Director and Executive Minister to The Universal Mind a 501c3 public charity.

Listed since: Jun 18, 2016


Having several readings with Tracey in the past few years and after each one I come away from it with “shock and awe”! She is extremely insightful, considerate, accurate, and can pull things out of the air that no one else knows about. Not your everyday run of the mill psychic . She makes you feel comfortable, and excited at the same time. I don’t believe there’s anyone on this planet that can hold a candle to Tracey. She is in herself a life changing event.
I recently had my first reading with Tracey and it will absolutely not be the last! Unreal. She knew things that I didn’t tell her and said things the way my loved ones would say them. I feel like a new woman. Complete turnaround. Tracey and I bonded, too. I will never be able to thank Tracey enough for blessing my life to this capacity. Eternally thankful.
Tracey is fantastic at reading and bringing out the best psychic ability in her clients and students. I never would have thought she and I could develop my psychic ability to better mankind but that is exactly what she helped me do! As a Reverend she helps you hone your skills to the highest vibration for the greatest good and service to other people. She is not self-centered or boring by any means and is truly an enlightened being.
Tracey is such a warm and caring person. I felt very comfortable with her right away. Each time I have had a reading with her, I experience a wonderful reunion with my loved ones who have crossed over. The connection she makes with them is amazing, and I have never been disappointed!
Tracey is a phenomenal psychic, medium, & teacher. I had the pleasure of attending a weekend workshop with her on developing intuitive abilities. Tracey has a beautiful way of putting one at ease. She is skilled at helping students empower themselves, realize & validate their gifts. Her gentle & knowledgeable approach is effective in helping students grow. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to develop their intuitive gifts.
I had a reading with Tracy a few weeks ago by phone.She was very warm and empathetic. She was able to connect me to the person i wanted to talk to with an accurate description,and familiar mannerisms. She was also able to relay their loving messages to me which felt like a beautiful gift.I love her U Tube videos,which she teaches about many interesting and informative topics on mediumship and afterlife in a comprehensive manner.
I have had several readings with Tracey and each one was better than the last. Tracey's insight was amazing and accurate. Tracey was able to give me strength and closure when the love of my life, my father passed on Easter Sunday Morning. Thanks to Tracey, I was able to keep moving forward with zeal . Tracey is truly a blessing in my life and she is all so a wonderful person.
Very straight on! Very informative and helpful.
I've known Tracey for over 3 years, I went to her for guidance, personally, emotionality and spiritually. Together with puzzled together pieces of me such as my Souls Purpose as well as finding parts of my past lives.We worked so well together that with time, she helped me find, my Twinflame. Tracey is amazing at what she does, I should tell you that I too am a Medium, but only found my potential through Tracey.I trust her completely and highly recommend her for direction in all areas of life
I had a wonderful few visits with Tracey and I can say first hand she's very gifted and spoke to my soul. I highly recommend a visit with Tracey. I was able to connect with loved ones and have a few questions answered. She's truly a blessing and first class in her industry! Love you Tracey!
Tracey Lockwood, is an excellent “physic” and educator. She is Nonsense, down to earth empathy her insights spiritual guidance are excellent and on-target. She is on-target and excellent. If you have been searching for a teacher or just need a reading she is well worth scheduling an appointment. I found that she is excellent and on-point.
I have seen Tracey numerous times over the last 2 years, she has given me so much strength and guidance for a situation very dear to me. I have to say with much conviction "I couldn't have made it this far without her and would have made things far worse for myself had I not had her"!!! She is a truly kind and amazing person!!!!!!
They don't come any better than Medium Tracey Lockwood. I've personally had several readings with her and her abilities never stop amazing me. She places the missing puzzle pieces of your life and fills in the blanks. Has a way of reaching out and grasping things from your past long forgotten and brings to light to the present day answering do many questions. There is no doubt Tracey has a gift that not every medium has and her pursuance of integrity shines through giving you a perfect reading.

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