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Jessica Potter
Jessica Potter


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I’m Jessica Potter,
I’m a natural born Psychic Medium, Teacher, Intuitive Coach, and Psychic Investigator. I’m the founder of Star Love Clarity LLC and Co-founder of Soulstar Mediums. I dedicate my time assisting on missing person and cold cases with the Impartial Witness Program. I love assisting those beginning their spiritual journeys. I enjoy helping others with learning to break through fear, self-doubt, and other spiritual blocks. I believe it is incredibly important to help others discover, accept, understand themselves better by growing their abilities. I’m a strong believer in unity and love among all to create a better world for future generations. I strongly appreciate my clients and the work and don’t take it for granted. I’m blessed every day of this journey and getting to be of service to this world.

I travel often with my best friend and business partner David Neil Hanzel of Letter from the Sky. Soulstar Mediums is a second business we co-created together to bring a better understanding of Psychic Mediums. Our mission is to break the negative stereotypes and stigmas surrounding Mediums and show the beauty in the art of Mediumship. We are both very passionate about our work in Mediumship and enjoy bringing laughter, inspiration, and unity to all. We love traveling to do Paracons, Gallery Readings, Ghost Hunting, as well as Teaching. We created an online Group named Soulstar Tribe which is made up of a wide variety of Intuitives, Healers, Mediums, and other gifted individuals who are pure of heart. Soulstar Tribe is our online Facebook Group to help other Intuitives grow their abilities in a safe learning environment while supporting those who are experienced in their field.

Angel communication
Energy Clearing

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Jessica Potter
Owner of Star Love Clarity and co-founder Soulstar Mediums

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Listed since: Sep 23, 2016


Absolutely loved this gorgeous soul! Jessica was on spot with what I needed help with. I would definitely recommend her to anyone that asks. I love her bubbly personality and open heart. Honestly, I was afraid to reach out to her for the first time, but she is like speaking with an old friend! I really enjoyed her reading and guidance. I will definitely keep in touch with her!
Hi, I just wanted to write in to say something about Jessica Potter. never in my life have I met a more sincere loving person who had patience and laughter. She connected with friends of mine who have passed and validated facts that absolutely no one would know unless they were sitting right there in that situation, she was and has been very honest and caring about every reading I have had, I've been read by many and she has always been the most accurate. she is a light on this earth!
I just had a reading with Jessica, I have been really depressed and in a lot of pain since my husband passed and i really needed to contact him, my goodness did she contact him!! She was amazing, spot on, and the way she transmitted his information, was like talking to him, his personality came right across through her, she told us things that happened right after he passed that were so personal she couldn't ever guessed, it had to come from him! We were, i asked my daughter and
I have had two readings with Jessica. I want to thank you Jessica for the beautiful readings. You truly have a remarkable gift. Jessica is my angel on earth she was placed in my life when I was going through a very difficult time. She gave me much comfort with what was to come for my future. You are truly an earth angel. You bring heaven to earth and I thank you so much for your kind words, loving energy,and honesty answering my questions.

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