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Your role and what will you be doing once the world reopens. Is that, on again off again thing still going to go on? The 'who' you are thing, is what sells keep working it. Problem pregnancies will foster in gifted children. Kevin can help decipher the silence coming from questions unanswered. End the dread. What is the point? Most calls 3 mins.

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About Kevin
Psychic help.

Because Kevin abilities guide and give messages for the next 90 days he can keep his sessions short and to the point.


Did you just lose your job or does it feel like you are about to? Is your relationship not working as good as it was or has it just ended? Have you been on break from life, but are now tired of just having Cable and your eReader as your only source for companionship?

In 1984 Army commanders discovered Corporal Baird's ability and enrolled him into the U.S. Army INSCOM Stargate remote viewing and precognition project because of his prediction abilities discovered during combat training missions.

Early in my Military career my commanders discovered that I had a talented prediction ability. My Sergeant Major took to calling me Radar. Taken from the TV show M.A.S.H., Radar just happened to have things that would be needed before they were asked for.

This knack I had got to be experienced by everyone in the Army INSCOM Headquarters building and in turn got me enrolled into the psychic soldiers program. Commanded by Major General Albert Stubblebine. The things I helped them with, they said were very helpful (which I can't talk about here because of classified issues)

So I left that career and decided to take on helping people by using my prediction abilities.

Everything we do is for a time, a season, or a reason. Be it relationship, career or the house we are living in, if something changes in our life then our life overall changes.

In most cases, I can give you an idea of the odd and random things you can expect to see, such as an invite to go to a party or barbeque or go play Bingo with a friend that leads to a chance meeting that changes everything and helps us feel like we still have a life to live.

I give a heads-up for the things you can expect to see so you can spend time thinking about it for when it happens you will have already thought it through as to what action you would take.

Here are some more things I have learned that I have put into words:

1) The caterpillar’s journey teaches that one is served by details that can be realized through specific degrees of focus. The ascension from crawling to flying transforms said focus to a dynamic awareness that is relative to the layer or height of conduct. --Distance and details are inversely proportional.

2) The best students approach judging us speaking with an ill voice, “You are lost!” They are testing an unfamiliar confidence about the place where we stand. The perception is outside their “be-all end-all,” frame of reference. The Light of their being yearns for growth; the evidence of this is the rays of the Light that pierce their forest canopy. It is an invitation to help them illuminate the path.

3) The rising Sun reminds us that Joy always returns. The Sun presents itself in a new way every day as the embodiment of the Mother and the Father of creation who are keeping their children safe. The path seems the same, but is not. Go where you are invited and be the Sun in that moment, because we all serve in the garden of Humanity.

4) Traverse the terrain and leave joy in your wake.

5) Wisdom is like the wind, it can come from any direction, it drives windmills, sails, it can knock down houses, but it also removes dead limbs and promotes growth. Today’s wisdom serves today.

6) Notions serve, for they are a channeling from your muse. Following the path to bring a notion into manifest broadens the connection to the Self linked to the Divine. Make your ideas happen, for it is divine.

7) Joy is the dinner plate that can receive endless helpings of happiness.

8) Sleep is the home-room for spiritual growth and the biological reminder of our time in the womb -restoring us until we awaken, born onto a new day. The Self in sleep state is companion to the Self in awake state and the two are wedded until our last breath. Each must have their due. The dreams are of roles and realizations that serve to educate and energizes the intuitive forewarning awareness. Recess is at 3am.

9) Our change request list is filled with tangible and intangible items. The tangible are as tiles and the intangible are as glue in the mosaic that forms the road map of our lives. That which you can put your hands on now, you can change now. Change the tangible and the intangible will align with the new composition.

10) That which is lost or has ceased to exist makes way for the new and new beginnings. Reflect on the lost as a fruit tree now in a season for harvest. Let this fruit sustain you while the new season(s) matures. Everything lasts for a time, a season or a reason. Joy has many faces and we do not know them all.

