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$50 for 30-minute reading; $100 for hour-long reading

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I have facilitated Psychic Mediumship and Tarot readings for clients throughout the U.S., as well as internationally. Sessions are available via Skype and phone. Readings can be recorded and e-mailed as a convenient MP3 audio file. All readings are given in Love and Light, ethically relayed with honesty and compassion, and are as accurate and clear as possible. I'm a fully Ordained Spiritualist Minister of Fellowships of the Spirit, a Spiritualist Church in Lily Dale, NY. In addition, I am a Certified Metaphysician.

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Listed since: Nov 8, 2011


I had a reading with Jeannine shortly after my mother had passed away. The messages that came through were amazing and Jeannine shared them in such a passionate way. Jeannine brought up things that there was no way she could have found out and it touched me deeply. Having the recording afterwards so that I could go back it hear it was wonderful. I will definately have Jeannine connect with my love one again in the near future she is amazing.
I can't say enough about the readings Jenny has done for me. She had provided me with insight, perspective and understanding. All of this has made my life if not easier - more understandable and enjoyable. Whether working as a medium or providing a tarot reading her guidance and understanding have been invaluable. I will continue to call upon Jenny as long as she makes her gift available. Do yourself this great favor, call upon Jenny.
I've had several gatherings in my home and Jenny's readings are always very accurate and healing for my guests and myself. People really do trust her with both tarot card and mediumship readings. She truly is a healer in so many levels and for myself I am really blessed to have met her. Each time I am truly amazed and inspired by her, she is one of the most compassionate people I've met. I highly recommend Jenny to anyone!
I had a very useful reading from Jeannine last summer when I was at a crossroads in my life, and felt that somehow I was missing something that should have been obvious. Jenny was able to find some missing pieces that weren’t so obvious that have filled in some pieces in the puzzle. The reading was focussed on me, and what I needed to move forward. No distracting flash or bells and whistles here; just a sensitive, compassionate exchange with assistance from her guides, delivered with humour, war
I have hosted a few gatherings, never a disappointment. So many reasons to believe. Even my boyfriend was a skeptical sole before the contact with his ancestors. Hosting a gathering is just beautiful! ★
I have had two psychic mediumship readings with Jenny, and both of them were amazingly spot on. She was able to convey information from several of my deceased family members that was both accurate and comforting. It is clear that she has a real gift, and she is also a compassionate, clear reader whose focus is everyone's highest good. I would wholeheartedly recommend her, and in addition I hope to be fortunate enough to have another session with her some time.
I recently had quite a long and thorough reading from Jenny. I have to say, I was very impressed with her professionalism and knowledge. Not only did she bring some very comforting and necessary words from my Dad, she started a healing process for me that has been a long time coming. (She probably doesn't even realize that!). She hit on a lot of points that no one could know, not even close family members. I found her reading very comforting, healing and compassionate. She is wonderful!!
I had a very interesting reading from Jenny. It was also kind of intense as there was a lot that was covered. An amazing amount of spirit communications concerning my daughter with a lot of information. some surprises about my mother and her background that I did not know before, from her father ( both are now deceased). She was surprisingly accurate on many levels.
I have had two separate readings with Jenny, one a psychic medium reading and one a tarot card reading. Both times, she absolutely stunned me with the accuracy of the messages she gave me. Through Jenny, I was able to connect with loved ones who have passed and receive messages I really needed to hear. Jenny is very kind, caring, and empathetic. She is so talented and very professional, and I highly recommend her without reservations. She has literally changed my life, and I am so grateful!
I have had two readings with her and I find she has a lot of insight into a problem that is not superficial. She is patient and understanding. She is one of the few that I have met that are genuinely in tune with the spirit world. Her readings have given me much to think about.
I had initially asked for a tarot reading but Jenny also connected with my best friend who had recently passed on. It was amazing to me that Jenny received messages that only I would have been able to validate. As if that weren't enough,during the same reading, Jenny also connected with my Dad and delivered a message which made me feel very peaceful. I am amazed about all the messages Jenny passed on to me. Jenny is warm, compassionate and genuine. I am so grateful to have found Jenny.
Being in my early 20's it is easy to get lost while trying to find your own path in life. My session with Jeanine was not only extremely accurate as in connecting with loved ones that have passed over but she also captured my personality and was spot on about so many of the emotional difficulties I had previously been through and that had shut off my light. She was able to give me amazing insight to rekindle the flame I needed to ignite my imagination once again. It was a beautiful reading.
Thank you for the very meaningful reading. You saw a very tiny girl with me, I couldn't place her, then you said a grandchild, a girl, I didn't have a granddaughter, oh my gosh my daughter-in-law had a miscarriage very early in her pregnancy. It brought me to tears, I felt so much love. You told me she was and has been with me and she's ok. What a gift you've given me! Thank You, Joanne
