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Tammy Stillwater
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$3/minute - see website for more details

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Please email: tammystillwater@gmail.com


Tammy Stillwater is a highly detailed Remote Viewer, Clairvoyant, and Medium. She sees, hears and feels details about love and relationships,soul mates, jobs, career, money, lost objects, relocation, angels, spirit guides, pets, and more. Clients often report getting goosebumps during readings, as well as clarity and peace.


Tammy is a tested and proven professional psychic. Having given over 25,000+ successful readings over the past two decades, she has many repeat clients, some of whom have been reading with her continuously since she began offering readings to the public. She has been a psychic visionary, remote viewer and empath since birth.


Lost People/Pets
Lost Items
Deceased Loved Ones

Skills & Methods

Remote Viewing

Tammy begins your reading with a remote view of your surroundings.

She will ask what state you are calling from to ground to your location, and ask you to focus upon your 'heart center'. This is where all the answers you seek reside. It's fine to ask a specific question or allow her to just see what comes in.

From Tammy:

Please don't 'test' me with trick questions or resistant, distrustful energy as this will slow down or block the energy needed for a successful reading.

Call me when you need a "Fly on the Wall" to see what is really happening. Where is he tonight? Who is he really with? Where did you lose your keys?


How is my lover feeling about me? What are his intentions? Is our separation temporary? Is he coming back?
I can help you find specific and needed answers to all of your relationship questions.

Lost your beloved pet? Being a remote viewer and huge animal lover, I can tune into your pet's whereabouts and if he/she is ok, and when/if he will return.

When will you meet your soulmate?
Soulmate sightings are my specialty and are often complete with his name, meeting place and time frame.

I will connect you with those who have crossed over, including pets.
(Please note: Your loved ones most likely will come forward to speak with you, however, at times they do not in a particular reading or time frame. I cannot control when this may or may not happen. Your patience and understanding is appreciated, and I will be completely honest if I feel that i am unable to connect you with them, and we can always try again at another time and I will refund unused minutes.)

Thank you for your interest. I look forward to speaking with you soon. I invite you to visit my website to read more testimonials from my clients to give you and idea of what may come up in readings.

Additional Information: 

Tammy is also a Certified Harp Therapy Practitioner and her healing music on the CD "Wings of Light' is for sale on her website or at itunes. Book an hour reading and receive a free CD for yourself or to give as a gift. The harp therapy on this CD includes traditional pieces with channeled improvisation during the recording. It will benefit with sleeping, pain and anxiety relief, and connect you with Spirit.