11) Plow headfirst as a ship into the storm of passionate love and give your senses permission to receive the unbridled sensations. Take in this sensory ecstasy, because you know it will help you fly higher than any angel in God’s creation. Also, keep your Monday morning shoes in sight, because as angels, we will eventually have to land and take rest and be sustained until our next flight.

12) The joint ill of an outcome realized after an action driven by a best intent teaches us how not to be this way the next time. Apologies follow as a formality joining all concerned, now enlightened and how not to go there again.

13) The structure of the foundation for our core confidence is defined by our personal realization of successful outcomes that are a product of our own energy and efforts. The foundation of our core confidence is strengthened by the substance of those products and outcomes. Actions bring realizations.

14) Try not to judge according to your past, but instead try to accept according to your now. It is okay to accept that you do not like something. Imagine judging according to your past after having lived one thousand years. Trees accept that there are days when the Sun doesn't shine.

15) An unintended misdeed goes as water under the bridge. Anger linked to notions of something owed is a stench that creates an unhealthy atmosphere for everyone. To become cleansed, we must cope and dismiss that which we cannot change. Now is the time to cultivate your positive surroundings. Focus your efforts.

16) Joy can be found in the most unlikely of places.

17) Once you have everything you need, you no longer have to preserver. Is there something that is lost in the absence of perseverance?

18) There is a reason why, need and bleed rhyme.

19) Moments of wilting teach us to steer away from elements that leave us feeling depleted and to steer toward outward sustenance and fortification to strengthen our core and frame so that we align with eternal cohesive group thoughts and conduct. What we have around us is also within us. Good friends -equals- good us. Bad friends -equals- bad us. Break away from the Matrix.

20) Remember the people who have touched the life that you live. Time has a wonderful way of healing wounds. Lost, to the storms in times past, are the branches that did not support positive growth. Now, and today, your roots run deep and are now capable of withstanding the guiding winds of wisdom that were once measured as an ill force. Cycles are exercises for growth. Hop on and ride.

21) The absence of joy teaches appreciation.

22) To change your life you have to change your life. The surprise break in a routine occurs when the Universe has decided they want a turn at bringing joy into our lives. When you choose to not decide, you still have made a choice. –Freewill, Rush.

23) When is the glass full? Can the glass ever be full? What happens if the glass never returns to half full or stays empty? The volume of a full glass is fixed. An empty glass has potential. What is our potential? “No worries, if the ship sinks you’ll find another. Go with what you’ve got.”

24) A new day, a new way, loosing the ‘nay’ brings a positive sway. Finally, today the blocks are revealed and have dissolved. The flow of abundance is restored. The sky is the limit. Head for the skies you have nothing to lose.

25) Always remember that you came here with a plan when you chose to be born. Generally, to be awesome, standing at the center of the universe, which is right under your feet. Now...go be awesome.

26) Squabbles and spats are like the porcupine’s quills teaching the lesson about the necessity for boundaries and personal space. Between lessons they work to continue their species.

27) Anger is as a flamethrower that can destroy forests, homes and bridges. The forests can grow back but the homes and bridges must be rebuilt a new, leaving their known for histories lost to the past. Save the homes and bridges, go eat ice cream.

28) Success is a garden and blooms when it is ready. The fruit of your labor is realized through hindsight. Sown were the seeds of hope, received into the void that surprisingly produced results. As you sow, so you will harvest. The fertile medium is ever present, you just have to keep at it.

29) The Universe sometimes has us in a place where we are invited into binging on hate, especially when conditions are outside of our norms. The list that prompts hate can be endless, and in some cases, it is so large that we have to carry it with both hands -truly binding us from progress. Weakness brought on by hunger prompts us to free a hand in order to sustain ourselves; it is then that we learn to let go.