I've had a few readings by Jenny, and plan to have more in the future. I have no doubt that she is contacting my spirit guides, who only have my very best interest at heart. All of her advice has been sound, reasonable and ended up coming to pass. She both brings through information pertinent to your current life, and can answer your questions. She always hits the nail on the head.
I have known Jenny for a long time and thank God I do Know her. I can tell you she is the most knowledgeable person about my live and what i am doing in it and with it. If you wish to know what is happening in your life ask Jenny to tell you she will with the greatest of care and pride . I know she is a gift to this earth and on loan from the" powers that be"to direct us.
I thought my reading from Jeannine was so amazing. She instantly made me feel at ease with the process. She was able to explain in detail everything about the reading and I had no problems understanding it. Everything she told me was acurate and made sense. She spoke about life events and things in my life that were all true. She spoke about loved one that have passed. It was so amazing and made me feel so great. I would recommend her to anyone! I can't wait for my next reading!
I have had several readings with Jeannine over the last 4 years. I have found the readings to be very accurate and healing. It was as though she could see through me. You can feel the love and compassion coming from her heart as she brings you the message from spirit. Jeannine's messages to me were healing and empowering. If you are looking for guidance and answers I highly recommend Jeannine. She definitely has a true gift.
My dear only son passed away May 17 2013,The worst day of my life..I was in a very bad place.I was given Jenny's info in august I finally got myself up to email her.We had our first reading September 21,it changed our life right their.She picked right up on our loss and pain..My son spirt came and Jenny answered so many unanswered thoughts and questions.She gave us so much past and future and she was so right on.I have had another reading since the first and again I am changed.Jenny is amazing❤️
Since I'd never met with a medium before, I didn't know what to expect when I had my reading with Jenny. She is so warm and kind so I instantly felt at ease. I was amazed at how accurate the information was. I have taken steps to implement the actions my family wanted me to do and I feel comfortable knowing that they do hear me and know how we are. It was amazing. I would recommend Jenny to everyone!
I have worked with Jenny for a few years now, as has my family and friends. Jenny is a very caring reader and immediately puts you in a peaceful place to be able to connect with everything being said. She has always been 100 percent accurate in her readings with all of us. At the end of each session you are left with helpful thoughts and comfort and peace. Jenny is a beautiful person and I would recommend her to all...
I am part of a Medium trade group where we trade readings with each other once a month and I was lucky enough to get Jenny this last month. Her reading was so accurate that I couldn't even do my reading on her after because I was so emotional and needed to think about all the information given. She talked about things that I needed to hear but didn't think I did at the time and it moved me in a very positive direction and healed some hurt I was carrying. I am so thankful for her and her gift.
My Dad, who has passed over, came thru loud and clear in my last couple of readings with Jenny. I cherish that connection & his words. It has been a real lasting comfort to me. My guides that spoke thru Jenny have also given me good advice. I so look forward to my next reading. I feel blessed to have Jenny in my life.
Jenny read the Tarot for me. From every symbol represented on 3 cards, "mind, body, spirit", she nailed everything about me and what is going on in my life. From my two questions Jeannine answered them with much depth and explanation. When she'd get "nudges" from guides she'd pass on their information which was very helpful to me. I highly recommend Jeanne to all my friends and others. She is ethical and compassionate. I will be calling Jeannine in the future.
I had the most amazing reading done by Jeannine. It came at the most opportune time. The messages Jeannine received were clear and made so much sense, but also extremely helpful. What was the most amazing, unexpected, and surprising part of this entire experience was she connected with my dad who had crossed over less then a year ago. It was amazing to "hear" my dad again. I mean truly amazing. I am very grateful to have had Jeannine read for me and look forward to future readings.
I was lucky enough to receive a reading from Jenny recently, most of the messages were for my Dad, when I shared them he was absolutely stunned, speechless and connected to most of them at once. Jenny is a wonderful reader. I felt immediately at ease, she is very warm and caring and explains the messages+visuals clearly. Some make sense immediately, some later and some were like receiving a missing puzzle piece - for which we are particularly grateful! Thank you Jenny, you have an amazing gift!
Because my Dad was so stunned about [my first] reading and the messages for him, both my parents wanted to get a reading as well. This time the most emotional one was for my Mom, there was one thing that Jenny said which instantly moved us, my Mom and me, to tears. This came quite surprising and was so emotional as it referred to something my Mom often thought and was sad about. But Jenny put the pieces together in a way we never saw them and that caused our strong emotional reaction. I am so delighted and thankful that Jenny did the reading for us, that I found her and that she gave that message to my Mom.


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