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Tammy Stillwater is a highly detailed Remote Viewer, Clairvoyant, and Medium. She sees, hears and feels details about love and relationships, soul mates, jobs, career, money, relocation, angels, spirit guides, pets, and more. Clients often report getting goosebumps during readings, as well as clarity and peace.


Tammy is a tested and proven professional psychic. Having given over 25,000+ successful readings over the past two decades, she has many repeat clients, some of whom have been reading with her continuously since she began offering readings to the public. She has been a psychic visionary, remote viewer and empath since birth.


Lost People/Pets
Lost Items
Deceased Loved Ones

Skills & Methods

Remote Viewing

Tammy begins your reading with a remote view of your surroundings.

She will ask what state you are calling from to ground to your location, and ask you to focus upon your 'heart center'. This is where all the answers you seek reside. It's fine to ask a specific question or allow her to just see what comes in.

From Tammy:

Please don't 'test' me with trick questions or resistant, distrustful energy as this will slow down or block the energy needed for a successful reading.

Call me when you need a "Fly on the Wall" to see what is really happening. Where is he tonight? Who is he really with? Where did you lose your keys?


How is my lover feeling about me? What are his intentions? Is our separation temporary? Is he coming back?
I can help you find specific and needed answers to all of your relationship questions.

Lost your beloved pet? Being a remote viewer and huge animal lover, I can tune into your pet's whereabouts and if he/she is ok, and when/if he will return.

When will you meet your soulmate?
Soulmate sightings are my specialty and are often complete with his name, meeting place and time frame.

I will connect you with those who have crossed over, including pets.
(Please note: Your loved ones most likely will come forward to speak with you, however, at times they do not in a particular reading or time frame. I cannot control when this may or may not happen. Your patience and understanding is appreciated, and I will be completely honest if I feel that i am unable to connect you with them, and we can always try again at another time and I will refund unused minutes.)

Thank you for your interest. I look forward to speaking with you soon. I invite you to visit my website to read more testimonials from my clients to give you an idea of what may come up in readings.

Additional Information: 

Tammy is also a Certified Harp Therapy Practitioner and her healing music on the CD "Wings of Light' is for sale on her website or at itunes. The harp therapy on this CD includes traditional pieces with channeled improvisation during the recording. It will benefit sleep, pain and anxiety relief, and connect you with Spirit.