30) How does the world see us? The world is made up of those who are seeing and those who are being seen. Our senses draw us to places and situations of interest to realize the experience. The element of the experience is a fertile ground that knows the cycle of seed and fruition. How does your garden grow? To harvest is to sow.

31) As we travel on the road of life with our senses as the compass for direction we realize the points for our journey. Side avenues invite a course correction with the promise of rejuvenation and perhaps a shortcut. Dead ends bring disappointments and U-turns, education and wisdom. All avenues are not the same; continue to trust your senses, and remember, through it all, life continues.

32) Joy is a fig tree that is near us all of our lives. In the season of fruit we have our fill and on occasion consume beyond our measure where we realize the lessons about moderation. In the off fruit season we gather notions for appreciation. All seasons have an ever present cycle to remind us, that change happens.

33) Our lives are as ships sailing on the ocean of living. Some days we can see horizon to horizon and others we can barely see out past six feet. The ‘Unknown’ ever present and is the zeal of life. As we sail we sometimes wreck upon unknown shores, but with each event we discover things we would not have known. So, set your intent for a point upon the horizon and cast off. You are the captain for your destiny.

34) If your eyes are open, you are on the clock and your employer is the point of origin before your birth. So today, go out and earn the pay of your birthright.

35) Where does your garden grow? Do you tend to the bare Earth or where it is green and fruitful? The bare Earth reminds us about where we were, starting with only potentials. Positive results, from working past potentials, are a clue about the direction and a path of prosperity. Developing perfection is only useful when we are working in our spare time. Focus on growth.

36) Try to find the "Happy" in every moment. It is like panning for gold, keep at it and you will be rewarded. Keep at it.

37) The absence of abundance makes us hard on ourselves, but who is being hard on whom? This is a conflict between our flesh and our soul. Before birth, soul and flesh agreed to join in persona to complete this life’s agenda. The soul is the energy source and the flesh serves through taking nourishment and sensations. Over indulgence brings imbalance and off centeredness. Balance brings abundance.

38) Our hearts is the root of our soul and our creativity is the bloom.

39) Hope is in the heart of every living thing. We are drawn by the gravity of destiny to walk with faith knowing that we will realize the fruits of hope. When the path is long, we become distracted and our steps become heavy, we beseech our divine source through our filter of understanding pleading for relief. We become blessed by elements of joy and we are reenergized. To walk is to realize.

40) Know that inspiration is the spark that ignites the energy that drives the manifestation of notions. Inspiration is derived in-spirit and gives forth notions to be conceived in the womb of consciousness. Achieving a hypnologic mindset in meditation is the best source for receiving inspiration, aside from the hypnagogic realized just after a sleep period. Notions are the first seeds for the generation of forests.

41) One aspect of deep friendship can be for serving as a harbor against storms. As conscious beings we have permission to be the harbor, the ship or the storm. Chance prompts us to choose the role. Take a chance and live.

42) At times we can know a longing because of a physical separation that feels the stretch that is the breadth and depth of the oceans; but remember that the soul-mate connection is through heaven and in heaven there is no separation or distance. So, hold the person that is in your heart in your thoughts. Hear their voice, breath in their goodness and feel them around you until you are together again.

43) Again, it is the dawn and eyes of consciousness are open to that which is. Before “the awakening” there were only possibilities weighted with different degrees of potentials. The potentials capture the attention of consciousness thru familiar characteristics in order to ignite the energies (myn) that drive manifestation for the gestation of notions that cultivate action and outcome. Conceive and receive.

44) Life is simple. You breathe in…you breathe out. You eat in and you eat out.

45) How we are sustained on the journey back to paradise is as important as reaching paradise.

46) It is easy to measure the value of an action, especially if it is not from our own efforts. We see the fruit of the action with hindsight, and easily measure outcome as good or should be avoided in the future. The days of letting someone else act are gone and now we must do the work ourselves. We must now follow in the footsteps of the Mothers and Fathers who have taught us about the Light. It is a new age.

