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Rev. Bob Hickman, Ms.D., uses his gifts of Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, and Trance to bring to clients messages from the World of Spirit, also commonly known as the "Other Side." Working with his trusty Spirit Guide, Fletcher, he will bring to you this "Other Side" perspective to help you find direction and solace on your journey through this life. Readings cover past, present, and future life issues. Call my office today to schedule your psychic reading. 571-483-2112

Listed since: Feb 23, 2008


I attended Bob Hickman's Speaking Engagement and he was a very clear intuitive Educator to people who are not as informed about the subject of Psychic Mediums. He was very intuitive with the guests queries about their situation and loved ones. He is very down-to-earth.
I seen Bob in 2015, he knew everything about my life without me even giving hints. I am very impressed and highly recommend. I say this because I am normally skeptic in this area, and he made me a believer!!
I had a reading from Bob last october.What a talent! I wanted to know how my gradfather is doing on the other side and overall some things about me. He described my granfather excactly the way he is /was and told me he is worrking on his younger brothers heated attetude and some things which went wrong on his mothers last will. My granmother confirmed it. He also told me who i am what im about to be doing, my pastlife ect. Everything was so spot on! I was able to heal from this reading.
I believe I stumbled upon Bob for a reason.He has given me the enlightenment I thought I had lost through life's turmoil.He is pure light & touches everyone that he crosses in the most beautiful way.He is my star that finally got through to me in this life & has set me upon the journey that I am supposed to follow.I owe him so many kudo's & thank the spirit that I found him and was graced to talk to him.His spirit guides 'Rose' and 'Fletcher' filled me with so much hope.I truly respect this man.
Bob is amazingly talented and gifted. He gave me so much info on my career and moving situations. This guy nailed what my future home even looked like! It still just hard to believe that people have this talent. Fascinating and a bit addictive in a great way! He has taught me how to ask for spiritual guidance and see how the doors open opportunities here on . Its been 10 years from when I first met Bob and I am always inspired after consultations
Bob Hickman is more than just a Psychic-Medium. I believe he is an amazingly accurate & gifted Psychic-Medium, visionary, & a truly enlightened soul. The first time I had a reading with Bob, he looked me in my eyes as if he were looking into my soul. I knew then I was really in for something special! I visited Bob after I had lost both my Father & my Mother & I will forever be grateful for the healing Bob's readings have brought to me & the spiritual journey they started me on.

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