Courtney Beck


Courtney Beck was born with the highly accurate gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience, channeling and telepathy. As a tested and proven psychic and medium, Courtney has provided more than 30,000 accurate and detailed readings over the past 25 years. She has the ability to read and feel the energy and thoughts of others. Courtney uses her gifts to help people to heal from trauma, get to the core of their problems, resolve issues in old or current relationships, gain internal strength & balance, & achieve success. She has helped her clients find the love & happiness within themselves and their relationships, careers, and finances that had seemingly evaded them for years. She's helped them to manifest the lives and relationships they desire and long for.

As a Light Language Channel, Courtney channels Light Language which shifts your energy at a cellular level to clear energetic and emotional blockages, and can initiate and assist with ascension.

Message from Courtney:

I am a psychic medium, spiritual channel, empath and emotional intuitive. I have more than twenty years of experience as a professional psychic, and have given thousands of compassionate and accurate readings to clients all over the world. Through my readings I can help you to become aware of what your future holds and to release the experiences of the past which may have you stuck, preventing you from moving forward toward the life and relationships you desire.

Psychic since the age of eight, my gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, and empathy enable me to tune into your three "E's" (energy, emotions and experiences.) By communicating with my guides and yours, I receive information via channeled messages, words and phrases, picture images, and the emotions I sense through my gifts as an empath. I am a Realms of Light Channel, and work closely with the Ascended Master Saint Germain and channel a group known to me as "Jeremiah." As a medium, I also channel Archangels, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides, and deceased loved ones who wish to communicate. I am particularly accurate with timing.

Through these skills, and through my Light Language healing abilities, clients frequently report feeling a tremendous "lightening of the load" emotionally, as negative energy is brought to the surface and released.

My areas of expertise include, but are not limited to:

Love/Romance/Soulmate Relationships
Light Language Healing
Activations and Attunements with Light Language
Manifesting & Alignment Practices and Coaching
Finding Your Soul Purpose
Creating Abundance
Deeper Connection with Spirit and Higher Self
Meditation Coaching

Additional Information: 

Psychic Gifts: Channel, Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Empath, Evidential Medium, Empath, Intuitive, Light Language Healer, Soul Coach, Law of Attraction

Life Coach: I help my clients to create and manifest their desires, dreams, and to create their best, most abundant life! With my coaching I offer subconscious belief/pattern clearings that truly change and improve people's lives! Via my guides I channel direct information from Infinite Intelligence to assist you in aligning with Source.

Channeling, Timing, Remote Viewing, Angel and Spirit Guide communication, connecting with loved ones who have crossed over.