47) Never give away your power in a relationship, you will be left spent and cast to the side. We learn more about the Light through surviving darkness.

48) Despair is the teacher that teaches us where we do not want to be. It is at this point that we are shown that life begins to improve and that there is value in hope, for hope exists in every heart regardless of religion or faith. Every problem has a solution no matter the education. If you are now, you will be tomorrow.

49) Our friends and family on the other side leave little reminders they are always with us. They can’t hug us, but they can show their love in other ways. When we say thank you, they hear it. Prayers go both ways.

50) Life happens in unexpected ways. Riding trust to the 11th hour is very scary, but the end rewards are far greater.

51) Choices cultivate outcomes. How does your garden grow?

52) Love is the lesson that we have permission to learn over and over again – that is human. The word risk is in the dictionary because it is used over and over again. To risk is to be human and sometimes, we collide.

53) As a medium he bring the news that must get through.

54) Is it likely that our global awareness is on the same scale as our newly discovered brothers and sisters of the Amazon forest who were unapproachable at one time and living in seclusion; and that until we came along, they thought they were the fullest possible extent of existence? Is Earth our Amazon seclusion, relatively speaking and where is our brink of being discovered?

55) No matter how rough the road of life is, we are never alone.

56) We paint our realities.

57) We live for a while as a statistic until we see from outside of the box. We ascend and look down upon the existence that once was. We are awash in this new ocean of understanding with the wonder that this may also be a box. When we recognize the box we graduate and move to the next level and proceed down the hallway of understanding and cast off evident karma clutter.

58) FYI: You have not found every joy that exists. Joy is like a single MP3 song, listen to it until the end with a knowing that the next song/joy is just moments away.

59) Terror has locks us away from being open for random events -the fear of being caught unaware. This has us in a place where eye-contact is a risk. Consider reversing the roles. We all came from and will return to the same place. We are stardust, we are golden.

60) When we think we are alone for making a move, think again. We have our instincts. It came here with us when we were born and it will leave along with us when it is our turn to and step out of the conduct of flesh as we return to the Spirit. Above all, trust your instinct. It will get better as you work with it.

61) Guilt is poison and once it has entered your system it will be hard to be cure.

62) Links to some past life connections help us access current era awareness through our totem animals for clarity when our human eyes or awareness fails to provide a complete understanding -a tapping into the whole of the Universal Awareness. Our fur and feather children help us maintain the link.

63) Words and deeds do not always follow the same path. Water and words are similar, because they both eventually evaporate. Deeds and dirt are similar, because they both eventually produce results. Words soften the progress of deeds as water softens the receptivity of dirt. Dig in and make something happen.

64) A single journey down the Bee Keeper’s path provides us with an understanding about the hazards and joys associated with this walk. This experience guides us to compare the hazards and joys in our own routines. The Bee Keeper coexists by knowing the respectful distance between bloom and thorn, honey and stinger. Observing boundaries keeps the balance.

65) The iron in our blood circulates to maintain the magnetic field of our auras. Our hearts, the root of our souls, pumps and imprints upon the blood as a recording head stores information upon a magnetic tape for playing the gravity of our moods through our auras. This gravity radiates outward and attracts to us the things that match this energy. Changing your mood changes the attraction.

66) Hate is the stick that is used to blot out a truth that is unacceptable. New circumstances draw sideways glances, judging stances thrust equalizing lances. Over dinner speaks the wayward sinner -looking high in the nighttime sky moves the notion to see eye to eye.

67) Desperation is an element that connects us to the energy that drives manifestation (myn). Desperation moves us from a sitting position.

68) Shown we are, how to grow. Show we do, how we know. We grow and show, in the light of the Sun, and soon we know the season is done. Seasons come and season go and all we have is what we know. Live in the now and not the morrow. Adorn with joy and cast off sorrow.

