Christopher Buchanan

Christopher Buchanan
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Washington D.C.


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Christopher (Matt) Buchanan is a Spiritual Advisor & Spiritual Life Coach Working with clients worldwide and he as helped people from all walks of life to live a better life. Matt is a Master intuitive reader with countless thousands of hours in session delivering live readings. He provides clear answers from the heart to provide guidance that is poetic & sure to inspire.

On two prominent apps in Google Play he is top ranked and has a top accuracy rating and delivered over 7,000 readings in just two years on the apps with over 3,000 positive reviews. You can be sure that your experience with Matt will be positive!

He is a visionary, a poet, a gifted intuitive empath, and an awarded songwriter. He will guide you as well as enchant you with his poetic style and gentle heart, as he has done for thousands of clients around the world.

His birth name is Christopher Matthew Buchanan, but his mother raised him on his middle name Matthew (old Scotch/Irish tradition). He is a first generation out of the woods child of Appalachia of Scottish/Native American descent, and a lifelong seeker of esoteric mysteries and knowledge. He has a lifetime background in Esoteric Runic Studies, Hermetic Philosophy, and Tarot.

He is a natural born intuitive empath and energy reader, and an ordained minister by the Universal Life Church. His readings are delivered with insight and clarity and a gentle heart, free of judgment, with a forward and direct approach. Matt is also an awarded songwriter and solo performer in the acoustic music genre.

His gifts began manifesting at the early age of nine years old, and the other children would often see spirits around him. He received his gift through his mother who also has the "sight", a term used by hill folk to describe prophetic gifts and clairvoyance. His gifts are clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairsentience, and clairaudience, but the clairvoyance mostly manifests in dreams. His reading style is gentle, kind, and nonjudgmental. He speaks with poetic license and deep insight, and this is his gift! He is a visual storyteller with a unique and detailed reading style that leaves his clients with hope, a sense of purpose and direction, and the feeling of spiritual renewal when facing life's toughest moments and obstacles.

Additional Information: 

The primary services that I offer are Intuitive readings and life coaching. I offer live readings here, and at my website as well as mentoring, and Spiritual Coaching.
I have a strong sense of ethics and I believe in living a life that does not cause harm to others. We all find ourselves in dark corners at times, but in order to grow as Spiritual beings it is important to move away from negative habit patterns in order to release karmic debt, and lead a fulfilling and meaningful life. I can help guide you through those difficult times, but I cannot assist with or be a party to any behavior that leads to the harm of others. I do prefer to focus on the energies of this life and incarnation rather than "past life" readings. Subjects and spiritual areas that I specialize in are:

* Love and relationships
* Life Path
* Spirit Path
* Soul Purpose
* Career
* Energy cleansing & releasing
* Finding compassion
* Forgiveness

I do not require the use of "tools" in a session, but I often use them to provide clarity to the insights given to me by Spirit. I am a "Master Of Runes" with 40 years of study in Esoteric Runology. My mind and gifts are trained to see in the symbols, concepts, and language of this ancient alphabet. I am proficient in the Elder Futhark, as well as the Anglo Saxon Futhorc rune rows. I am also a Master Tarot reader with countless thousands of hours in session. I have an unorthodox visual storyteller style, and as a Shamanic Practitioner, writer, and poet I infuse my natural gifts and poetic voice.

Listed since: Mar 19, 2020

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