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Monica Ten-Kate (aka Monica the Medium) is a young and energetic 21-year-old Spirit Medium. Monica has the gift of communicating with those who have crossed over. She uses these abilities to connect with your loved ones, provide validation that they are still with you in Spirit, and most importantly, deliver healing messages from them.

Due to Monica's increasingly busy schedule as a full time college student and spirit medium (and now filming her new show!) Monica will not be able to respond to reading requests at this time as she is not able to schedule new readings at this time, nor is she able to add people to her wait list. Once she is able to resume scheduling, her website and her Facebook page will have updated information on how to get on the wait list. Thank you for your patience and support!

You can learn more about Monica by visiting her website (, liking her Facebook page ( or following her on Twitter/Instagram (@MonicatheMedium).

Make sure to watch "Monica the Medium" premiering Tuesday, August 25th at 8pm|7c on ABC Family!

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Monica Ten-Kate (also known as Monica the Medium) is a young and energetic spirit medium based in State College, Pennsylvania and Northern Virginia, however she sees clients from all over the world! Monica’s highly known in the Penn State area where students and locals call her “The Penn State Medium” and love the unique abilities she brings to the college town. Monica may be young but has done readings for teens, adults, and the elderly—all equally as impressed by and thankful for her gifts.

Growing up in Northern Virginia with her three sisters and large Catholic family, Monica knew there was something special about her but suppressed her gifts until high school. Once she finally accepted her connection with Spirit, Monica quickly gained a steady flow of clients and within months had to start a waiting list for readings because word of mouth had spread so heavily.

Monica uses her gift of communicating with Spirit to bring through details, facts, names, memories, and more to validate the connection to your loved ones on the Other Side and then delivers the healing messages they may have for you. She may not be the typical college student, but she couldn’t imagine doing anything else in life!

In her spare time, she is an avid traveler and enjoys hanging out with her friends, her puppy Luna, hiking, meditating, reading, watching “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Pretty Little Liars” and indulging in good food.

Listed since: Nov 7, 2013


Love the show!!! I can't wait to see that Monica is accepting more readings after reading the reviews of others who have had reviews I would love to get my mother in law a reading she could definitely use the healing. Thanks for sharing your gift!!
After watching every show monica has hsd, there's no doubt in my mind that she's the real deal. I can only hope that she will soon be available again for appointments.
I scheduled a reading with Monica after hearing nothing but amazing things from a relative who had a reading with her prior. Monica's warmth and down to earth personality made it such a fun and comfortable reading. It is apparent that Monica truly loves using her gift to help others in so, so many ways. Monica was right on in every aspect of my reading and relayed messages and facts that put my mind at ease. She is wonderful and professional. She is the BEST there is!
I recently did a Skype reading with Monica, it was very fascinating and amazing. Monica's ability to read energy and connect with the other side was extremely well honed. Monica is genuine, kind and funny. I highly recommend her if you are looking for a genuine medium reading. Her ability to relay information from the other side is truly special. Everything Monica said was 100% spot on. I have certain psychic abilities myself and she even amazed me with her accuracy and honed in capabilities. A+
My husband and I had a reading with Monica that was spot on. The information given to us to verify who we were connecting with and other very special messages were 100% correct. Monica is easy to talk to and relays the messages very clearly. We would highly recommend Monica to anyone that wants to connect with their loved ones. She is AMAZING!!!!
Monica is an incredibly gifted person. The time that we spent together via Skype was just the most amazing experience. So many questions were answered, and I came away feeling a sense of peace and hope.
I had such an AMAZING session with Monica! I am so thankful we were able to connect. She is so sweet, kind and glowing with such positive energy. I truly cherish all my spirit messages. Her ability to communicate with spirit world is just such a blessing. Highly recommend a reading with Monica. She is genuine!
How lucky I am to have been gifted a reading with Monica! My son came through clearly, acting just like himself. He had helped set the whole thing up and the scheduling 'problems' I had encountered turned out to give me an extra special time with him. I so appreciate Monica's accuracy in details, kindness and graciousness in delivery, and willingness to go for it as she brought me in to her experience with him. The three of us had such a good time. And I feel settled on certain things now.
I was somewhat skeptical, but I scheduled a Skype reading for me & my daughter - she is getting married & desperately wanted a message from her brother - my youngest son, who passed 2 years ago. I didn't tell Monica anything yet she picked up on Oliver before we even connected for the reading. The manner in which he died is uncommon, and she picked up on that too - as well as picking up my uncle & cousin who also died that same year. Monica is amazing, comforting & I highly recommend.
I had a skype reading done with Monica yesterday afternoon. Her ability to connect with my loved ones was phenomenal. She was so detailed in describing them and so comforting in her delivery. I have been to mediums before but Monica is truly the real thing!! She knew things that no one could guess at or research...for the skeptics out there. I can see how loved ones are drawn to her. Thank you for the wonderful experience!!! It comforted me deeply...
I had a reading with Monica over Skype. I wasn't sure how this would work since I am not a big user of Skype but it turned out better than I could have possibly imagined. Monica made me feel very much at ease and in minutes she was sharing with me information about members of my family that blew me away. She described them to a "T" including personalities and mannerisms that just about knocked my socks off. I am so at peace now knowing that one day I too will be with them. She is just amazing.
I can’t say enough about Monica's amazing gift for channeling and her generous, loving way of sharing it. I’ve had other kinds of readings, but never with a medium so I didn’t know what to expect. She provided clear, helpful guidance during the session and was very conscientious about interpreting the messages in a way that had meaning for me. I have absolutely no doubt that she connected with my loved ones, and the information she conveyed continues to resonate in unexpected, positive ways.
My Skype reading was as clear as sitting in a room together and the messages Monica delivered were detailed and 100% accurate. She told me things about my loved ones who had passed that very few people knew or I had even thought of. She truly gave me so much healing with all of her messages and a sense of peace about the “other side.” She is a gifted medium and while young is wise way beyond her years! I look forward to speaking with her again.
Monica was truly amazing! I didn't expect the reading to be so specific, she was able to channel so many spirits and give information that noone actually knew. No generalizations with her for sure! Thus I am an international client, so even though they were talking to her in different languages she was still able to get names even! I just love her energy and I can just agree that I didn't want the reading to end and just keep spirit talking. I am looking forward to the next reading!
Monica is truly AMAZING! Spirit came through loud and clear and Monica channeled our loved ones with incredible accuracy. It was the most awe-inspiring and mind-blowing experience we’ve ever had. We didn’t want the session to end because it was so incredibly uplifting and powerful. God has given Monica a wonderful gift, a gift that she shares willingly with others. We are so very lucky that Spirit let Monica give us a glimpse of how peaceful they are and that they are truly watching over us.
I'm not sure I can write about my experience with Monica in 500 words! We met last Saturday, everything was perfect. Her comfort level with what she is sharing is amazing - she just states the facts as told/shown to her by your loved ones. I was thrilled that my husband, dad and brother-in-law all came through. So happy Monica was able to sort those 3 strong male personalities and share/connect me with their spirits. Everything, absolutely everything she said was 100% correct. Pure joy!
We contacted Monica and arranged to have her come to our house in Arlington, Va for a small group reading. She arrived right on time and after warm introductions the group settled in for an evening we won't soon forget. Monica is absolutely awesome! She delivers messages from spirit like they were sitting right there in the room with you. EVERYTHING she had to say to anyone of us was jaw dropping. Monica is absolutely the most amazing medium you could ever hope to meet. The real deal for sure!!!

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