Listed since: Feb 24, 2016


I've had two readings with Courtney so far. Her kindness and compassion for what she does really shine through. She has such a down-to-earth nature and loves to laugh which put me to ease immediately! She also has a wonderful ability to pick up the energies of the person of interest and situation at hand. I am anxiously awaiting to see if Courtney's predictions come true!
I’ve consulted with Courtney multiple times and it is such a delight. First and foremost she is accurate with her guidance and presents information in a way that gives steps for your highest outcome. She is upbeat and delivers information efficiently, I’ve gotten quite a bit of helpful guidance in my time on the phone with her. She also connected me with my Dad who has transitioned to Spirit and it was a loving, fun reunion I am grateful for.
I loved my reading with Courtney. Not only did I receive insight about the direction of my life but my beloved dog that I had to put down due to an illness came thru. She felt the grief surrounding me but said it was a loss of an animal. That did it for me and gave me peace that the right decision was made for him. Everything she told me was spot on. I highly recommend Courtney to anyone that seeks a reliable reading.
Courtney is amazing and very accurate! Her personality and energy are awesome and she is so genuine! I love reading with her and will continue to read with her she is wonderful!! She has a gift for sure. Love her!
I had a very accurate and insightful reading with Courtney. She was spot on with my current relationship issues. She and my guardians encouraged me to find creative outlets to assist me in finding my joy instead of letting the actions of others oppress me. Awesome reading. Tonya
I have had two readings and a light language session with Courtney and I want to share with everyone that this amazing, kind hearted Lady has been truly blessed with a special powerful gift. I have been to different psychics before and they were very vague with their answers. If you have questions that you have been searching for the answers to without avail... I highly recommend speaking with her. She is very detailed! Explains everything and truly listens to what you have to say. Call her!
My intuition was drawn to Courtney Beck, and indeed she was very helpful in the 2 sessions I had with her. Some intuitives are of high consciousness, but their gifts are not fully open, and other have some gifts but are not of high consciousness. Courtney is the ideal combination of both high consciousness and intuitive gifts. What she spoke resonated deeply as truth. It has helped me become more connected to my own truth and inner guidance. She truly wants the best for each one of us.
I recently completed my first reading with Courtney and she provided me with the most memorable occurrence of my life. Thanks to this truly gifted Medium any uncertainties, hesitations, doubts, etc. were vanished at the onset due to what I consider her amazing compassion, knowledge, loving connection with the Spirit World, and a great sense of humor. My loved one was reached and validation of information only I knew was obtained. Thank you from my heart Courtney. I highly recommend Courtney!!!!!
I had my first reading with Courtney on Friday. She picked up on the person we were looking at and described this person with super accuracy. I was extremely impressed with her ability. I truly hope that her prediction will become reality. I will use this her again. She is easy to talk with and really cares about her reading and the information contained in it.
I’ve had a couple of Readings with Courtney and she provided me specific information that was accurate with my history. She is a very positive person and provides clarity to guide me in the right direction. Courtney provided me information about someone that was spot on and has helped me to make a decision that is hard but I know it has to be done to move forward in my life and close that chapter. I am looking forward to working on my career goals that Courtney could see in my path.
I started reading with Courtney in 2017. She’s very calming and takes her time. She picks up not only with what you’re feeling, but also the person of interest you’re asking about. Everything I feel she confirms and is spot on with what’s to come! Try her... you won’t go wrong in doing so!
Courtney helped me so much. She assisted me in unraveling a situation which had caused much turmoil in my family for decades, and for this I will be eternally grateful. She is caring and reassuring, which is so very important. I recommend Courtney without hesitation.
Courtney is fantastic! Her upbeat personality makes for a fun reading. She connected so clearly with my father who has transitioned and it was wonderful to get such clear detail ❤️ She also is accurate with your current energies and potentials and has excellent guidance to get you in the direction you’d like to be. Thank you Courtney
Courtney is the best, I consider her a friend and she has guided me through recent events and brought clarity to many things that have occurred in my life that have brought me to where I am now. I just enjoy speaking with her and always look forward to our sessions together. I have done both readings and light clearing sessions and have reaped benefits through both. I highly recommend Courtney. She's a gem.
Courtney is very accurate in her reading and has helped me to gain insight into my situation. She was able to provide answers to all my questions and that gave me great peace. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking guidance and greater understanding.
Courtney is amazing! She’s very easy to talk to. She is spot on with her readings and gave me the reassurance that I needed with my situation. I highly recommend her!
Courtney is a truly gifted, compassionate psychic. She's been in my life for many years and I return because I know she gives super accurate readings, detailed and timely. I highly recommended her!
Courtney has touched my heart with her Light Language Healing...I had never heard of it prior to my contact with her and it is potent stuff in a very deep way. I have had just one session with her so far and I can feel an internal I have been trying to establish on my own and hadn't been able to do so. It is, for me, way beyond words and I am so grateful to her and her kind and beautiful heart.
I have not had much experience with spiritual readings before, and never over the phone. I was very pleased with how easy Courtney was to connect with, and the fresh perspectives and insights that she offered. I was looking for a direction and purpose in life now that i'm retired. She saw that i would be shifting into a new state of being in the next three months. I did not take this as being too significant at the time, but it has become prophetic to say the least, just one month in.
I had my first reading with Courtney Beck today. I loved it! And, I loved her reading style. She has very good, positive, spiritual energy. You know that she is channeling the reading from Spirit. I will definitely be calling on her again, and recommending her to my friends. I am very hopeful that the information I received will be manifested in my life. And, she was very good at advising me how to manifest what I wanted through the power of the law of attraction. GC.
When you are faced with life challenges the least encounter expected is not receiving the assistance desired. This is not the case when I receive readings from Courtney Beck. She is easy to connect with and does not hold back sharing her spiritual gifts while providing the guidance needed to shed light on the situation or answer questions. I appreciate all she has done for me thus far and I look forward to future readings.
Courtney is wonderful. She helped me to understand how my soulmate was thinking, and saved our relationship. I would have never seen things clearly without her help and guidance. Courtney has also tuned into other people and energies around me, and been right on target. I have been amazed at how well she was able to do this. Over the years I have had many readings, but none as clear as what Courtney gave me. I look forward to working with her again.
I have had one phone session with Courtney so far and I could literally feel the warmth of her energy through the phone. She was very accurate as to what was going on in my life and had spot on insight. Courtney’s reading was just what I needed to aide me in clarifying the direction I should take for my life! I will definitely be reaching out to her again.
Courtney is my favorite psychic out of all the psychics I’ve ever spoken to! have been talking to her over a year, and she is so gifted! So many things that she has said has happened exactly like how she described it would. She gives me so much clarity and peace. Every dollar I’ve ever spent has been worth it. So worth it that I actually talk to her almost every week! She is the only psychic that I trust to tell me the truth about anything that I need to know. Love her.
Courtney is a beautiful soul all around! her gifts are amazing. Courtney is on point and very accurate with her readings. I've done mediumship and channeled readings with her and she was always right about certain events or situations and the people around me in my life. When you ask a question she's very detailed and very helpful. She has guided me along my journey and she has me a lot with understanding certain things that was going on in my life at the moment. Many blessings to you Courtney!
True and accurate. No bs, which is hard to find lately. Right on point and very truthful. I would definitely recommend to anyone.
Courtney helped my husband connect with his recently transitioned dad and made this VERY skeptical guy a believer. Described his father (and his garage, where he spent a lot of time) very accurately. Gave my husband some much needed peace. Courtney is very compassionate and caring.
I booked a reading for my Mom for her Birthday and Mother's Day for an over the phone 45 minute reading. Courtney clearly connected with my Dad who transitioned in 2005. The detail was specific but more than that the love that came through really told us it was him. He also gave us insight about some situations that were happening and how to see them through love and compassion. I look forward to a reading with Courtney again!
I just finished the clearing session and coaching with Courtney. The clearing session helped a lot- in that I felt a positive shift afterward, clarity, and had more energy too. She has given me many tools to use to improve my life and work with the laws of attraction through the coaching sessions and readings. Courtney has been accurate in the past and I always leave my sessions/readings with Courtney with clarity and
I have had two readings by Courtney. She is very compassionate. She is very understanding about the life situations I find myself involved in. She is easy to talk to and explains why things have turned out the way they have in the past and gives me better options for the future. I will definitely use her again when I need guidance in the future.


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