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Todd Segal is a psychic detective and medium who works on missing people, missing animal, and all sorts of investigation cases spanning the world. He combines remote viewing and mediumship into his work, and has the uncanny ability to pick up real physical structures and real people, living or passed, into his investigations. The person he reads for, no matter the subject matter, will get an in depth perception of what is going on in their lives. When most cases have run into dead ends, Todd is often sought after by law enforcement and other psychics in his field to work on really hard cases.

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You can also view my popular facebook page at Todd Segal Psychic Detective and Medium.

Listed since: May 12, 2014


Many thanks to Mr. Segal for his assistance in finding our bengal cat Scarlett. We had been searching her for about 3 weeks with no luck and then had the good fortune of consulting with Mr.​​ Segal. He gave us specific information to follow in the search and only then were we able to locate our cat. I am convinced we made the right decision seeking his help and recommend his services if you find yourself in a similar situation.
I have had a few readings with Todd over the past few years. His readings have helped me through some very difficult times and have always put me on the right path. He is so polite and thoughtful and caring in his responses. He has also helped my daughter when she has had some struggles in her life.
My first time with Todd was extraordinary! I had never been to a Psychic before but I had many questions about my parents, my early childhood, and my health. However, primarily, I was anxious to learn about my father. I lost my father at 13 years of age and he had a stroke four years before that. So, I wanted to know what kind of person he was and his personality traits. Todd delivered. Almost immediately, Todd said my Dad was with me. Knowing my Dad is with me puts me at ease.
Had an amazing reading with Todd. He picked up on city locations and details about those locations, why the person was there, color of cars, personality and even the previous pet of my person of interest with a full description. He was patient, relaxed and easy to talk to. Thanks so much Todd!
Excellent!!! Right on the mark!!!
I have had several readings with Todd and all I can say is ‘Wow!’ He is by far the most accurate and insightful psychic medium I have come across. Todd makes you feel at ease immediately and really hits the nail on the head. I recommend him highly!
The first time I worked with Todd was July 2016 because of an “obsessive hold” I felt someone had over me. I’d gone to some dark places emotionally during this time. Of all the individuals I’ve encountered who are tapped into their psychic gifts, Todd seemed the most unassuming. His insights into my situation cut to the quick and helped liberate from the other person's narcissistic grip. I’ve finally been able to turn my attention inward but I couldn't have done it without Todd's help.
Todd is very good, he picked up on my situation with my job. He also knew details that I have never told anyone about my nagging feeling that my boyfriend was not the right one for me. He told me that this year would be a full of changes and it certainly has been! He is very good, detailed, and really seems to care about my questions. He is worth the call.
I am so pleased I found Todd. He was very helpful in describing accurately the prankster who hid my purse and one big clue helped me to remember and stay calm until it was resolved. He was very quick to call me and begin helping when hysteria and paranoia left me mentally paralyzed.
He is spot on with details and in depth clues.Pay attention to every single word. Once I had time to process my reading,I knew why he mentioned little things that added up to what the future held.He told me that Dad was in Mexico, he was.He told me right down to the eye color about the guy who would return my stolen item.He tells it like he sees it, good or bad I wanted the truth, honesty, and real details,Todd provided exactly that.He even knew about the daughter and her problems.Very detailed!
I am impressed with Todd's easy going style in relaying his impressions to me. He has provided me with sound and accurate information on my pets, and personal situations. Highly recommend him to anyone who is searching for a compassionate and caring intuitive.
I've had several readings from Todd. His generous and honest approach means I'll be having several more because, and this is Todd's forte, he is so sharp and accurate. From helping me see the way out of financial issues, to when and where I'd be moving house, to clear and reassuring guidance about my creative and career endeavours. He has helped me to persevere when I thought about giving up and his sense of humour keeps me looking at the bright side of life. He is a gift to his profession.
