Carlos Alcocer

Carlos Alcocer
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Washington DC, Fairfax, Virginia


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$100 for 30 Minutes

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Carlos Alcocer aka "Carlos the Medium" - is a naturally gifted clairvoyant and evidential medium raised and located outside of Washington D.C. in Fairfax, Virginia. He has a sensational ability to connect with your loved ones in Spirit and possesses sincere compassion and maturity within his own life lessons.

In his early 20’s Carlos had to overcome numerous chronic health issues and experienced a near death experience which ultimately changed his outlook on life. It is from these life lessons and synchronicities that drew him to his calling as a clairvoyant medium.

Carlos is an ordained minister in Divine Metaphysics and is a “Certified Medium” with the United Metaphysical Churches, headquartered in Roanoke, Virginia. He is currently a minister serving at Arlington Metaphysical Chapel in Arlington, Virginia.

What you can expect from a reading with Carlos:

Carlos possesses a gifted ability to connect with your loved ones in Spirit. During a reading, Carlos will impart messages of love, healing, and closure from those in Spirit. His raw mediumistic talent coupled with the genuineness of his character deepened spirituality, and inner kindness brings forth a unique spiritual experience. Through his mediumship readings, which are also available in Spanish, Carlos continues to confirm the undying truth that love and life are eternal.

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Carlos is a talented medium and is able to connect with loved ones from the other side bring through specific validation and guidance. I had a much needed and very meaningful connection with my loved ones thanks to Carlos. "You're going to be a Grandmother and be great at it," Carlos said. Hmm I considered, thinking possibly in the distant future. Didn't see that one coming and lo and behold 2 weeks after my reading I found out I am going to be a Grandmother for the first time. Thank you Carlos!
I did a reading with him twice and his prediction come true . Honest and no sugar coating . The best !!
I was devastated after an associate of mine passed away. I was lost and there were so many things that I wanted to say. I spent thousands of dollars on others psychics that I didn't feel gave me truthful information. I stumbled upon Carlos after a recommendation from a friend and he is the TRUTH! It was very easy to set up an appointment! Once I arrived for the reading, he was able to connect to my former loved ones and associates with no information given from me. Book with him now!!!
I had a great reading, cleared the Energy& I felt a shift. I wrote my ? on paper that he didn’t not look. He answered all the ? & more. He connected w/ loved ones w/ names & describes them. I got some info on loved ones that weren’t on my paper. I got very surprised&happy. He did numerology of my name.. He gave me info that he couldn’t guess. He was right on! The info about my future was reassuring, I feel at peace&trusting. I highly recommend him, a beautiful sincere & spiritual Medium.
Going to see Carlos has changed my life for the better! He was so kind and honest and funny. He knew things that NOBODY knows about or could “google” to find the answers. I was so happy with my experience I am definitely going to visit him again! He was highly recommend by a friend of mine and I would also highly recommend him if you are looking for guidance, closure, peace, or anything else. 10/10!! He’s the best!
I made an appointment with Carlos because my deceased mothers birthday was approaching and I just wanted to know that shes at peace. I brought my partner with me during this reading and surprisingly, during the reading, he actually connected with some deceased loved ones on my partner's side, not mine, at first. He also forewarned me that a member in my family was having heart issues, a few days later, I discover my sister has a heart arrhythmia. He's very gifted, only wish I had more than 30m.

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