Listed since: Oct 15, 2010


Tammy is so sweet listening to her talk is very soothing like your talking to a friend you have always known. Tammy literally spoke the words or thoughts I was thinking without saying them. She spoke of my fiance to a t. She also drew in my old dog that came through. My current dog hearing what he had to say was so sweet and funny it was nice to hear. She zoomed into alot of what im going through and validated alot for me. <3
Every time I get a readying with Tammy she makes me feel so good after our conversation, she's wonderful
Tammy brings compassion and wisdom to her extremely accurate readings. She has been spot on with things and even when they have taken place years later. I've been reading with her since 2008 and am grateful for all of the insights she has brought to light and connecting me with family and friends on the other side of the veil. Those reunions have been filled with laughter, love, sometimes tears, but always joyful connections with loved ones. She is the best!
Tammy has been an incredible go-to for psychic information, so much so that I've used her services for several years now. Whether it's an immediate concern I have or something I would like to talk about within the year, she is spot on! She nailed a relationship encounter within the month and described the person accurately. Also, she has validated so many aspects of my career and future transitions to come. I love Tammy and her authentic readings. I would recommend her in a heartbeat!
I am so grateful to have found Tammy to help me with animal communication, remote viewing, and as a medium. She is an spiritual advisor and is great at her job. Her booking and payment process is easy, and she can usually schedule a session within a couple of days. In 2016 I went through the loss of four good friends, four beloved dogs, and two sweet kitties. Without Tammy's gentle, thoughtful guidance I do not know how I would have come through those losses with my sanity. We also have laughs!
I have found Tammy to be amazingly accurate. Her ability to know, what most of us couldn't possibly know blows me away. I am certain she will be able to give almost anyone the answers they seek. She is kind and gentle. At times I haven't always gotten the answer I wanted but the answer I needed. I trust her, and I completely trust the information she gives me. She is one of a kind.
I've been reading with Tammy pretty regularly for the past 5 years or more! She's always be on point and honest. My particular "issue" has been a very topsy turvy one, but she's always stepped right in from where we've left off and is always able to connect the pieces for me. Tammy also always takes that few extra minutes to "check" in on other issues as well. She doesn't let me get so stuck that I can't see my way out. She's deeply empathic. Both professionally as well as personally.
Tammy is amazing and has been my go to psychic since 2006. She is incredibly accurate and has predicted every relocation I've made before I knew I was moving! She gives amazing detail with names, places, and visual descriptions. Compassionate, trustworthy, and fun to talk to, she is consistent and quick! She is also a gifted medium and has channeled my loved ones with astonishing clarity. Tammy is simply the best of the best.Thank you, Tammy!
I wanna thank Ms. Tammy she is amazing reading she was right on detail with everyone!
Tammy is amazing!! I can not begin to tell you all of the things that are about to happen and things that were confirmed. Tammy was able tune into me and confirm names, events and direct people. I look forward to future readings very soon! Tammy's gift is truly a Blessing......
Unlike most feedback I contacted Tammy for future predictions since she indicated she could do remote viewing. She told me my b/f was a narcissus and I was baffled because he portrayed none of those characteristics at the time. He was the perfect gentleman and treated me like a queen until he had to return to Florida. I was really shocked and very disappointed because she was absolutely right about him. I really thought I had found my life partner but he is not the one afterall.
Tammy has done five or more readings for me over the past year. I usually ask her about loved ones and other acquaintances and she can tell me about them by just mentioning their name. It just blows my mind. She was able to contact my deceased brother and father and tell me how they are doing on the other side and messages they wanted to give to me and my family. She is just amazing.
Tammy is amazing,,,,our meeting was so meaningful to not only my heart and mind but my soul.. Her kindness and revelations to me were spot on. She made me feel at peace with many questions I had and told me of people and pets that I have known and loved. I will have readings with her again!! Thank you Tammy, you are my angel on earth.
Tammy is amazing! I lost my mother over 10 years ago and had always wanted to get a message from her. Tammy gave me the message from my Mother of a special gold key that I would wear around my neck. My Mother had given me a golden key that I would wear around my neck to adjust my roller skates. I hadn't thought of that key since I was a child!!! What a wonderful gift to receive this message from my Mother from a truly amazing psychic!!!
I came to Tammy following a shining recommendation. Tammy hit the nail on the head. She asked me about my friend, Michael, who I had just been trying to reach earlier that day. She accurately told me about my relationship with food, my latent unexplored talents, and my proclivity toward spending time in the woods. Very powerful. Thank you, Tammy.
I had my third reading with Tammy and was thrilled when she connected me with my mother. My mother was know by several names/nicknames and she picked up on every single one. So special to know my mom is still here with me. Tammy has a wonderful gift!
Tammy is a compassionate and gifted psychic who knows how to get in touch with the client's deepest truth. When I had my reading with her, I felt very validated and supported. Without my having to spell things out to her, she was able to target what was important to me at the time. I left with a sense of peace and self-assurance that stayed with me and enabled me to solve my current issues with ease. I highly recommend Tammy's services.
My first reading with you was amazing. She asked me who was the older guy? I was clueless because I didn't know but then I remember and she told me that he said to tell thank you. I use to care for his mother. She asked who had uterian cancer? I was me in 2009 and I never told her. She also asked me if I was planning on moving and I said no, but a few days later my husband and I started to talk about moving or adding on the house. she is truly gifted and no need to test her at all.


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