Incredibly insightful and specific. Asked him about health, career, and love life and he provided helpful and targeted advice to each of my problems. Ex: without me telling him or providing hints in any way, he picked up that I had problems with my left leg. He told me that it was linked to my back pain, and gave me a couple of solutions that would help me directly address this problem. Ex2: Found the root of my problems in my love life (anxiety problems -who knew?). Shared true wisdom and hope.
I have had several readings with Todd and he has blown me away with his accuracy and insight each time. He has correctly described my circumstances and the people in my life, and has also given me great insight into my future. I highly recommend Todd if you are looking for an accurate psychic/medium who is straight to the point. Todd also has a brilliant connection with spirit and has passed on some invaluable and heartwarming messages from my loved ones. I will definitely book with Todd again!
I never would have found my cat Beau if it wasn't for Todd! He was missing for three days in 17 degree weather, and had never outside before. We looked everywhere in our apartment complex and the woods behind it. Then Todd said he was to the south of our address, which was another condo complex on the other side of the woods. Using all of the clues he gave us, we found him there! It was such a miracle. Todd is absolutely the real deal, talented psychic, and also a truly nice person.
I have been to many, many psychics over the years...generally been disappointed. BUT NOT WITH TODD!!!!!! He is TRULY ASTOUNDING!!!!! Such detail...absolutely mind blowing! And one of the nicest persons I have ever met...caring, honest. But his accuracy will just have you sitting there with your mouth hanging open! He has a true gift!!! And he loves animals...bonus!!!!
Todd is simply amazing... no other way to put it. I asked him about an issue that had jumped up in my life and what to do about it. His answer was absolutely spot on!!! I cannot begin to explain how grateful I am!!!
Oh my goodness, after 5 years, and many other readings that were SO wrong, Todd was spot on accurate about EVERYTHING!!!! He read my extremely loved and missed cat, my Mother, and a cat I am currently fostering! Also even about my home!! It was unbelievable, I gasped and burst into tears! All my answers had been answered, without giving him any first hand knowledge! I am finally able to have peace in my life! I am an honest, Christian lady, and you can believe me, Todd is for REAL!
What can I say about Todd, not enough room here to describe so I will do my best....he is an AMAZING individual. I have reached out to him on many occasions, from asking for his psychic ability to help find a lost puppy (which we found, thanks to him!!) to personal psychic assistance. In my experience with Todd's psychic abilities, he is right on!! I also had the opportunity to meet him in person, such a kind and caring individual. You will not be disappointed!!!
On 6/27/14, my beloved cat went missing from my home in Fresno, CA. Todd consulted & said my Cinder was at a single story white house a "shaded" area. He also said he "saw" children playing & a person who has cancer. Low & Behold! 7/3/14, Cinder was found in my neighbor's garage behind boxes. She lives in a single story white house. My neighbor is battling cancer & her young grand children are there daily! Thank you, Todd, for your insight!! You were "spot on!"
Recently (May) received an email reading from Todd and already several of his predictions have come to pass. You will appreciate his honesty, humor and willingness to answer follow-up questions. Really nice guy!
Todd has read for me on a couple of occasions and his accuracy has been spot on. He delivers his reading with tact and compassion. The confirmation that his readings provided me left me knowing that I am on the right path. Thanks Todd!!
HE IS AWESOME!!!!! He is so ACCURATE, you will not believe the amount of stuff he picks up on right away. He's so easy to talk to and he's very straightforward with hype information he receives. He is truly an asset to this directory. EXTREMELY ACCURATE, YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!!
Todd has done a few readings for me through Facebook and in person. His accuracy in reading me and my loved ones both in spirit and here on earth was amazing. He made me feel confident with the direction my life is currently headed. He does not beat around the bush, he may tell you things you may not want to hear, but there is no reason to doubt that what he says is true. He is a warm and compassionate person and, oh yeah, he is pretty funny too. I look forward to his posts. Deb from NJ
Wow, Todd is one of the most tallented psychics that's ever read for me. Spot on and super nice guy too! You can tell he really cares about his gift!

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