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Courtney Beck was born with the exceptionally detailed and accurate gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience, mediumship, channeling and telepathy. As a tested and proven psychic and medium, Courtney has provided more than 35,000 accurate and detailed readings.

Courtney is a precise Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Telepathic Psychic Medium, and Remote Viewer with the ability to see, hear, and feel specific information about love, relationships, career, past lives, and life paths.

As a tested and proven psychic with more than twenty five years of experience as a professional reader, Courtney's clients span the globe from all walks of life including actors, professional and Olympic athletes and coaches, attorneys and business people.

Message from Courtney Beck:

I am a psychic medium located in Richmond, VA. I'm also a spiritual channel, empath and emotional intuitive, and light language healer. Through my readings I can help you to become aware of what your future holds, as well as help you to release any energy from the past which may be blocking your desired outcomes in life.

Through these skills, and through my Light Language healing, clients frequently report feeling a tremendous "lightening of the load" emotionally, as heavy emotional energy is brought to the surface and released.

My areas of expertise include, but are not limited to:

Evidential Medium/Spirit Communicator
Life Purpose
Akashic Records/Past Life Readings
Light Language Healing/Karma Clearing
Remote Viewing
Angel Communication

All sessions are conducted via phone or email.

I'm a psychic, medium, remote viewer, animal communicator, light language/energy healer, akashic records psychic, past life reader, angel channel, tarot card reader and Law of Attraction coach.

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Psychic Gifts: Channel, Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Empath, Evidential Medium, Empath, Intuitive, Light Language Healer, Soul Coach, Law of Attraction Coach.


Is this person my life partner? How does he/she feel about me? What are his/her intentions and feelings regarding me and our relationship? Will he/she come back and if so, when? What are the next steps I can expect from my partner/person of interest?

I am able to tap into the energy field, thoughts and emotions of your person of interest/partner and bring forth the detailed information you need, as well as alert you to any steps you can take to bring about your desired outcome.

I can help you find specific and needed answers to all of your relationship questions.


Want to know when you'll meet your life partner?

I can tap into the Quantum Field and access detailed information about your future life partner. Specific details can include (but are not limited to) names, where and how you'll meet, physical descriptions, personality profiles, pets, financial stability, and details about timing.


Will you get that raise or promotion? Is there a better job out there waiting for you?

I can tell you. By tapping into your energy field we can find out what is on your career path, steps you need to take, as well as determine if there are any blocks or obstacles that need to be cleared so that you can have the career you want and deserve.


As an evidential medium, I can connect with your loved ones on the other side. Your loved ones are ready and waiting to communicate with you.

Thank you for reading my profile and I look forward to speaking with you!

Courtney Beck

Listed since: Feb 24, 2016


Courtney is in one word: AMAZING! She was spot-on in so many things going on in my life. Not only was she accurate, but she makes you feel so comfortable to talk with and she is non-judgmental in any question you may ask. I have asked her many questions and each time I talk with her I feel I have a ton of clarity. I did some Law of Attraction coaching with her and I was able to manifest something after working with her one month after trying to manifest this for two years on my own.Thank you
Courtney is one of the best psychics I've ever spoken to. She nailed everything about me on point. She gave me confirmation on things I knew but didn't believe. She gave me great insight on my life and what's to come in the future. She is also so sweet, soft spoken, easy to talk to and isn't overbearing like some other psychics. After talking to her I felt lighter and more peaceful. Less anxious and excited for what's to come. Thank you Courtney! ❤️
WOW! Courtney practically reaches into people's hearts and tells you everything that you need to know about people. I was blown away how I just gave her a name and she told me things that just blew me away. She is the real deal!! Compassionate and sweet. I am so happy I called her because she is the first people that explained my situation in a way that floored me. I have such clarity now about what is going on and it makes such great sense. She is amazing. Thank you Courtney!


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