69) Who are you? Grab a pen and paper and right now –write down who you are! It is the, who you are as -YOU- know you. If you are looking to move from how you know you…now write down how you will know you. You have the power to change your now. Do you dare? Is it possible to fix the past?

70) Where you ARE is for NOW…Where you WILL BE is for LATER.

71) Silence serves by letting our voice that is in the heart of others speak for us. The parent of a child speaks thru the heart of the child ‘til the child’s last breath. Our voice speaks thru the heart of our soul mates while we are absent and sustains a comfort ‘til our return. Our pets remember us thru the language of their hearts. This is the reason why we must be as golden as possible. Our voice lives on, long after we are gone.

Life is for living.

Listed since: Mar 9, 2009


Kevin is clear, kind and direct. He quickly assessed my situation and advised me on what to do next. He also tuned in to someone who had passed on which was very comforting.
Kevin's reading was so amazing! I asked him about a project I was invited to participate in. He was able to mention crucial details in the project that I didn't tell him. He also gave me very wise advice on how to handle certain difficult people/situation from a perspective that I didn't think of. This's 3rd reading I had with Kevin, and each time, the details he gave blew me away! I always feel reassured, and inspired, like talking to wise brother/spirit guide. Highly recommended !
His email readings are the best. Very detailed with great advice. Gives clarity and reassurance to the situation. You won't ever get an email reading from him and feel dissatisfied.
I had a very short reading with Kevin concerning my current job and choices for pursuing another job within the same company or staying put. He tapped immediately into the gist of the situation and brought out an immense amount of information. I appreciated the insight. Something very direct and immediately deep, not vague with Kevin.
Kevin is Amazing. Extremely Accurate with Everything! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Kevin. You will need to see for yourself. I would GUARANTEE.
I requested a relationship email reading from Kevin giving him barely any information. However within 24 hours I received back a considerable amount of information and detail that amazed me. This reading projected into April of next year when hopefully my situation will turn on its head (which is good)- but feel I will have more of a choice of response. Based on Kevin's knowledge and guidance Ill have more of an option than I thought. Kevin you are great..Thanks SO much x
Spot On! All I said was "What will happen in the next 90 days?" He immediately picked up on the situation I wanted to asked about and the profession and traits of the person I had in question without me saying a word. I hope we reunite soon! All within 3 mins. Thank you again Kevin!
I just had my first 6 minutes reading with Mr. Kevin Baird (definitely not going to be the last) 2 days ago and one prediction already happened on spot ! It couldn't get any better than that...I wasted a little fortune on others who didn't hit their timeframes not even close. My hopes soared after last night when I got a text message from my beloved friend like Kevin predicted - I am so looking forward to the rest of his predictions and will keep you all posted. Thank you soo much Kevin.
I have had several readings with this incredible man. He's kind, soft spoken and very knowledgeable of your situation. You will be truly amazed at how accurate he is during your reading, including dates and timeframes! Thank You Kevin, for being a great counselor as well ;-) Keep ME in your Prayers!!!!
Kevin has helped tremendous with crazy challenges. He has given me hope in many aspects of the questions I have asked him. We have talked about dreams and there interpretations. I will defiantly give him a call again he is so kind and understanding and did not make me feel bad about any questions I had asked
I have had two very brief readings with Kevin, and which I could have one good long reading, and I will when funds permit. But during those two short readings, he validated my own feelings, and will see if predictions come true. I feel very strongly they will, and I definitely hope to have a more indepth and longer reading when funds permit. Thank you Kevin for keeping my hope and faith intact at a time when it is very hard for me to believe. I will continue to be strong and keep my faith.
I called Kevin to see if my ex would ever contact me again. At that time my ex and I had been going on a month and a half of not talking. When I called Kevin he said you should be hearing from him in 24-48 hours, he may even call you crying about how terrible his life is going. He even gave me a time frame of us meeting. My ex contacted me 58 hours after I got off the phone with Kevin, not only that but my ex was telling me how all these terrible things had happened to him! Very accurate.