Listed since: Oct 15, 2010


Tammy is beyond talented. As she began the reading, she described the color of my pajamas with accuracy and same thing on second reading. She told me the color of the building I was working in. I felt at ease after talking with her. She assured me of things I had feelings about and educated me on new things. I am looking forward to speaking with her in the new year. What a wonderful spirit and personality. I love her.
Tammy is a kind, honest and compassionate reader. She’s empathetic as well and offers live and support when the message may not be what you want to hear. She’s accurate and I highly recommend her!!
I've talked to Tammy off and on for several years and she is always spot on. She is clear and precise and a joy to read with.
I've had many readings throughout the years with different psychic mediums, but my reading with Tammy was by far the BEST I've ever had! She was spot on with what is going on in my life and provided very specific details that helped me gain valuable insights. On top of her tremendous talent, she is genuinely warm and caring. I highly recommend her. She is truly gifted and a blessing. Thank you Tammy!
I have used Tammy for several readings, and she definitely has a knack for seeing people and events. She seems particularly great with contacting those that have passed. In my recent reading, she told me several things and everything she said came to pass accurately. From family jewelry my mom (passed on) told me about, to a boyfriend and his ex. She said it related to Venus retrograde and would only last 6 weeks. It lasted one month. I highly recommend her!
I waited a few months to write about this but to make a long story short I’ve been to psychics all my life I must say hands down I’ll never forget this reading ...,she said there are kids around me sees baby life welp. I found out I was pregnant a week later she also said I have leg problems yessssss I do! She described the area I was in I didn’t give her no details very nice lady and she didn’t waste my time thanks
Tammy is the real deal. She is the most compassionate woman. Very kind and loving. She will not steer you wrong. I will recommend her to everybody. She is honest and presents herself professionally. She doesn't sugarcoat. She is amazing.
This is my second session with Tammy. She has seen potential concerns in the future that has actually helped me to make better choices for my future relationships. She has seen and named people on the other side who have passed on, and even on target with their personality types, their favorite colors and their favorite love for things while on earth. She even seen things in my house that is important to me......TOTALLY EXCELLENT! HIGHLY RECOMMEND.
I enjoyed my readings with Tammy. She was able to accurately describe the personalities of family and friends I was asking about. What really impressed me was that she brought up things I didnt mention, like possible travel plans to see my brother in Europe. I would recommend Tammy!
I have gone to many psychics in my lifetime. Tammy has been the only one that has been "on target" with whats going on in my life. Very detailed and confirmed many things I was feeling and things currently happening that is very significant to me. Shes not just gifted with being a "seer," she has a kind, healing and compassionate spirit.....Totally in awe with her and rating her with a billion stars of excellence!
Tammy was awesome! She has such a calming aura and gave me a lot of perspective on what's going on in my life currently. I highly recommend!
Not only are Tammy's reading uplifting and accurate but her CD "wings of light" has really been the most amazing thing for me especially at night. I listen to it every night or else I wont be able to sleep good. "Wings of light" is truly a blessing.
I had a long-term academic research project that had caused me great anxiety for a very long time. Tammy was able to assess my writing and research situation for recipients’ potential reactions and possible future development. Along with the guides, Tammy also helped me develop tactics to best manage my research situations and relationships, and set me up for success. I strongly recommend Tammy’s service to anyone wishes to benefit the world with intellect.
Tammy gave me an incredible reading and I felt her gentle and kind spirit coming through the phone. She did remote viewing and reassured me that everything was going to be okay & that I should keep praying to God & the Angels. It has been a really emotional period lately & Tammy's reading really helped me to continue to trust, have faith, & believe in the good things that are going to happen for me.
There's just not enough words to describe how wonderful Tammy is! Circumstances in life has overwhelmed me to the point I felt so much despair and losing will. Tammy is honest, compassionate, and so kind. It was wonderful to receive messages from my departed animal friends! She also has helped with my relationship. Even if there is not so good news coming, Tammy offers guidance and advice on how to prepare for it. I continue readings with her and I'm always happy each time!
I have been reading with Tammy since 2006. She is accurate, intuitive, empathetic, and quite talented as to the comings and goings of my life. I would never read with anyone but Tammy and my words do not even do justice. All I can say is read with Tammy and read often!
I have read with Tammy over the past 11 years off and on and I have found her to be amazingly accurate . She is a very gifted psychic and remote viewer. For example she will hone in where you are, she knew my office had gray walls, one time years ago she asked me if I was sitting in a convertible car, silver? That blew my mind lol. Her guides are always telling her little tidbits of information to explain things. She doesn't candy coat either, which I like. Always nice to talk to as well.
I've been seeking consultations with Tammy for several years. In addition to ongoing accuracy, she has tremendous healing energy. It literally radiates through the reading, even though she does not sell herself as a "healer." Her psychic gift has helped me with decisions that have protected me, and prepared me for situations that I could not have anticipated on my own. I've also referred her with confidence to friends, who agreed that she has amazing accuracy. Tammy is a ray of light.
I had my first phone reading with Tammy yesterday. WOW! She is amazing and so kind! She started off describing my office surroundings where I was calling from to ensure she was connected to me. Nailed it! She then gave so many details about meeting my future husband—when, where and details about our dating future as well as the color and type of car he drives. I cannot wait for this to come to fruition!! I highly recommend Tammy and will be calling her again soon to get insight on other topics!
Tammy is a gifted psychic and very compassionate. I had serval readings from her and all her predictions came true. She is very warm and very insightful. I appreciate her tips and advice in managing critical relationships and events. She is also very good in providing guidance on living life to its' fullest.
Tammy is an excellent reader and read for me numerous times over the 12 years I've known her. Her warm friendly personality puts you at ease so you can get the most from a reading. Tammy’s readings are empowering because she sees hidden aspects around circumstances while providing new options to deal with the situation. I'm always amazed at her accuracy and detail … she’s spot on. If you need deeper insight on a complicated situation, I highly recommend Tammy for a reading.
I have spoken to many psychics throughout the years but none like Tammy. She is absolutely amazing and the real deal. Her readings have amazed and astonished me. Her predictions have almost all come true. If you want to know the future and receive messages from the guides, speak to Tammy and Tammy only! Can't wait fir my next reading and more things to come. You are the best Tammy!
Tammy is extraordinary..I have gotten multiple readings over several years from her. She is so compassionate and genuinely cares about her clients welfare. Tammy is truly gifted and always help light your path with astonishing accuracy. She has made so many predictions that have come to pass in my life regarding relationships, and loved ones that I looked to connect with as well as ones that surprisingly came forward. She is amazing, accurate and absolutely worth it. She will make you smile..
Tammy is so sweet listening to her talk is very soothing like your talking to a friend you have always known. Tammy literally spoke the words or thoughts I was thinking without saying them. She spoke of my fiance to a t. She also drew in my old dog that came through. My current dog hearing what he had to say was so sweet and funny it was nice to hear. She zoomed into alot of what im going through and validated alot for me. <3
Every time I get a readying with Tammy she makes me feel so good after our conversation, she's wonderful
Tammy brings compassion and wisdom to her extremely accurate readings. She has been spot on with things and even when they have taken place years later. I've been reading with her since 2008 and am grateful for all of the insights she has brought to light and connecting me with family and friends on the other side of the veil. Those reunions have been filled with laughter, love, sometimes tears, but always joyful connections with loved ones. She is the best!
Tammy has been an incredible go-to for psychic information, so much so that I've used her services for several years now. Whether it's an immediate concern I have or something I would like to talk about within the year, she is spot on! She nailed a relationship encounter within the month and described the person accurately. Also, she has validated so many aspects of my career and future transitions to come. I love Tammy and her authentic readings. I would recommend her in a heartbeat!
I am so grateful to have found Tammy to help me with animal communication, remote viewing, and as a medium. She is an spiritual advisor and is great at her job. Her booking and payment process is easy, and she can usually schedule a session within a couple of days. In 2016 I went through the loss of four good friends, four beloved dogs, and two sweet kitties. Without Tammy's gentle, thoughtful guidance I do not know how I would have come through those losses with my sanity. We also have laughs!
I have found Tammy to be amazingly accurate. Her ability to know, what most of us couldn't possibly know blows me away. I am certain she will be able to give almost anyone the answers they seek. She is kind and gentle. At times I haven't always gotten the answer I wanted but the answer I needed. I trust her, and I completely trust the information she gives me. She is one of a kind.
I've been reading with Tammy pretty regularly for the past 5 years or more! She's always be on point and honest. My particular "issue" has been a very topsy turvy one, but she's always stepped right in from where we've left off and is always able to connect the pieces for me. Tammy also always takes that few extra minutes to "check" in on other issues as well. She doesn't let me get so stuck that I can't see my way out. She's deeply empathic. Both professionally as well as personally.


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