I did a short chat with Kevin about a month ago to find out exactly what day my grandson would be born so I could make plane reservations to fly from Texas to Seattle. He told me he would be born on May 9th at 4:01pm. Well, lo and behold, he arrived on May 9th at 3:39! He was only 22 minutes off! I arrived in Seattle in time to greet him and am so thankful Kevin was accurate. I'm so glad he is the REAL thing! Thanks Kevin!
Kevin, thanks for your guidance. Your predictions have come to past and as quickly as you say from 90 seconds to 90 days! If you want guidance that is true, give kevin a call. His spirit guides and the angels are with him. Money well spent!
I had a quick chance encounter with Kevin at an Expo fair. I didn't sit for a reading, I just stopped by the booth for a second to see what it was about. Instantly, he said "I see you will still be working in the music industry." At the time, I had given up that career, and was already finishing school for my next one. I didn't mention anything about my jobs to him @ all. 2 years later, I am back on the road touring, putting my new career on hold for a while. I never would have believed it.*
I love my readings with Kevin! He is kind, sincere, accurate, and extremely generous. Words cannot express how wonderful he is. Words won't do him justice. It was unique the way he channeled in so many members of my family who passed. During the reading, many came through. It was amazing!! I am so at peace right now knowing that they are watching over me. Kevin is a truly gifted medium. Thank you so much Kevin!
Kevin is comforting, encourageing and genuinely cares for people. With his guidence, I have been able to improve my quality of life. I urgue you to meet with him and assure you that your experience will be amazing. He is extremely gifted, sincerely humble and has been more than generous with his time on more than one occasion. Don't miss the opportunity!
I have known Kevin for many years and have recommended him to friends and family members. . I have always found him to be extremely accurate,yet he encourages you to open up your mind and use the information he gives you to think in a more lateral manner.His readings allow for you to make the correct choices whilst still experiencing many varied paths.I am honoured and proud that I can call Kevin a friend. He is highly recommended-a true talent!
Kevin has done several readings for my wife & I & has an uncanny knack for drawing the most amazing information out of the ether. He will always be our #1 pick for our psychic needs. We always leave the table enlightened. His information has helped us find money that we were unaware of, anticipate arising problems so we were able to manage them better & he has given us a wonderful awareness of life in his messages. His abilities get stronger each time we meet with him. He gets an A+ from us.
I feel Kevin is an extremely talented psychic & medium. I found Kevin to have a deep philosophical style with a delightful way of delivering spirit messages & guidance. Kevin's playful use of analogies made my readings not only lighthearted but easy to understand their true meaning. My experiences with Kevin showed me a fatherly type caring that made me feel like he really cares. Kevin was consistently accurate in his messages from spirit & his guidance was most profoundly helpful.
Awesome Psychic! I recommend Rev. Kevin Baird highly for both his abilities and his integrity. His efforts at developing his conception of Myn, and his numerology system, Numbers of Min, are both enlightening and exciting in their possibility. You will doubtless enjoy any interaction you have with this gentleman!
Kevin is a genuinely gifted psychic. He is sincere and passionate about what he does. He uses his abilities to help people gain peace of mind, confidence, guidance, and well being. During my session, he was able to channel a message in Korean language, a message from my father saying that he is well. Kevin is amazing, he is awesome and an incredibly gifted psychic with much compassion. I would highly recommend a reading from Kevin. Astonishingly accurate!!! Grateful... Victoria
I have known Kevin forever. He has the most calming nature/spirit and the ability to see into a soul. I don’t live in VA, so we IM & he has asked about things happening during my day (I haven't mentioned) or he has responded to thoughts/questions on my mind. He’s done several readings for me and each has been correct. The first told me that there was a tough period ahead, but my son & I would emerge happier. He was right–w/in 2 mnths, my husband left and though hard, my son & I are much happier.

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